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Sewer Board Minutes 12/22/04


Thomas “Hank” Pelkey opened the meeting at 6:50 PM.  The Sewer Board members present were:  Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Larry Pomainville, Allen Hitchcock and Dave Markowski.  Joe Gagnon was absent.  Also present were:  Mary Wilson, Monica Coleman, Roberta Ezratty, Mike Balch and Helen McKinlay.    



The minutes of 12/8/04 were reviewed and discussed.  A change will be made to the section discussing cards and maps being documented to remove the word “any” from in front of work done. 



The orders of 12/22/04 were reviewed, discussed and approved. 



Pittsford Commons Pumping Station Repairs

Mary Wilson, Monica Coleman and Roberta Ezratty of the Pittsford Commons Condo Association attended the meeting to ask the Select Board for assistance contracting the needed repairs at the Pittsford Commons pumping station.  M. Balch explained the issues Pittsford Commons has experienced over the past six weeks trying to hire someone to handle the repairs.   The Town has agreed to take over the pumping station once the repairs have been completed to their satisfaction.  Otter Creek Engineering conducted a review of the pump station this summer and has indicated the repairs will range in cost form $1200 to $1500.  The repair work needed is similar to the work the Town recently had done at the Depot Hill pumping station.  M. Balch will draw up an agreement between the Town and the Pittsford Commons Condo Association.  B. Babcock will work on getting an estimate and then follow up with the Pittsford Commons Condo Association for approval prior to proceeding with the work.  The Town will be reimbursed for all work at the Pittsford Commons Condo Association’s pumping station.  M. Wilson, M. Coleman and R. Ezratty departed at 7:00 P.M.


Without any further business, the Board recessed from the Sewer Board and went into Select Board at 7:00 PM. 


Respectfully submitted:

Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Chair

Larry Pomainville, Vice-Chair 

Dave Markowski, Selectman

W. Joseph Gagnon, Selectman   - ABSENT

Allan Hitchcock, Selectman

Helen McKinlay, Recording Secretary       


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