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Select Board Minutes


Thomas “Hank” Pelkey opened the meeting at 6:30 P.M.  The Board members present were: Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Larry Pomainville, Dave Markowski, Allen Hitchcock and Joseph Gagnon.  Also present were Michael Balch, Margaret “Peg” Flory, Randy Adams (6:56 P.M.) and Paula Bizon Recording Secretary.



The Board minutes of 5/26/04 were reviewed, discussed and approved. 



The orders of 6/9/04 were reviewed, discussed and approved. The Board requested information on consolidating accounts to get a lower rate on the various electric bills.  M. Balch will research and get back to the Board.  The Board discussed how hours from the Listers are billed out and how the payment is processed.  M. Balch will research the options available and report back to the Board. 



  • M. Balch informed the Board that he held his first staff meeting last week.  The meeting lasted approximately thirty minutes and went well.  There were two points that needed some additional feedback.  One was that the staff believes the Town audit should be started as soon as possible and what that would entail.  The other was that the Water Supervisor works for a number of entities.  M. Balch stated that there are several individuals that give him direction and prioritization.  B. Babcock requested clarification.  The Board discussed the situation and how to proceed from here. 
  • M. Balch informed the Board that Jim Carroll has competed converting the Brandon ordinances to civil ordinances.  M. Balch asked the Board if they would like to have him review Pittsford ordinances.  The Board was in consensus to have Jim Carroll review the Town’s ordinances for conversion to civil enforcement.    
  • M. Balch stated that the Board is aware of the Town’s sludge issue.  Improvements to that system need to be completed by this fall.  The Board’s consensus is to proceed on the basis of a design build rather than bid.  The Board stated that the paper trail on any work performed at the sewer plant needs to be diligently documented. 
  • M. Balch stated that he will be filing the sewer hook up requests with a sequencing system, so once the moratorium is lifted the requests can be considered in order. 
  • The Fire Hill Road design work will be started tomorrow.
  • The sewer plant evaluation is on schedule.  The report needs to be completed by the end of the month.  
  • M. Balch informed the Board that he did draft a letter to ANR on the moratorium on sewer hook ups.  He has also done some significant research and will be reviewing the information and informing the Board. 
  • M. Balch informed the Board that the sewer plant records do not give the information on the Depot Hill Road pumping station that the Board requested. 

However, he is looking into other available rain fall and plant flow information and will be presenting the information to the Board at a later date. 

  • M. Balch informed the Board that he has looked at the vehicle replacement fund.  There will be additional funds available as of July 1st for the purchase of the new fire vehicle.  T. Hooker recommended that the vehicle be financed, but he would support the Board’s decision.  The Board will discuss this later under Old Business.
  • M. Balch informed the Board that a two drawer locking cabinet has been ordered for the Board’s use.



P. Flory addressed the Board.  She wanted to make sure that the Board has understood the Police Academy contract, which states that the Academy would continue to pay the Town’s annual sewer allocation fees will be honored by the State.  The Academy is aware of their commitment to the Town whether or not they ever connect to the system. . 


P. Flory informed the Board that the US RT 7 funding is in place for the coming year.  The Board requested clarification on the permit process.  P. Flory stated that the entire project is going under an umbrella permit.  However, each section will have detail permits and the umbrella permit will be amended as the work moves along. 


P. Flory informed the Board that she had received a call from a mediator asking if she would participate in a non-binding forum to discuss the OMYA concerns.  This is not in connection with Lance Meade’s project proposal.    L. Meade has been informed that OMYA has put this program together and L. Meade has decided to step away from the project. 


The Board asked P. Flory if there would be any additional Class 2 road funding available to Towns this year.  P. Flory stated that there will be some funding available, but it will be disbursed through the established procedures. 


The Board informed P. Flory that the Town drafted a letter to Judge Wright requesting a decision on the Post Office.  The Board has not received a response to date.  P. Flory stated she would follow up and respond back to the Board.  


P. Flory departed at 7:33 P.M.


The Board recessed as Select Board and went into Sewer Board at 6:33 P.M. The Board reconvened at 6:35 P. M.


In accordance with 1VSA 312(b) where premature general public knowledge would clearly place the Municipality or person involved at a substantial disadvantage, the Board unanimously agreed to go into executive session for Personnel issues at 7:35 P.M. 

Michael Balch and Randy Adams were invited to stay.  P. Bizon was excused.  The Board came out of executive session at 7:40 P.M. 


A. Hitchcock moved and D. Markowski seconded a motion to make an exception to  Town policy, to allow Ashley Becker to supervise her sister, Abbie Becker, during the summer of 2004.  In discussion of the motion the Board affirmed its willing to support this proposal only because: a) both positions are temporary summer positions; b) both were hired and assigned their duties due to an error on the Town’s part; c) if we were to release the second hire we would be unable to offer the Town residents swimming lessons this year; and d) the Recreation Director agreed to closely monitor the situation to make sure all of the employees in the work area are fairly treated.  Unanimously approved.



Fire Truck fund

M. Balch informed the Board that there is enough funding in the vehicle replacement fund to purchase the new fire truck outright.  The Board stated that there is a previous motion that stated the truck would be financed through a loan.  A. Hitchcock moved and Joseph Gagnon seconded a motion to rescind the first motion to pay off the fire truck through a loan and to purchase the truck in full through monies in the vehicle replacement fund.  The vote was 4 yes and 1 no with D. Markowski opposed.  The motion passed. 


Wildlife Management Area

A.Hitchcock updated the Board on the status on the proposed Wildlife Management Area.  The State is now back on the permit and the State has agreed to the conditions that the Town has placed on the permit.  The project will now proceed.



Access Permit-Beanland

D. Markowski moved and H. Pelkey seconded a motion to approve the road access permit as submitted by Robert Beanland subject to the conditions being met as described by the Highway Foreman on the permit.  Unanimously approved.


Access Permit- Elnicki

D. Markowksi moved and J. Gagnon seconded a motion to approve the submitted permit by Mr. Elnicki for an underground power line on Elm Street with conditions as specified.  Unanimously approved.

 Public Works, Major Project Development Process

M. Balch presented a development process for the Board’s approval.  The Board’s consensus was to have the process put in place. 


Web Site Minutes

The Board was in consensus to have the Select Board minutes placed on the web site in draft format, and updated after signing.


Local Business Listing

M. Balch recommended that a listing be created by a committee of local businesses of all the local businesses and placed on the Towns’ web site. The Board was in consensus.


Without any further business, the Board adjourned at 8:22 P.M.


Respectfully submitted:


Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Chair

Larry Pomainville, Vice-Chair

Dave Markowski, Selectman 

W. Joseph Gagnon, Selectman

Allan Hitchcock, Selectman

Paula Bizon, Recording Secretary 



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