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Water Board Minutes  04/19/05



Bob Sird called the Water Board meeting to order at 6:05 P.M.  Water Board Commissioners present were Bob Sird, Larry Pomainville and Chris Hanrahan.  Also present were Bruce Babcock and Helen McKinlay.



The minutes of 03/21/05 were reviewed, discussed and approved. 



There were no orders for 4/19/05.  A copy of the order prepared on 4/7/05 and signed and approved by B. Sird was reviewed, discussed and approved by the Water Board.  The new order policy approved by the Select Board at their 4/06/05 meeting was discussed.  One order will now be generated for all departments with all appropriate Boards signing and approving invoices drawn from their individual account numbers listed on the order.  The orders will be prepared for the Select Board meeting schedule of the first and third Wednesday of each month.   


Financial Statement 

A trial balance report of Pittsford and Florence Water Departments was reviewed, discussed and approved.   


Gordon DeLong Municipal Water Connection Application

An application submitted by Gordon DeLong for connection to the Town water for a building lot on the south side of Town Hill Road was reviewed and discussed.  B. Babcock approved the application as Water Superintendent.  B. Babcock stated there is ample water available at the location, which consists of a 1 inch galvanized water line with only one other house currently using water on this line. The Water Board approved the application and authorized the permit to be signed by the Town Manager after the permit  fee of $800.00 has been received by the Town.


Four Seasons Status

The project drawings and specifications have been received from Tom Nesbitt of Dufresne-Henry.  B. Babcock has reviewed the documentation and found the package to be complete.  B. Sird signed the State application permit for the project.  A bid package will be prepared by M. Balch to be ready to move forward with approval of the State permit.


Florence Water Tank Status

To date we have not received notification on the Vermont Environmental Conservation Grant.  The grant is provided through the State and requires no matching funds from the Town.  The State assigns the engineering to one of three engineering firms already approved by the State.   The approved firm for our area is Otter Creek Engineering.  The Board decided at the last meeting to hold off on any further rewriting of the RFP scope until notification is received on the grant.


Springfield Fencing

B. Babcock reported the fencing at the Florence pumping station should have been completed today.  The Florence Reservoir area should have the fencing completed by tomorrow.  The balance of fencing in Chittenden should be completed by the end of next week. 

Dave Parker Fencing

Both Mike Balch and B. Babcock have contacted D. Parker regarding the status of the fencing.  D. Parker has hired Jared Trombley to assist with the fencing and anticipates completion of the fencing project by next week.  To date bills for materials have not been submitted to the Town. 


The Water Board requested a letter be drafted upon completion of the fencing projects to notify the State of our progress in these areas.


Bob Christian

The water supply for the B. Christian/Karen Lawton building being constructed on Route 7 South has been researched.  The Act 250 permit application dated February 11, 2002 states Town Water use for this project.  However, the approved Zoning permit dated May 16, 2002 shows the water source being changed from Town water to a well.  A site drawing dated 7/16/02 shows the proposed well location for the project. 


Rowe Sub-Division

C. Hanrahan described the proposed Rowe property sub-division as described to him by Wayne Rowe.  M. Balch will be asked for an update of his knowledge on this matter and a copy of his letter to David Rowe will be provided to the Water Board.


Chittenden Water Users

Reminder letters of the December 1, 2005 disconnection date have been sent to the Chittenden water users.  The letters requested status on each property regarding drilling of wells and notification to the Town for shutting off the water connections to the individual properties.  H. McKinlay gave the Water Board a status report of which properties have drilled wells to date.


Bob Tinker re: Blazing and Painting

B. Tinker reviewed existing surveys of the Chittenden property with the Water Board.  Old blazes are still evident on some of the boundaries.  B. Tinker recommended he retrace the previous survey completed by Hemingway and Young with GPS and see how it lays out.  He will paint the boundaries as he goes.  Survey drawings will be replaced.  L. Pomainville and B. Babcock will help find metal pins with a metal detector in the next few days to assist B. Tinker.  B. Tinker will come back to the board if further deed research is required or other problems exist.  Installing metal plates on trees along the boundaries identifying the property as belonging to the Town of Pittsford were discussed.  L. Pomainville will provide a catalog with information on the metal plates to B. Tinker.   B. Tinker will further research the use of the metal plates and pricing and report findings back to the Water Board.  B. Tinker gave an estimated cost of $3,000.00 (+/-) for the project.  The Water Board unanimously approved the work as described for the estimated cost of $3,000.00.  B. Tinker expects it will be approximately one month before hes able to do much on this project.


Water Shut Off Notices

Water shut off notices have been sent out and are being worked on at this time.  The actual dates for shut off are 4/25 to 4/28. 


Summer Help

Justin Lertola has been hired for the summer to assist B. Babcock with painting of the fire hydrants.  Justin will begin work on June 20th.


Flushing of Hydrants

Flushing of the hydrants has been scheduled for May 23rd through May 27th from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  A public notice with this information has been posted on the Town website.



With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:20 P.M.


Respectfully submitted:



Larry Pomainville, Recording Clerk   Bob Sird, Chairman




Helen McKinlay, Recording Secretary   Chris Hanrahan, Vice-Chairman


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