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January 22, 2008 

Water and Sewer Commission Members Present - David Markowski, Hope Rantanen, Helen McKinlay, Allen Hitchcock, John Lapre. Others Present - Liz Royer (Vermont Rural Water Association) David Rowe, Tom Carrara (6:45 p.m.), Kathleen Ramsay and Kelly Giard - Recording Secretary.


David Markowski called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.




The minutes of the January 8, 2008 meeting were reviewed.  These minutes will be signed at the next meeting.


Town Manager's Report


K. Ramsay reported that there is a conflict with the Municipal Building Conference Room on the second Tuesday of the month as the Recreation Committee meets there.  The Water & Sewer Commission meeting on the second Tuesday of each month will be moved to the Lothrop Library at 6:30 PM.  The Commission's meeting on the fourth Tuesday of the month will continue to be held in the Municipal Building Conference Room.


Public Comment


None presented at this time.


Source Protection Plan


Liz Royer from the Vermont Rural Water Association presented a draft Source Protection Plan for review.    L. Royer stated that the Source Protection Plan should be updated and submitted to the State every 3 years.  There were maps that were presented and discussed.  The maps will be attached to the plan that is presented to the State.


L. Royer made a recommendation that the Water and Sewer Commission contact the Town of Chittenden to request that the Town of Pittsford be notified in the event of any landowner changes within the watershed protection area of the springs.  (Pittsford's water supply is in the Town of Chittenden).


D. Markowski discussed the Florence maps.  L. Royer explained that although the Florence wells are near the Otter Creek, the wells are not influenced by ground water and that testing has been done to verify this. 


K. Ramsay stated that L. Royer inspected the water sources and met with Bruce Babcock and K. Ramsay to update and rewrite the Plan.  K. Ramsay stated that there is a small annual membership fee of approximately $225 to belong to the Vermont Rural Water Association, and the Association provides a wide variety of services to water and wastewater operators, including the preparation of Source Protection Plans.  L. Royer further explained Vermont Rural Water's funding sources -- some of the funding is obtained from Federal grants, as well as State grants and town fees charged.


T. Carrara inquired about the quality of the Pittsford water.  D. Markowski stated that there has been no notification of poor quality as a result of any testing that has occurred. 


L. Royer will submit an implementation checklist for use after approval of the Plan.  L. Royer noted that the Plan should be reviewed annually.


L. Royer departed at 7:00 PM.




Preliminary Engineering for Water System Upgrades


K. Ramsay reported that the RFPs for preliminary engineering for the water system upgrade project have been sent out to the 6 designated engineering firms.  There was a 6-week deadline stated in the RFP's, making a due date of February 25, 2008. 


A representative of one of the competing engineering firms asked Ramsay if Stantec (formerly DuFresne Henry) which worked extensively with the Water Commission in the past, is the Town's leading candidate for the project.  K. Ramsay assured the consultant that there is no guarantee that any particular firm would be awarded the contract, and the Water & Commission is committed to an unbiased, competitive selection process.


K. Ramsay has scheduled a Pre-Proposal meeting for Friday, January 25 at 9:00 AM for all firms.  Water System Superintendent Bruce Babcock will also be in attendance to answer any questions the consultants may have.  The proposals will be sent to Commission members in their packets for review at the first meeting in March.


Application for State Water Supply Division Funding Priority List


K. Ramsay presented a map of the water distribution system with upgrades contemplated in the 2007 Financial Plan for the water system highlighted and cost estimates for each segment noted. There was much discussion regarding the amount to be included on the application for the priority list for state project funding.  Members present agreed that the application should be for the entire amount for the Route 7 corridor waterline upgrades, covering all involved segments.



Wastewater Treatment


K. Ramsay reported that Bob Berardo has reported that there is a leak at the Elm Street pump station.  Mr. Berardo has contacted A-1 Sewer and Drain to help with the repair of the leak.  D. Markowski stated that the Select Board (then also the Water/Sewer Board) had the same issue in Spring 2007 and the work was done by Miner & Son.  K. Ramsay will contact Miner to see if this is the same area of work that was done in the spring.


K. Ramsay presented yearly monthly average flow data to the Commission for its review.


Chlorine Contact Tank & Solids Handling

Mike Smith and Carl Crawford from Otter Creek Engineering presented their report on the evaluation of the wastewater treatment facility (WWTF).  Based on their evaluation, the report contains recommendations for addressing three deficiencies at the Pittsford WWTF.




1. Inability of the WWTF to consistently meet its discharge permit during periods of high flow

1. Decreasing the volume of Infiltration and Inflow (I/I) treated at the WWTF.  The first step in addressing this issue is to monitor wastewater flows throughout the collection system during the Spring to ascertain the location and magnitude of stormwater inflow and groundwater infiltration in the Pittsford wastewater collection system.  The results of this first step will allow the Town to focus its efforts to alleviate extraneous wastewater collections system flows in the most cost effective manner.

2. Periodic failure of the effluent disinfection facilities

2. Construction of a new chlorine contact tank, meeting current design standards for layout, chemical contact time and redundancy.

3.  The inability to safely and efficiently remove solids from the process for off-site disposal

3. Construction of a permanent facility for sludge pumping, with spill containment.


M. Smith explained the process of the project and the causes of permit violations.  K. Ramsay explained the State requirements for sludge handling.  The State Wastewater Management Division has expressed concern about the potential of spillage using the Town's current sludge management system.


D. Markowski explained that the infiltration issues on Depot Hill and Elm Street.  M. Smith explained that the issue is that "clean water" is being treated.             


There was discussion about the installation of a chlorine contact tank at today's standards to accommodate higher volume flows at the wastewater treatment facility.

M. Smith explained the basis of the design and explained the permit of 85,000 gallons per day discharged.  M. Smith noted that there might be construction loan monies available from the State. The State may limit eligible project costs to those for construction of a contact chlorine chamber for an 85,000 gpd facility, not larger.


D. Markowski explained that this project would be a Compliance upgrade and further explained the plant operation. 


Otter Creek Engineering also submitted a proposal for providing design services for the chlorine contact tank and solids handling improvements.


T. Carrara inquired if there would be any benefits to hooking in to the Proctor lagoon system.  D. Markowski stated that this would be very expensive due to the length of pipe that would need to be placed.  K. Ramsay stated that there would also be permitting issues associated with running the sewer line between the two towns to be considered.


Other Business


None presented at this time.


Executive Session


In accordance with 1 VSA  312(b) where premature general public knowledge would clearly place the Municipality or person involved at a substantial disadvantage, the Board unanimously agreed to go into Executive Session to discuss Legal and Contractual Matters at 8:30 p.m.


The Board came out of Executive Session at 8:55 p.m.


It was the consensus of the Board to recommend the following actions to the Select Board for consideration at their meeting on February 6, 2008:


  1. Conduct an Inflow/Infiltration Study.  The Water & Sewer Commission would like to undertake this study this spring, between the end of March and the beginning of June.  The Commission believes that it is necessary to obtain the results of this study before proceeding with the sludge handling and chlorine contact designs, so that the data obtained can be used as a basis of design and/or a work plan for addressing inflow and infiltration in a systematic way. Otter Creek Engineering will be invited to submit a proposal for this study.


  1. Prepare designs for an additional chlorine contact chamber & improved sludge pumping capabilities as proposed in Otter Creek Engineering's January 18, 2008 proposal.


  1. Submit an application for State Revolving Loan Funds for Engineering Planning of a Pollution Control Project for both the Inflow/Infiltration Study and the chlorine contact and sludge handling designs.




The next meeting will be held on February 12, 2008 at the Lothrop Library.


Motion by A. Hitchcock and seconded by H. Rantanen to adjourn.  Passed unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM


Respectfully Submitted

 Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary

David Markowski, Chair

Allen Hitchcock, Vice Chair

John Lapre

Helen McKinley

Hope Rantanen


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