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March 18, 2008


Water and Sewer Commission Members Present: David Markowski, Hope Rantanen, Helen McKinlay, Allen Hitchcock, John Lapre. Others Present: Kathleen Ramsay, Town Manager, and Peter DeGraff and Mark Youngstrom of Otter Creek Engineering (3:50- 4:50 p.m.), and Robert Dufresne of Dufresne & Associates (5:20 - 6:25 p.m.).


Chairman David Markowski called the meeting to order at 3:50 PM.


Interviews with Engineering Firms for the

Preliminary Water System Upgrade Study & Report


The Water & Sewer Commission interviewed two firms out of the six that responded to the Town's request for proposals for a preliminary engineering for the water system upgrade project.  Each firm was asked to give a brief, 15-20 minute, presentation of their firm's qualifications and experience with water system upgrade projects and outline their proposal for the Town of Pittsford's preliminary engineering report.  After their presentations, each firm was asked questions by the Commission.


Peter DeGraff and Mark Youngstrom of Otter Creek Engineering


Mark Youngstrom reviewed his 33 years of experience with water system projects with the Commission.  Youngstrom said that Otter Creek Engineering sees water system upgrade projects as more than just engineering: community involvement and working with state and local funding agencies from the start are also keys to a successful project. 


Robert "RED" Dufresne, Dufresne & Associates


RED Dufresne reviewed his 33 years of experience with water system projects with the Commission, noting his particular experience with the Town of Pittsford's water systems when he engineered the Pittsford Water Treatment Facility and other water system improvements in the late 1970's, and his work with Water System Operator Bruce Babcock on various water supply issues.


Dufresne noted that the need for the increased size of some of the Town's water lines stems from the Town's decision to provide fire protection via hydrants.  Most of the lines are adequately sized for water distribution.  In response to the Commission's questions, "What other projects are you currently working on that could take precedent and time away from our project?  Is your firm under any time constraints for the year?" Dufresne said that all of his staff, except for him, is working on final design engineering for St. Johnsbury's $16.8M water system upgrade project until June.  His staffing requirements for that project after June will depend on whether or not that project goes to construction this year.

In response to inquiries by the Commission, both firms said that they had $1M in professional liability coverage, with no claims against their policies.


The Commission will forward any follow-up questions they may have to Kathleen Ramsay before Friday, March 21, 2008.  Kathleen will then pose the inquiries to the consultants as appropriate. 


The Commission plans to select an engineering firm for the Preliminary Water System Upgrade Study at its next meeting on Tuesday, March 25, 2008.


The meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,


Kathleen Swinington Ramsay

Acting Recording Secretary


David Markowski, Chair

Allen Hitchcock, Vice Chair

Hope Rantanen

Helen McKinlay

John Lapre




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