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Minutes of the Water Board Meeting

May 16, 2006

 Water Board Commissioners present were: Bob Sird, Larry Pomainville, and Chris Hanrahan.


Others Present were: Mike, Balch, Bruce Babcock and Helen McKinlay. 


Bob Sird opened the meeting at 6:00 p.m.



The minutes of 4/18/06 were reviewed, discussed and approved.         


Financial Statement 

A computer trial balance of both Pittsford and Florence Water Departments were reviewed and discussed.  Funds from the Money Market Account to the checking account to cover anticipated expenditures until the end of the fiscal year will be transferred. 


Water Main Break

B. Babcock reviewed the details of the water main break which occurred at the A. J. Grace residence on Wednesday, April 26, 2006 at 8:00 p.m.  Jim Grace was in the process of removing a tree stump on his property with an excavator and inadvertently damaged the water main.  B. Babcock and the Highway Department were able to repair the damaged line within four hours.  B. Babcock noted Jim Grace was very helpful in the repair process of the line.  The final cost of the repairs including labor was $1,991.96.  The water line was buried only between ten to eighteen inches deep.  Saturday, April 29th B. Babcock and L. Pomainville investigated why the reservoir wasnít yet gaining water.  They found an overflow at the springs but not at the reservoir.  Further investigation found the globe at Haskins Meadows was plugged with rocks.  Since removal and clean out of the rocks the reservoir has refilled and been fine ever since.  M. Balch stated Jim Grace has requested the Town consider sharing the responsibility of the water main repair since the line was only approximately eighteen inches underground. The Board unanimously agreed to submit the claim to the Townís insurance company and not request the deductible if the claim is subrogated as the damage was clearly accidental.   J. Grace has also requested the line be staked out.  B. Babcock noted the line has been staked out in the past and stakes donít stay put in the hayfield but staking is in place near the island for the past 100 years.  The Board discussed the use of Dig Safe for all projects in the vicinity of the deeded water line easement.  As a precautionary measure M. Balch suggested letters be sent to all property owners along the deeded easement making them aware of the water line existence and information regarding how to contact Dig Safe or the Town prior to digging near the water line. 


Water Board Elected vs. Appointed

The Board noted they had heard the Select Board was asked to consider removing the appointed members of the Water Board and if these positions could be elected rather than appointed.  M. Balch told the Water Board he had researched what could be considered as cause for removal of appointed Board members and these items include personal enrichment, and decisions not based on facts.  M. Balch found no cause for removal.  B. Sird asked that he research statutes specific to Water Boards.  To change from an appointed Board to an elected Board would require a petition for consideration at Town Meeting. 


Whipple Hollow Road Water Spikes

The Board reviewed charts of an existing water hammer condition at the Sharon Carpenter residence on Whipple Hollow Road.  Eric Peterson of Northeast Rural Water Association assisted B. Babcock with a recorder and charts showing the water pressure spikes occurring in that area.  John Lapre has also complained to B. Babcock the water pressure has taken the relief valves off hot water heater.  The day of the complaint OMYA was contacted and immediately made operational changes in hopes of correcting the situation.  The operational changes have helped but as the charts show have not completely alleviated the problem.  B. Babcock is scheduled to meet with Tom Sawyer at OMYA to review the situation.  It is possible that a valve slamming shut is the cause of the pressure spikes.  A recorder will again be set up to monitor the pressure readings to assure the problem is corrected.  M. Balch will encourage OMYA to take care of the cost of damages we believe occurred from the valve operational problem.  The water spikes may have contributed to the reoccurring water leaks in the water lines located in this area.


Sanitary Survey

A State of Vermont Sanitary Survey was conducted by Robert G. Farley on April 6, 2006.  M. Balch and B. Babcock have reviewed the survey and are working on corrective responses to be submitted before the deadline of June 15, 2006.  B. Babcock has contacted Dave Hathaway to conduct the reservoir inspection with a remote camera.  As built drawings for the Four Seasons project will require slight modifications to the original drawings.



M. Balch discussed employee confined space concerns at the Pittsford reservoir.  The Board discussed the possibility of cutting a door into the side of the reservoir facing the parking lot.  M. Balch will have an engineer look into the feasibility of this project.


Gas Meters

M. Balch informed the Board the Town has two calibrated gas meters at this time.  The Water, Sewer, Highway and Fire Departments have completed training on the proper use of the meters.


Water Meters

The Water Department has purchased 50 new water meters for installation this summer.  M. Balch informed the Board B. Babcock will be busy over the next six weeks conducting sewer inspections for the residentís compliance to the new Sewer Ordinance.  The ordinance has a $350.00 surcharge to residents on the sewer system who do not have the inspection completed.


With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:48 P.M.


Respectfully submitted:



Larry Pomainville, Recording Clerk


Bob Sird, Chairman






Helen McKinlay, Recording Secretary


Chris Hanrahan, Vice-Chairman


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