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Town of Pittsford Select Board Meeting

November 5, 2008                


Thomas "Hank" Pelkey opened the meeting at 6:30 PM.  Select Board members present were:  Thomas "Hank" Pelkey, Allen Hitchcock, Thomas Hooker, Joseph Gagnon and David Markowski. Also present were John Haverstock, Linda Drummond, and Shawn Erickson.  Lee Kahrs arrived at 6:35 and Randal Adams arrived at 6:50PM.



The Select Board minutes of October 15, 2008 were approved. 



The orders of November 5, 2008 in the amounts of $14,710.97, $6,342.81, and $449,433.24 were discussed and approved.  Discussion was held with regard to the repairs to the Constable's Explorer at G. Stone Motors.




Town Clerk/ Treasurer's Office

J. Haverstock thanked everyone in the Town Clerk/Treasurer's office for a job well done with a very busy week including the election yesterday and the steady flow of payments for property taxes and dump permits.


Button Up, Pittsford Vermont

On Tuesday, October 28 at 6:30 p.m., the towns of Pittsford, Brandon and Goshen co-sponsored an informative workshop on ways to save energy and money this winter season.  The two-hour power point presentation drew approximately 25 people from the area on a rainy/snowy night.


Pittsford Post Office

J. Haverstock stated that for the possible Pittsford Post Office project location at the corner of Route 7 and Plains Road a meeting is planned for November 7, 2008 between Highway Foreman, Shawn Erickson, Frank Von Turkovich and J. Haverstock to assess the work that Mr. Von Turkovich has asked the Town to provide in support of the project. There is no commitment on the Town's part to perform any of the work.  The meeting is simply to assess feasibility and potential cost of the proposed work.

Baird Morgan sent J. Haverstock a memo stating that there are ongoing efforts by the Pittsford Community Corp. (PCC) in securing a more central location for the post office at the Robert Forrest property.

T. Hooker stated that there should be an article in the Town Warning for the voters to vote on a new location for the post office.


Fire House Project

The renovations at the Fire House are coming along with Naylor & Breen, project contractors, doing a sharp job.  The handicapped bathrooms are framed in and the larger overhead doors have been ordered.


Staff Meeting

A staff meeting was held on October 30, 2008 with a good turnout and sharing of information among Town departments.

Safety and Wellness Committee

The newly formed Safety and Wellness Committee will have its first meeting on December 2, 2008 at 9:00AM.  The members of the committee were recruited from among the Town's staff at the suggestion of VLCT's Loss Prevention staff.  The Committee will meet once a month.  The members are Jean Parker, Elmer "Doc" Potter, Bob Berardo, and Joe Skaza.


Omya Update

Omya has received an approval on a temporary certification to operate its new tailings disposal facility.  This happened shortly after there was a tour of the tailings disposal facility by the Rutland County Solid Waste District, which J. Haverstock attended. 


Legislature Second Economic Stimulus Package

There is a second economic stimulus package being considered by the Congress.  This package may take the shape of aid to states and municipalities for infrastructure projects. VLCT has requested municipalities to list water, wastewater, and transportation projects that are ready to go and subject to funding.  J. Haverstock will put together Pittsford's list and forward on the VLCT and Senators Saunders and Leahy.



A VLCT seminar for Select Board members will be held on Saturday, April 4, 2009.  Any members who would like to attend, please contact J. Haverstock.



The auditors from Sullivan, Powers Co. are compiling all the Town financial information and the results should be sent to the Town soon. 






Discussion of Kendall Hill Road Bridge Project

On Thursday, October 30, concrete was poured on the south lane of Kendall Hill Road bridge.  The contractor hopes to be done with the project during the week of November 10.  The Highway Department will then apply a sealer, Silane, as recommended by the project engineer, to protect the bridge from salt applied in the future.  The pledged $65,000.00 donation by a private entity in Florence has been received by the Town.  The Town will seek the payment of promised grant funds once the project is complete and the contractor paid. Aaron Guyette, project engineer for Dubois & King, would be pleased to address the Select Board at the meeting on November 19, 2008.


Discussion of West Creek Road Project

Work on this project was completed by Markowski Excavating on October 31, and the road is currently "settling" and drying out.  Should weather conditions allow, a base coat of asphalt can be applied this season, with a surface coat applied in the Spring.  AOT has granted the Town's request for an extension of time to complete the project until June 30, 2009.  Once the project is complete, the Town can seek to collect pledged grant funds.  Pike Industries, Inc., the paving contractor, will be inspecting the road on November 6, 2008 to determine whether to go forward with the base coat of asphalt.  Discussion was held with recommendations from Shawn Erickson and David Markowski to let the W. Creek Road rehabilitation area settle for the winter and pave in the spring.  Markowski stated that Markowski Excavating, the project contractor, would reshape and have the road ready for pavement in the spring.  It was the consensus of the Board to wait on the pavement until the spring.  The pavement bid from Pike Industries is valid until June 30, 2009.


Management of Nickwackett Block Timber Sale

The logging operations are now complete.  The performance bonds have been released and the access road has been closed.  Easement provider Melissa Hoffman has expressed her satisfaction with the efforts of the Town and the County Forester to minimize impacts to her land and assist with wildlife enhancements and brush hogging her property.  Ms. Hoffman has been reminded of the Town's desire for a more permanent easement.




Consideration of 5 Year Capital Budgets from Highway and Recreation Departments


Shawn Erickson Presents Annual/Capital Budget Proposals and FY 2010 Work Plan

S. Erickson reviewed the FY 2010 Work Plan adding paving for Field Ave., Windy Hill and Randall Park.  He explained that he plans to repave each road every 10 years.  At some point, because there are so many roads to pave, more will need to be budgeted for repaving to keep up with the schedule. 

Highway Department FY2010 Work Plan

Work to be scheduled as contracted:

Pending on grant availability - continue Arch Street and Pleasant Street curbs and sidewalk to Lothrop School parking lot.

Paving:  shim and overlay 1.1 miles of Furnace Road from Furnace Brook to Chittenden town line.

Paving:  2" base 1.25" top 1500' of Furnace Road from Hitchcock Road to Furnace Brook Bridge.

Reclamation (reuse of existing material mixed with new material)1500' of Furnace Road from Hitchcock Road to Furnace Brook Bridge.

Work to be scheduled for Town Highway Crew:

Furnace Road:  Furnace Brook Bridge to Chittenden town line, cut shoulders and put shoulder material down as needed for new pavement.

Furnace Road:  Reconstruction (complete removal of existing material and work on road bed with application of new material) of several areas on the Hitchcock meadow side of a stretch of  1500' from Hitchcock Road to Furnace Brook Bridge.

Regulatory Sign Replacement - Stop & Speed limit signs that are damaged.

Look into rental of stump grinder for Transfer Station.

Highway Deparment will continue with regular scheduled maintenance: roadside mowing; brush cutting; weed trimming; shoulder improvements; grading & rock raking; applying calcium chloride; sweeping roads and sidewalks; sign maintenance; winter maintenance; and equipment maintenance.

Discussion was held on the different items listed in the work plan.


Highway Requested Capital Expenditures FY2010 through FY2014

S. Erickson reviewed the proposed requested capital expenditures as follows:

FY2010:  Grader (possibly a used one from Killington as the Town has purchased from them before) $85,000; 2-1/2 ton truck with plow & sander $73,000; brush chipper $24,000; roadside ditch mower $7,000; half ton pickup $22,000. Discussion was held in regards to the multiple uses of a pickup which could also be used by the Water & Sewer Departments to run for supplies, deliver equipment, and for small projects.  D. Markowski suggested that possibly a 3/4 ton would be more versatile to use as a utility truck.  Personal vehicles are used at times when the Town trucks are already in use.

FY2011:  7 yard dump or tandem truck $140,000 to $160,000; pickup sweeper for loader $25,000; highway garage improvements $20,000

FY2012:  backhoe $130,000

FY2013:  7 yard dump or tandem truck $150,000 to $170,000

FY2014:  replace 1989 mower tractor

Discussion was held with regard to trade-in values of the present vehicles and equipment.

The Board thanked S. Erickson for his presentation. S. Erickson departed at 7:20 PM.


Randy Adams Presents Annual/Capital Budget Proposals and FY2010 Work Plan

Recreation Department FY2010 Work Plan

Randy Adams, Recreation Director, showed the Board a photo of one of 10 park benches that have donated to the Pittsford Recreation Area by Ethan Nordmeyer.  Ethan is a candidate for Eagle Scout and he worked with Randy to contribute a project on Randy's wish list.  The benches are plastic/wood composite with pre-cast ends.  Ethan bought the wood, cut it up, painted the wood, and assembled the benches with a dozen other Boy Scouts, finishing the project November 1, 2008.

Ethan got sponsors for each bench and the benches will have a plaque for each sponsor.  R. Adams observed the benches already in use this week placed in different areas at the Recreation Area.

The Board will invite Ethan to a Board meeting at a later date to thank him for his work and contribution to the Town.

R. Adams explained that his goal each year is to increase the revenues for the Recreation Department while level-funding the expenses.  Programming FY2010 will remain consistent with the previous year with the understanding that the Recreation Department is always looking to expand its program offerings.  The Senior Luncheon monthly program averaged serving 44 persons during the last year.  Family programs are sponsored by the Town with seven programs last year with great turnouts.  Recently, the Pumpkin Party at the Recreation Area had over 200 participants.

The Youth programs and Teen Dances (held at the VT Police Academy four times a year) are very popular with parents and volunteers supporting the many programs.

Last year, the Recreation Department introduced a new Jr. ski program (under 18) on four Sundays in March at the Middlebury Snow Bowl. Also an open skating date in the fall at the Rutland Fieldhouse was sponsored with 39 Pittsford people participating.

The top priority of the Recreation Department will be to keep improving the Recreation Area in an effort to attract residents and other visitors to our facilities.  In FY2010, the following tasks will be scheduled for completion:

1.  Complete any tasks that are left over from the FY2009 Work Plan.

2.  Reconfigure upper field parking.

3.  Replace guardrail between Memorial Field & parking lots.

4.  Finish dugouts and protective fencing on upper baseball & softball fields.


Allen Hitchcock asked about the tasks that were left over from the FY2009 work plan.  R. Adams would like to have the parking area across the bridge at the Recreation Area improved, reconfigured, and cleaned up in the near future.

J. Haverstock asked about the winter signs purchased.  R. Adams stated that he purchased the signs in bulk with stickers that can be attached each year.

D. Markowski commended R. Adams and his staff for keeping the Recreation Area in great shape as he has received many compliments from out of town visitors as well as residents who have used the facility.  J. Haverstock and the Board also commented on what a great asset the Recreation Area is for the Town and that the Recreation Department programs offer the community a wide variety of opportunities.

Recreation Department Requested Capital Expenditures FY2010 through FY2014

In FY2010, the Kubota tractor will be paid off.  R. Adams would like to have a capital replacement fund for a tractor.  The Kubota tractor is getting its 600 hour service and when that service is completed, the tractor will be put in the cold storage building at the Transfer Station for the winter.

FY2010, the Recreation Department requested capital expenditures for work on the lower Recreation Area Memorial Field by removing the old infield clay and adding drainage under the infield area for approximately $5,000. Currently the lower field is holding water and is saturated. R. Adams will research the repairs needed for better drainage for the field with an updated estimate to present to the Board in the spring 2009.

In FY2012, the requested capital expenditure is for multi-purpose basketball courts and skating rink costing between $15,000 to $20,000.

The Board thanked R. Adams for his presentation. 


Consideration of FY2010 Budget

Budget deliberations will continue for the next several Select Board meetings.


VLCT Resolution Opposing Proposed $3 million cuts in Local Highway Aid

J. Haverstock brought to the Board's attention a memo sent from Trevor Lashua, VLCT Senior Associate for Advocacy and Information, regarding a resolution opposing proposed $3 million cuts in local highway aid by the Douglas administration. "The cuts, part of an $8 million state transportation budget rescission proposal, would take funding away from Town Highway State Aid ($1.8 million), Class 2 ($700,000), and Town Highway Structures ($339,000), in addition to the $316,000 already cut from the Town Highway Bridge program."  Trevor Lashua stated that 70  municipalities have signed the resolution opposing the proposed $3 million cuts in local highway aid.  Pittsford's shortfall if the cuts are implemented would be $9,300 to the Town highway roads which is a 7.4% cut in State funding.  This difference would have to be made up in Town taxes. 

D. Markowski made a motion to have the Town Manager forward the Board-signed VLCT resolution opposing the proposed $3 million cuts in local highway aid to Trevor Lashua.  T. Hooker seconded the motion. Thomas "Hank" Pelkey, Board chairman, read the resolution: 

A resolution opposing the proposed cuts in funding for local highway aid programs


Whereas, transportation infrastructure serves as the backbone not only of Vermont's economy, but also Vermonters' very lives, and  

Whereas, local governments are mandated by state law to keep "in good and sufficient repair during all seasons of the year" 80 percent of all road miles in Vermont, and

Whereas, local governments are similarly mandated to serve the public by maintaining the vast majority of the bridges spanning 20' or greater to the same level, and

Whereas, local governments also own and are obligated to maintain thousands of bridges spanning less than 20' as well as an equivalent or greater number of large and small culverts, and

Whereas, despite being responsible for the overwhelming majority of Vermont's highway miles, bridges and culverts, funding for the state aid programs for local government have shrunk to just 15.5% of the state's transportation expenditures over the course of the past decade, and

Whereas, the legislative Joint Fiscal Office estimates that Vermont currently has an estimated gap of $200 million annually between what it spends on transportation infrastructure and what it should spend, and

Whereas, the 2009 VLCT Municipal Policy, adopted by local officials, calls for a mixture of increased state revenue sources, bonding, and the cessation of the transfer of transportation monies to the state General Fund for non-transportation purposes to start closing that infrastructure spending gap, and

Whereas, any cuts in state funding for the local highway aid programs means that property taxes will have to be raised, and

Whereas, the administration has proposed and the Joint Fiscal Committee of the Vermont Legislature will decide in November whether or not to cut nearly $3 million from the local highway aid programs, including $1.85 million from Town Highway State Aid, $700,000 from Class 2 Paving and Rehabilitation and $350,000 from the Town Highway Structures Program; now therefore be it

Resolved by the Town of Pittsford, Vermont:

That the town specifically opposes the nearly $3 million in cuts to town highway aid under consideration by the Joint Fiscal Committee, and be it further

Resolved: That the town respectfully requests that the legislature not make up for the state's ailing transportation revenues and budget shortfalls by cutting funding for local highway aid programs and shifting the burden to local government and property taxpayers, and be it further

Resolved: That the towncalls upon the state administration and legislature to return in January and make its top priority the resolution of Vermont's transportation funding crisis in a comprehensive and strategic manner after consideration of all potential remedies.

Thomas "Hank" Pelkey, Chair of the Pittsford Selectboard     

The motion was unanimously carried.  J. Haverstock will notify VLCT immediately.           



T. Pelkey made a motion to go into Executive Session at 7:48 PM to discuss matters in Personnel and Legal. T. Hooker seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously.  J. Haverstock was asked to stay.



In accordance with 1VSA 312(b) where premature general public knowledge would clearly place the Municipality or person involved at a substantial disadvantage, the Board unanimously agreed to go into Executive Session for Legal and Personnel at 7:48 PM. The Board came out of Executive Session at 8:12 PM.

No action was taken.


Without any further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:12 PM.

Respectfully submitted:                 


Linda Drummond

Recording Clerk   


Thomas "Hank" Pelkey, Chair

Allen Hitchcock, Vice-Chair

W. Joseph Gagnon, Selectman

David Markowski, Selectman

Thomas Hooker, Selectman


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