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Water Board Minutes 10/16/04


The meeting was called to order by Bob Sird at 7:00 P.M.  Water Board Commissioners present were Bob Sird and Chris Hanrahan.  Larry Pomainville was absent.  Also present were Mike Balch and Helen McKinlay.



The minutes of 9/21/04 were reviewed, discussed and approved. 



The orders were reviewed, discussed and approved.


Financial Review

Trial Balance reports were reviewed and discussed for both Pittsford Water and Florence Water.  M. Balch updated the Water Board with a Quarterly Budget Report.  The Pittsford Water Department has expended 27.97% of the budget in the first quarter.  Florence Water has expended 12.99% of its budget in the first quarter.  Nothing appears to be significantly out of place at the end of the first quarter. 


Work Plan Review

B. Babcock’s work plan is in good shape at the end of the first quarter and there do not appear to be any issues.  Parker fencing is still being worked on.  D. Parker has picked up all materials.  Steel post has been installed.  No cattle are being pastured in the Town’s source protection area.


Contract Policy

A policy will be implemented for the tracking of contracts.  This will enable contracts to be monitored carefully for both work status and payments.


Fencing Bid

3 fencing companies attended the pre bid meeting: Middlebury Fence Co., Springfield Fencing and Cooper Fencing.  The only bid received was in the amount of $38,455.00 from Springfield Fence.  The contract provided by Springfield Fence with their quote absolves them from all responsibilities.  M. Balch asked the Water Board to authorize him to act on their behalf for the Town to enter into and administer a more realistic contract. A draft contract was discussed.  C. Hanrahan made a motion to accept the Springfield Fence bid in the amount of $38,455.00 with the contract as drafted and to be administered by M. Balch.  Motion seconded by B. Sird.  The motion passed unanimously.


Florence Tank RFP

A draft RFP for the new Florence water tank was reviewed and discussed.  The RFP does not address the evaluation and repair of the existing water tank.  The RFP will be published in the Rutland Herald and copies will be sent to Otter Creek Engineering, Bob “Red” Dufresne, and Dubois & King. 



Dufrensne-Henry has been asked to provide a report addressing the status of all open contracts from the original 1999 contract to date.  Tom Nesbitt will be invited to attend the next meeting to update the Water Board on the Four Season project, master meters and the contract report.


2006 Budget

First draft budgets for FY 2006 are in process.  Draft budgets will be provided at the November 17 meeting.


The Water Board meetings will begin at 6:00 P.M. through the winter months.


With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:42 P.M.


Respectfully submitted:



Larry Pomainville, Recording Clerk   Bob Sird, Chairman




Helen McKinlay, Recording Secretary   Chris Hanrahan, Vice-Chairman


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