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Minutes of the Water Board Meeting 09/20/05


Bob Sird called the Water Board meeting to order at 6:00 P.M.  Water Board Commissioners present were Bob Sird, Larry Pomainville and Chris Hanrahan.  Also present were Bruce Babcock, Mike Balch, Robin Rowe, David Rowe, William Rowe and Helen McKinlay.



The minutes of 8/16/05 were reviewed, discussed and approved. 


Rowe’s Proposal re: Route 7 South

Robin, David and William Rowe addressed the Water Board regarding their proposal to install a 1600 gallon rectangular concrete hydro-pneumatic tank made by Griswold strictly for use as a water tank,   The proposed tank is necessary to meet the water volume requirements for their State Act 250 permit to sub divide the Richard Rowe lot on Route 7 south.  Jim Purdy of Geo-Mapping and Allen Shirley, Rutland City Public Works Engineer have prepared the documentation for the Act 250 sub division and installation of the hydro-pneumatic tank.  A. Shirley has worked on the requirements for the flow rate, pipe requirements, pressure and volume requirements needed for the 8 rental units and the house currently on Town water.  Interior piping size will be increased to 1 ¼” pipe to each unit from the proposed tank which will be located in front of the units in the center of the lawn, where the pool was formerly located, due to the septic footage requirements.  Town water will be used to fill the pressurized tank and the house.  The proposal has been sent to the State for approval.  The Water Board informed the Rowe’s 5/8” water meters need to be installed to each unit at the time the plumbing is being changed.  The minimum water flow requirement is 2 gallons per minute.  Testing by A. Shirley and J. Purdy from a garden hose recently demonstrated the flow to be at 4 (+) gallons per minute.  The Water Board discussed concerns of the tank pulling 4 (+) gallons to fill the hydro-pneumatic and atmospheric tank with a pump during peak usage times on the already strained Route 7 south line.  J. Purdy and A. Shirley will be asked to check the drop with a flow meter at various locations such as Hanrahan’s, Carrigan’s and to confirm the drop during peak flow.  The installation of a reducer on the tank to reduce the water flow to 2 gallons per minute was discussed.  The Water Board thanked the Rowe’s for their doing what was requested previously by the Water Board in respect to installing a tank and noted the due diligence of the proposal in regard to the tank, piping sizes and the need to complete this project in a timely manner.  The Water Board will ask the Town engineer, Tom Nesbitt of Dufresne-Henry who previously studied and made proposals regarding the needed repairs on Route 7 South to review the new proposal as presented this evening by the Rowe’s.  R. Rowe asked for a time frame for the turn around of this project.  The proposal will be sent out immediately to Dufresne-Henry for review and the Town will notify the Rowe’s of all progress on the proposal. 



A copy of the order prepared for the 8/21/05 Select Board meeting was reviewed for Water Department charges and approved by the Water Board.      


Financial Statement 

A trial balance report of Pittsford and Florence Water Departments showing the year to date figures was reviewed, discussed and approved.   


Ron Smith Land Proposal

B. Babcock made the Water Board aware of the land surrounding the reservoir is available for sale should the Town be so interested.  The former Thelma Rosoff property has been purchased by Ron & Scott Smith.  R. Smith asked Bruce to make the proposal on his behalf.  The Water Board discussed the possible purchase and will table the discussion for a future meeting. 


Water Meter Status

A report was provided by E. J. Prescott with meter pricing and alternatives for the Water Board’s review.   The full software system cost is approximately $11,000.  The price of 50 new meters is approximately $4500.00.  The touch pad meter reader is $377.34.  A $7.00 trade in credit is available for returned meter bodies.  The Water Board wants all new meters to be purchased not rebuilt meters.  M. Balch recommended to the Water Board that 50 meters and the touch pad meter reader be ordered at this time and wait on the full software system until such time as the majority of new meters have been installed.  B. Sird recommended for the cost of installation at $95 including the meter purchase to contract the installation through E. J. Prescott.  The $95.00 fee includes making customer appointments and contact.  The Water Board discussed getting pricing from E.J. Prescott for the installation of 50 to 100 new meters.  M. Balch informed the Water Board the $95.00 pricing was for contracting of the entire project.  M. Balch informed the Water Board that B. Babcock’s proposed Work Plan FY07 has time allotted for the installation of 70 meters.  C. Hanrahan made a motion that M. Balch purchase 50 new Syrus meters and the touch pad meter reader.  L. Pomainville seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  The Water Board requested meter installation to be prioritized to new buildings, buildings without meters and accounts we’ve received complaints regarding their meters to be the areas to receive the new meters first.  The problem of gaining access to properties for installation was discussed.  M. Balch informed the Water Board we need to redo part of the ordinance to cover properties not allowing access for a time frame over 60 to 90 days to possibly increase fees by up to 10%.


Four Seasons Bid/Contract

The bid opening documentation was reviewed by the Water Board.  C. Hanrahan moved to accept the bid as presented by E & D Miner Construction in the amount of $85,377.00.  L. Pomainville seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  The Water Board requested E & D Miner Construction be notified Wednesday, September 21, 2005 of the contract award.


CLD Engineering Proposal

CLD Engineering has given the Town pricing to research the Route 7 infrastructure impact to the Town.  The total pricing is $32,965.  The State will cover the $11,825 surveying cost.  This leaves the Town a balance of $21,140, which we are asking the Water and Sewer Departments to split the cost.  This will cost each department $10,570.  CLD is familiar with the project and has done preliminary engineering for the Route 7 project.  The research will identify the entire water and sewer system impact within the project and be mapped as is and where the new lines and requirements will be set.  We currently don’t have measurements or ground elevations for use to obtain investment information.  Our water lines are in the State right of way and it is the Town responsibility and expense at a 100% rate to move the lines.   Brandon’s water lines are in the Town right of way and through a bill introduced in the legislature they are only responsible to pay 5% of the total project expense.  The Town will use the CLD engineering report to try to secure financing through the legislature.  Master Act 250 permits and Act 250 construction permits are currently in place for sections 3 and 5.  C.


Hanrahan made a motion to approve the CLD engineering proposal in the amount of $10,570 for the Water Department share of the proposed study.  L. Pomainville seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously. 


Work Plan Report – FY05

M. Balch gave the Water Board an overview of the Water and Sewer Department Work Plan Report for FY05.  The Water Board discussed the completed projects and congratulated B. Babcock on the many items completed on the list.


FY07 Proposed Work Plan

The Water Board will review the proposed FY07 work plan for further discussion at the next meeting.


Hydrant Flushing

Flushing of the hydrants was done last fall and this spring.  The hydrants will be scheduled and flushed this fall.


Fire Hill Line

After numerous breaks in the Fire Hill Line near Joe Markowski’s the entire section of pipe is being replaced.  Work will be completed tomorrow and users changed over to the new line. 


The line near Sugar Hollow that previously froze up was discussed.  This line needs to be tapped and hooked into the 8” line.  The line will be looked at before winter.


With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:30 P.M.


Respectfully submitted:



Larry Pomainville, Recording Clerk   Bob Sird, Chairman




Helen McKinlay, Recording Secretary   Chris Hanrahan, Vice-Chairman



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