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March 5, 2008


Water and Sewer Commission Members Present: David Markowski, Hope Rantanen, Helen McKinlay, and Allen Hitchcock. John Lapre was absent. Others Present: Mike Smith - Otter Creek Engineering, Tom Carrara, Kathleen Ramsay and Linda Drummond, Recording Secretary. David Rowe arrived at 5:45PM.  Joseph Gagnon arrived at 6:20PM.

David Markowski called the meeting to order at 5:30PM.



The minutes of the February 12, 2008 meeting were accepted as written.


Town Manager's Report

Updated average flow data from the wastewater treatment plant was distributed.   The plant has an uncommitted reserve capacity of 15,283 gpd.  For February 2008, the plant had 91,000 gpd which meant the Town was over its permit limit for the month.


Bruce Babcock reported the installation of two new water meters in January 2008.


K. Ramsay and B. Babcock are working with Paula Jackson, Vermont Rural Water Works on a disinfection byproducts sampling plan due April 1, 2008.


Wastewater Treatment

Mike Smith, Otter Creek Engineering, was present to review the Request for Proposal for the Inflow & Infiltration Study on the main sewer lines that was submitted by Otter Creek Engineering.  M. Smith was asked to review the Town's previous studies on infiltration as to the quality and content of the studies.  He stated that new studies are needed to analyze the complete sewer system and to have the updated data to make decisions for repair in the future.  A. Hitchcock asked about the parts that were slip lined in the past.  M. Smith reviewed the process of slip lining the inside of the sewer piping which is durable material and should last at least 20 years or more.  D. Markowski asked if the new study will include the assessment of the infiltration of the service lines attached to the main sewer line.  M. Smith replied that the testing would be able to determine if the service was a major contributor to the infiltration and M. Smith described the tracking of the ground water for a particular area.  A. Hitchcock wanted to clarify the Town employee participation that would need to be provided for the groundwater monitoring.  M. Smith stated that there would be five wells and the depth to groundwater needs to be checked twice a week during the regular scheduled workday Monday through Friday and immediately after a huge rainfall.  The total time should be approximately two hours a week with a form provided by M. Smith for tracking the water in the wells.


M. Smith reviewed Otter Creek's Request for Proposal.  Phase I & II of the groundwater infiltration and stormwater inflow to the Town of Pittsford's wastewater collection system as follows:


Infiltration & Inflow Study


Sub Contracts


     Flow Monitoring

$  2,600



     Collection System Inspection

$  6,000


$  6,000

     Update Infrastructure Mapping

$  1,735


$  1,735

     Groundwater Monitoring

$  1,275

$  2,500

$  3,775

     Rainfall Monitoring

$     520


$     520

     Flow Isolation

$  4,460

$  2,200 

$  6,600

     CCTV Inspection

$  3,635



      Report & Management

$  6,625 


$  6,625

Sub Total I & I Study








Pump Station Study




      Assessment & Report

$  2,000


$  2,000





Total Loan Application





Phase I must be done during the Spring while the water levels are high.  Phase II would be smoke testing the lines and must be done during August. Which lines that would need to be tested would be determined by the results of the Spring testing.  This proposal does not include the smoke testing and will be determined after the Spring test results.  The subcontract & rental equipment amounts are separate from the engineering to save the Town 10% of the cost.  Otter Creek will coordinate all the components including the subcontracts and would work with Bruce Babcock as the Town employee reporting on the wells.  The Town will be billed directly from the subcontractors.  M. Smith will supply the names of the subcontractors that gave him the estimates.

This study should give the Town a good indication as to the shape of the complete sewer system.   This is a systematic approach to identify the main leaks and to determine the cost of repair versus the cost to leave the leak alone and treat the water that is leaking.  Bruce Babcock will be part of the review process of the study results.

In 2004, the Agency of Natural Resources recommended that the Town evaluate the pumping stations.  K. Ramsay asked M. Smith to include an amount for assessment and a report for the pumping stations as an additional study which he quoted $2,000 in the above chart.  Current monitors on the pump stations would evaluate the discharge rate.

M. Smith departed at 6:20PM.


The consensus of the Commission was to present to the Select Board tonight the RFP from Otter Creek Engineering $28,850 for the engineering and $33,700 for the subcontracts totaling $62,550.



Review Responses to Request for Proposals for Preliminary Engineering for Water System Upgrade.  Discuss ranking and timeline.


D. Markowski compiled the top three engineering firms from the Water & Sewer Commission members for the RFP for the preliminary engineering for the Water System upgrade. After tallying the responses, D. Markowski made a recommendation to interview Otter Creek Engineering and Dufresne & Associates individually on Tuesday, March 18, 2008 starting in the afternoon.


Motion by A. Hitchcock and seconded by H. McKinlay to adjourn.  The motion was passed unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 6:32 PM

Respectfully Submitted

Linda Drummond, Recording Secretary

David Markowski, Chair

Allen Hitchcock, Vice Chair

Hope Rantanen

Helen McKinlay

John Lapre - Absent




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