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 June 10, 2008


Water and Sewer Commission Members Present:  David Markowski, Hope Rantanen, Allen Hitchcock, John Lapre, and Helen McKinlay. Others Present: Kathleen Ramsay, John Haverstock, Mike Smith (Otter Creek Engineering), Tom Carrara (6:28 PM), and Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary.


David Markowski called the meeting to order at 6:31 PM.




The minutes of the May 13, 2008 meeting were reviewed.  These minutes will be signed at the June 24, 2008 meeting.  Motion by H. Rantanen and seconded by A. Hitchcock to accept the minutes with no corrections.  Passed unanimously. 


Town Manager's Report


D. Markowski introduced Mr. John Haverstock, the new Town Manager.  D. Markowski offered a farewell to Kathleen Ramsay, with deepest regrets, and thanked her for the work she has done in her tenure as Town Manager.


K. Ramsay updated the Water & Sewer Commission on the Elm Street sewer project.  K. Ramsay reported that she researched the contract documents and there was a change order to remove paving from the contract.  K. Ramsay spoke with Shawn Erickson regarding the paving and Mr. Erickson stated that the Town performed the patch paving and that the pavement did not mix with the soils on site and thus causing the sinking. 


K. Ramsay stated that she received a call from Sandra Stewart who indicated that, with her husband Jeff, they were looking into having a pizza shop at the Sunoco station.  There were no further details on this project. 


K. Ramsay reported that a loan application for the water system has been submitted for $10 million to go on the State Priority Project List. 


K. Ramsay reported that the Consumer Confidence Reports have gone out to the users for review.


Mr. Haverstock reported that he toured the facility today with Bob Berardo.


Public Comment


None at this time.


Wastewater Treatment


Mike Smith from Otter Creek Engineering presented an update on the infiltration project.  Mr. Smith presented maps and explained system drainage areas, meter placement, and "questionable" areas.


Mr. Smith is still reviewing data from the storm water.


The area near Keith's on Depot Hill Road may warrant further inspection via TV inspection, in the event that the flow rate is in excess of 4,000 gallons per day.  Mr. Smith indicated that the area between the Senior Housing development and Mechanic Street is also an area of concern.  A. Hitchcock explained that there is a small stream that flows through the area and that could be the cause of the increase of infiltration.  There is a mobilization cost to get the contracting crew into town.  The recommendation was to have as much of the sewer system viewed as possible within that day.


There was discussion regarding the area of the Senior Housing complex and some possible streams that flow along the area.  Mr. Smith was not aware that there had been the streams in the area and that water had been an issue when the building was constructed.  T. Carrara explained that there was a frost wall that was helping to keep the water out of the building.


Mr. Smith suggested that the TV portion of the project be held off until October when the ground is not as dry.


D. Markowski inquired the status of Elm Street.  Mr. Smith explained that Elm Street had the highest level.  Mr. Smith explained the guidelines and formulas that are used to determine the maximum flow. 


Mr. Smith stated that the area of Plains Road was "bone dry" and when the manholes were opened during the testing period, there was no water movement.  T. Carrara explained that there is a lot of clay in the area, thus the reasoning for the dryness.


There was discussion regarding the possibility of sump pump drainage into the system.  Mr. Smith stated that there would be a "spike" in the data if this were the case.  Mr. Smith indicated that the wet well was leaking at the pipe connection.  A. Hitchcock and D. Markowski indicated that this had been an issue in the past. 


T. Carrara inquired if there was obvious notations of the dry nights vs. the rainy nights.  Mr. Smith stated that there were differences noted.  Mr. Smith related thatBob Berardo indicated that there was a large spike at 7:00 AM and something within the discharge "upset" the system.  The spike was about 50 gallons a minute for about an half an hour time period. 


There was discussion regarding the Maxham pump station.  Mr. Smith indicated that he visited with Mr. Maxham and the pump capacity process was explained by Mr. Maxham.  J. Lapre inquired if there was an elapsed time meter at the Maxham pump station.  Mr. Smith explained that the pumps were very "simple" and they were just submersible pumps.


A. Hitchcock stated that he has reviewed the information from the Depot Hill pump station and has not been able to conclude a "pattern" of reasoning for the spikes in the numbers.  Mr. Hitchcock stated that he has tried many variables and has no conclusions.


There was discussion on Arch Street that there was no data for 10 days.  There was a pile of rags found on the discharge side of the manhole that were believed to have been there for some time as they were formed to the piping.  Mr. Smith will include in the written report that there should be some flushing of the pipes on a regular basis. 


T. Carrara inquired whether the restaurants and delis should have grease pits.  Mr. Smith stated that he has written Grease Ordinances for other towns and the Pittsford system is undersized and very sensitive.


Mr. Smith stated that the Pittsford Commons pump station was below the threshold for further investigation at the wettest time in late March or early April. 


Mr. Smith stated that some of the sections along the southern sections of Arch Street and some of the residences on Route 7 were positively effected by the project that occurred in 2001.  There is no need to look at these areas for infiltration. 


D. Markowski inquired aboutthe progress on the manholes.  Mr. Smith indicated that the project should be wrapped up by 6/11/08.  Mr. Smith indicated that there has been a lot of water coming through the manholes.  Bruce Babcock is working on this project with Otter Creek Engineering.


Mr. Smith indicated that there is a lead-time of 1 month for the TV contractors (Green Mountain Pipelines) to come to town.  In the event of a dry time, it would be recommended to wait until the springtime.


Mr. Smith will continue to review the data.  Mr. Smith explained the Graph Inflow Data that will be presented.  There is the possibility of a house-to-house survey, which the town has done in the past, to explain the sump pump discharge to the system.  K. Ramsay will ask Bruce Babcock for information on the past sump pump issues.  There is also a possibility of smoke testing.  The recommendation is for this to be done in August, due to the lower water tables.  The smoke testing was explained and that the smoke would come from the catch basins as well as residential sewer discharge pipes.  The "smoke" was explained as a water vapor, which would be non-toxic and not "real" smoke.


D. Markowski inquired if the smoke test was warranted.  Mr. Smith indicated that this is a good system to be smoke tested and explained the reasoning.  Mr. Smith explained the Flow Balancing which is also a component of the testing that is being done.


A. Hitchcock requested a written summary.  Mr. Smith indicated that the graphs will be included.  Mr. Smith recommended that timers be installed on the various pump stations to help with the timing of the discharge to the Treatment Facility.  There was discussion regarding the timers.  J. Lapre inquired if the flow meters that were installed could be included on the map.  Mr. Smith stated that this would be included and explained as a "stand alone" document.


K. Ramsay stated that she received a letter from Tom Joslin containing a recommendation to hold off on the Chlorine Contact Chamber until the infiltration study was complete.  D. Markowski inquired if there was any funding available for this.  K. Ramsay indicated that there is a possibility. 


Mr. Smith wanted the Water & Sewer Commission be aware that Bruce Babcock and Bob Berardo were very helpful throughout the entire project. 


D. Markowski wanted to thank Mr. Smith for expediting the project and for the education on the information that was collected.


T. Carrara inquired if there should be a Grease Ordinance in place.  K. Ramsay stated that she has noted this and will ask Mr. Haverstock to follow-up with Mr. Smith.


Mr. Smith departed at 7:45 PM.


Wastewater Discharge Report:  K. Ramsay presented the discharge report for May 2008 for discussion.  There is currently 10,200 gallons in uncommitted reserve.


Otter Valley Agreement:  There was discussion regarding the increase of the fees to Otter Valley for the processing at their facility.  D. Markowski explained the history of the project.  K. Ramsay indicated that the inflationary (including salary) rate has increased 4.7%, bringing the cost to $1622 per month (reflecting a $65 increase).  Motion by A. Hitchcock and seconded by H. McKinlay to authorize K. Ramsay to send a letter to Otter Valley reflecting this increase.  J. Haverstock inquired the dates that this is effective.  A. Hitchcock explained that the dates would be July 1 to June 30.  Motion passed unanimously.




K. Ramsay stated that Mark Youngstrom will file a written report for the Preliminary Engineering for the Water System Upgrade for the July 8 meeting.


K. Ramsay stated that the contract from Otter Creek Engineering is still under review from the State and Eric Law stated that this should be through within the next week or so and should be available for the next meeting.


K. Ramsay stated that the loan documents have been submitted and that it is recommended that the consultants are paid in advance of the loan approval.


K. Ramsay stated that the State Roadway Engineer is working with Stantec on the final design of Route 7.


Water & Sewer


K. Ramsay presented the FY 08 budget for review and discussion.


Linda Drummond received a request for water & sewer abatement totaling $40.18 from Brian and Jill Nolan.  The Water & Sewer Commission concluded that the Nolans were responsible. 


Other Business


T. Carrara discussed the leaking manholes and that there should be maintenance on these.  D. Markowski explained the Otter Creek Engineering agreement encompassed the manholes  issue. 


Executive Session


None at this time.




The next meeting will be held on June 24, 2008.


Respectfully Submitted 

Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary



David Markowski, Chair

Allen Hitchcock, Vice Chair

Hope Rantanen

Helen McKinlay

John Lapre

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