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Select Board Minutes


Thomas “Hank” Pelkey opened the meeting at 6:34 P.M.  The Board members present were: Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Larry Pomainville (7:02 P.M.), Dave Markowski, Allen Hitchcock and Joseph Gagnon.  Also present were Michael Balch, Shawn Erickson, Mike Warfle, Roy Newton, Gregory Johnson, Donna Bedard, Patti and Bill Bowman, and Paula Bizon Recording Secretary.



The Board minutes of 5/12/04 were reviewed, discussed and approved.  The date to begin work on the Gorham Bridge should state June 1st, not June 15th.



The orders of 5/26/04 were reviewed, discussed and approved.



  • G. Kupferer has called to inform the Town that ANR has approved the

removal of the sewer capacity allocations that are attached to Pittsford Commons.  G. Kupferer stated the paperwork indicates the Town does not have to take over the pumping station.  However, it is available to take over by the Town at this time.  G. Kupferer has requested guidance on whether or not the Town wants him to start the paperwork to assume the pumping station.  There is an issue with the size of the existing water pipe line, which is unrelated to the sewer connection.  The Board discussed the need to attach a condition, from the existing owner, to increase the water pipe size when it is warranted.  The Board will address this issue further during Sewer Board.

  • M. Balch stated that he would be holding bi-monthly staff meetings on Mondays

at 9:00 a.m. for approximately 40 to 45 minutes in length to update the staff on the previous Select Board meeting and any actions. 

  • M. Balch stated that he has put together information on the Town’s ordinances for

the Board’s review and he will be revisiting the ordinances with the Board as needed with the intent that most become civil ordinances.

  • M. Balch informed the Board that the Press packet has been put together and is

available to anyone interested in reading the packet.

  • M. Balch stated that two additional 30 M.P.H. signs have been posted on Arch St. 

Additionally there have been more patrols on the St. as requested.

  • M. Balch informed the Board that he has been in contact with the Wastewater

Treatment Station in reference to the reported odor.  The odor seems to be present only during sludge removal times.

  • M. Balch informed the Board that he has been in touch with Steve Cheryl,

VTrans, to consider ways to improve the US Route 7/Depot Hill Road intersection near Keith’s.  A recommendation will be presented to the Board when available. 

  • M. Balch informed the Board that a Highway Department work plan has been

developed and will be presented to the Board later tonight.  

  • M. Balch informed the Board that pictures have been taken of the Bowman

property and the status of the work left to be done will be discussed under Old Business.


D. Bedard stated that the Animal Control Officer had just visited her on a complaint about her dog.  She stated that this is a reaction due to her previous complaint regarding the existing conditions of her neighbor’s front yard.  Mrs. Bowman stated she has made various complaints about the dog previously and it is not related to what is happening at her house.  M. Warfle stated that he was doing his job and responding to the complaint.  He suggested the dog be moved to the back of the house.  The Board recommended D. Bedard use of a preventative dog barking collar which is available and humane to the dog.  D. Bedard departed.


Gregory Johnson stated he has visited with the Town Manager regarding his concerns about Fire Hill Road.  He stated he is concerned with the unfinished part of Fire Hill Road.  The Board stated that they would address the Town roads under New Business. 


The Board recessed from the Select Board meeting and went into Sewer Board at 6:55 P.M.  The Board reconvened as Select Board at 7:11 P.M.



Bowman Property

The Board reviewed the pictures taken by M. Warfle of the Bowman’s property.  The pictures were taken on May 15th and May 25th.  M. Warfle stated that some vehicles and garbage bags have been removed.  The Board stated neighbors have commented that even though there has been some improvement, the yard is not adequately taken care of at this time.  The Bowman’s requested details of the complaints.  Mr. Bowman stated he feels that he has given it an honest effort to clean the yard.  M. Warlfe agreed that there has been an improvement.  Mr. Bowman also stated his concerns about the runoff from the Town garage onto his property. The Board stated one issue would be addressed at a time.  Mr. Bowman stated that there is new debris on his property that is not his.  M. Warfle suggested that the resident might want to cut his grass and that may take care of some of these issues.  Mr. Bowman stated he planned on having his grass cut by this weekend.  The Board asked if the collapsed shed has been removed.  Mr. Bowman stated that he has secured the shed and it will be removed.  The Board reviewed the minutes of 4/14/04 and the timeline given to clean the property.  The Bowman’s stated that there have been thundershowers that have prohibited the work.  The Board directed that a clean up agreement be drawn up and finalized.  If the work is not completed by the deadline, the Town will go on to the property, clean the area and bill the Bowman’s.  The Bowman’s requested a copy of the ordinances that they are in violation of.  M. Balch stated that he would research the ordinances and furnish them to the Bowman’s.  M. Warfle will sit down with the Bowman’s on May 27th at 7:00 P.M. and put together a time line to complete the clean up.  The time line will be presented to the Board at the next meeting.  M. Warfle, P. Bowman and B. Bowman departed at 7:26 P.M.


Fire Truck Funding

M. Balch presented the terms of a loan available to the Town that can be used to purchase the new Fire Truck.  D. Markowski moved to accept the loan at 3.83% over 5 years to purchase the Fire Truck.  The motion did not receive a second.  The Board discussed the vehicle replacement fund and the need to borrow monies as opposed to paying for the vehicle out right. The Board reviewed the minutes of 1/4/04.   M. Balch stated that the truck would be paid for by the time of the next meeting. M. Balch will research additional information about whether or not it would be better to pay cash or secure a loan.  The Board tabled the discussion till the next meeting. 



Select Board/Town Manager Goals FY 2005

The Board reviewed the goals.  M. Balch stated that the goals are approximately two years worth of work.  M. Balch requested the Board to comment on the goals that might need to be reviewed, which goals need a higher priority and the appropriate dates of completion.  The Board recommended to have the Town ordinances listed as an A priority.  The Board requested labeling the goals with clearer categories.  The Board discussed putting water concerns on the Town goal list.  The Water Board has put together a list of goals for the Department.  That plan will be attached to the Town goals.  The Board reviewed and discussed the goals.  The adjustments will be done and presented to the Board at the next meeting.  



Town Highway Work Plan FY 2005

The Board stated they had conducted a drive around through Town and have reviewed the proposed highway work plan.  M. Balch explained the plan. There are three major areas of construction that will be put out to bid.  Sugar Hollow Road at approximately $17,400, Fire Hill Road at approximately $130,370 and Plains/Long Trail Roads at approximately $104,104.  A complete listing of work to be completed is available at the Town Offices. The Board stated that the work falls within the proposed highway budget.  D. Markowski and A. Hitchcock seconded a motion to accept the proposed Highway Work Plan FY 2005 as presented.  The Board discussed other areas where culverts are needed.  M. Balch informed the Board that a Class II grant for West Creek Road was requested but not approved.  However, the grant will be requested again and it would be feasible to wait a year until the grant has been approved.  The Board requested updates throughout the year on the status of the work.  M. Balch stated that he and Shawn would put a timeline together and present updates as necessary.  Unanimously approved. 


Road Survey Grant

S. Erickson informed the Board that he has received a grant from the local road program. The grant will be used to conduct road surveys and will be awarded up to $4,000. 


S. Erickson, G. Johnson and R. Newton departed at 7:49 P.M.


Calcium Chloride Purchase Order

The Board reviewed the bids for the Town’s calcium chloride purchase.   L. Pomainville moved and A. Hitchcock seconded a motion to accept the bid for 21 tons of calcium chloride at a cost of $6,090 from Solutions.  Unanimously approved.  The Board approved a hand check to be written in order to receive the 10% discount if paid within 10 days.   


Road Access Permit

The Board reviewed the permit submitted by Tom DiPalma and Greg Forte.  The Board discussed the lot allocations and right of way permits that are needed for this property.  The Board reviewed the Town’s tax map.  D. Markowski moved and J. Gagnon seconded a motion to approve the permit as submitted.  Unanimously approved. 


Without any further business, the Board adjourned at 8:35 P.M.


Respectfully submitted:

Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Chair

Larry Pomainville, Vice-Chair

Dave Markowski, Selectman

W. Joseph Gagnon, Selectman

Allan Hitchcock, Selectman

Paula Bizon, Recording Secretary 



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