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October 17, 2007

The Water and Sewer Board was called to order at 5:30 PM by David Markowski, Chairman

Select board members present:  Joseph Gagnon, Thomas Hooker, Allen Hitchcock and David Markowski.  Also present was: Tom Carrara, Tom Nesbitt - Stantec Consulting, Kathleen Ramsay, and Kelly Giard - Recording Secretary


The minutes from the October 3, 2007 meeting were approved.

Public Comment

There was none.

Old Business

K. Ramsay introduced Tom Nesbitt from Stantec Engineering to discuss Stantec's proposal for final design engineering for the water line improvement project along Route 7 segment 3 (Plains Rd. to Kendall Hill Rd.).

T. Nesbitt stated that he has been in contact with K. Ramsay and showed drawings to the Board members.  Mr. Nesbitt explained the meeting that he has had with Ken Upmal from VTRANS regarding this segment of the project.  A listing of this meeting detail was presented to the Board. 

Mr. Upmal stated that the final designs for the town needed to be completed by the end of December as to not delay the Right of Way acquisition for the State. 

Discussion regarding the positioning of the water main within the Right of Way and provisions that are required by the State were brought before the Board.  Mr. Nesbitt explained the costs to the town include excavation below sub grade and water line, and the costs for construction above sub grade and for full time construction oversight by an engineer are incurred by VTRANS.  There is also a requirement that the Town’s water line engineer be available throughout the entire construction process. There will also be a Utility Agreement with VTRANS. 

Mr. Nesbitt discussed various funding ways for this project.  There may be Rural Development funds, State and Federal funds, and the Bond Bank that are possible sources.

Mr. Nesbitt suggested that a commitment letter be obtained by Mr. Upmal.  K. Ramsay will follow-up with VTRANS. 

A. Hitchcock stated that the outlook does not match any previous discussions that have occurred with the board.  The priority is Route 7 South because of the Temporary Operating Permit which is based on the long-range plan. 

D. Markowski stated that the Town should go ahead and supply the information that the State requires.  Mr. Markowski also stated that Mr. White should also come to Pittsford and review the Right of Way based on current plans.  Discussion followed concerning various steps that are still outstanding.

Mr. Nesbitt exited at 6:20 PM

Wastewater Treatment Facility

Engineering proposal has not been submitted to date.

Maintenance & Repair

Members were presented an estimate for maintenance and repair of the Micro Strainer at the Waste Water Treatment Facility.  K. Ramsay stated that this is a service that the crew cannot do.  This estimate is for $2500 including materials.  All members agreed to accept this estimate.

Otter Valley Agreement

Discussion regarding the possible increase in the cost for the Otter Valley Wastewater Operation and Maintenance Agreement. D. Markowski explained the potential increase in the current cost of $1600 per month from Otter Valley.  Currently, there are no provisions in the contract; however, the date for renegotiations for the next budget year has passed, which is May 1 of each year for the following year. 

The board asked K. Ramsay to advise Otter Valley that there will be an increase in the coming budget year to cover cost of living increase for our workers, insurance and administrative costs.  A. Hitchcock suggested that the cost not to exceed 5%.  Members present agreed with this amount.

New Business

K. Ramsay stated that David Cleary, attorney, is preparing for deposition of the opposition's expert.  Green Mountain Engineering attorney is also preparing deposition. 

Executive Session

None at this time.


Motion by D. Markowski and seconded by T. Hooker to adjourn at 6:29 PM.  Passed unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary

David Markowski, Chairman

Allen Hitchcock

W. Joseph Gagnon

Thomas Hooker, Selectman


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