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Minutes of the Water Board Meeting



Bob Sird called the Water Board meeting to order at 6:00 P.M.  Water Board Commissioners present were Bob Sird, and Larry Pomainville.  Chris Hanrahan was absent.  Also present were Mike Balch, David Rowe, William Rowe, Robin Rowe and Helen McKinlay.



The minutes of 10/18/05 were reviewed, discussed and approved with Bob Tinker’s name being corrected.



A copy of the order prepared for Select Board review on 11/16/05 was reviewed for Water Department charges and approved by the Water Board.      


Financial Statement 

A trial balance report of Pittsford and Florence Water Departments was distributed for review.  


Rowe Property Water Project

The Water Board reviewed engineering plans submitted by Jim Purdy on behalf of the Rowe’s.  The revised plans have been approved, signed and stamped by a Vermont licensed Professional Engineer, Alan J. Shelvey.  The Water Board rejected the plan as submitted for not meeting the requirement of installing an orifice plate to reduce the water flow to the storage tank to 2 GPM.   The proposal substituted a valve in place of the orifice plate.  The drawings will be revised immediately to reflect the use of an orifice plate to control the water flow into the storage tank.  The Water Board will meet next Tuesday, November 22, 2005 to review the revised plans.


Otter Valley Water Project

M. Balch distributed copies of the Otter Valley Water Project agreement to the Water Board for their review.  The Water Board will read and discuss at a later date.


Chittenden Water Users

A letter will be prepared and mailed to Clifford Bassett advising his water connection will be disconnected on December 1, 2005 as mandated by the State of Vermont.  Letters will be sent to the Chittenden water users to thank them for their many years as valued customers and their patience and assistance during the shut off process.



With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:52 P.M.


Respectfully submitted:



Larry Pomainville, Recording Clerk


Bob Sird, Chairman






Helen McKinlay, Recording Secretary


Chris Hanrahan, Vice-Chairman

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