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February 7, 2008


The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by Thomas "Hank" Pelkey, Chair.


Select board members present:  Thomas "Hank" Pelkey, Joseph Gagnon, Allen Hitchcock, and Thomas Hooker. Absent - David Markowski.  Also present was:  David Rowe, Lee Kahrs, Sarah Eugair, Tom Carrara (arrived at 6:37 PM) Kathleen Ramsay, and Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary



The Select board minutes from the January 16, 2008 and January 24, 2008 meetings were approved and signed.



The orders of February 6, 2008 were reviewed, discussed and approved in the amount of $52,977.86.



K. Ramsay reported on the following:


The bills for the repair on the 550 truck have not been received.  K. Ramsay stated that she has been in contact with Earle's Truck Repair and they are backlogged in their billing.



Sarah Eugair reviewed a letter that she presented to the Select board and was looking for results of the items inquired upon.  Some items discussed were:  budget comparisons for departments other than the Listers; status of the source protection plan; Water Department permit expiration; and the Village Designation being approved and not put in the Newsletter.  H. Pelkey stated that the Select Board would review the requests and have answers for S. Eugair.

Tom Carrara inquired if the upcoming election was included in the recent Newsletter.  K. Ramsay stated that it was included on the back page.

Tom Carrara inquired about the status of the West Creek Road rehab project and when it would be presented for bid.  K. Ramsay stated that she is currently working on obtaining permits for this project.



A letter was received from Lisa Miser from the Proctor Planning Commission inquiring if Pittsford would accept a food drive challenge for Town Meeting Day.  The goal for Proctor is 800 non-perishable food items.  Members agreed to accept the challenge, noting that the challenge needs to be advertised.



Robert Young from CVPS was scheduled to attend the February 6, 2008 meeting, but, with the meeting being cancelled due to icy roads, he was not present at the February 7, 2008 meeting.  K. Ramsay stated that she has contacted Mr. Young's office and was waiting for a response to reschedule.



Board of Listers:  K. Ramsay reported that she has met with the Listers and reviewed a draft advertisement for an assessment firm or qualified individual to assist with the assessment process.  K. Ramsay noted that there is a legal requirement to have Listers oversee the assessment work unless there is a charter change.  A. Hitchcock stated that other local towns should be contacted to see what their assessors' set-up was and suggested that maybe there are part-time assessors that could work on the same set-up as the Zoning Administrator, which is shared between two towns (Pittsford and West Rutland).  K. Ramsay stated that she would investigate all possibilities and report back.    S. Eugair stated that she believes that the State requires 3 Listers within the town and the Assessor needs to be approved by the Listers.  S. Eugair stated that she believes that the Town of Dorset has experienced the same issue. S. Eugair stated that Assessors cost more than the Pittsford Listers' stipend.  J. Gagnon stated that this would be reviewed.  K. Ramsay reported that she would continue to work on this project and meet with the Listers.  S. Eugair inquired if Nancy Gaudreau would be continuing after the elections.  Discussion regarding petition deadlines and write-ins were discussed. 


Work Camp:  K. Ramsay stated that David Peebles has contacted her about having a public forum regarding the work camp.  K. Ramsay stated that she felt that the results of the Town vote in St. Johnsbury on expansion of the camp were necessary before moving forward.  A. Hitchcock stated that he felt that the possible location was an important piece of information necessary before any public forum could be held.  A. Hitchcock inquired if the State was still looking at the same parcel of land at the Police Academy.  T. Hooker stated that it was under his impression that they are looking for 10 acres of land not at the Police Academy.  S. Eugair inquired if the area of the Haunted House could be considered a site.  H. Pelkey explained that this property was owned by the School District and that the Select Board could not answer that.  K. Ramsay stated that she would contact the State regarding the Police Academy site.  S. Eugair inquired if there would be an issue with hooking on to the sewer system.  J. Gagnon explained that the State would contribute to the upgrade of the sewer system.


OMYA Signage:  T. Hooker reported that there is no signage to give directions to the OMYA plant locations.  There is a safety issue when the trucks end up on Fire Hill or Whipple Hollow Road because the drivers are not familiar with the area.  K. Ramsay stated that she spoke with OMYA this afternoon regarding the signage issue.   J. Gagnon inquired if the signs removed were due to State regulations.  The general consensus of the Board was that the signs should be put back up due to this safety issue.  David Rowe stated that there is a sign for Florence Crushed Stone and there is no other sign to direct the drivers to OMYA.  S. Eugair inquired why the State had jurisdiction over the signs by the railroad tracks.  K. Ramsay stated that the state interpretation was that the sign was a "billboard," or off site advertising prohibited by State law. H. Pelkey requested that a letter be sent to the State stating the Town's request to have the signs re-installed due to safety issues.


Burn Permits:  A. Hitchcock stated that the Burn Permit Ordinance should be reworded due to a typographical error - the current ordinance stated that burning requires a 5' X 5' permit.  S. Eugair inquired why there is a fee for permit if there is snow on the ground.  T. Hooker stated that he is not sure and K. Ramsay stated that she would check with Mr. Bowman regarding this.  S. Eugair also inquired the fee structure.  T. Hooker explained the permit process (inspection - including burn site inspection).  K. Ramsay stated that she would look into the fee structure and report back.  T. Carrara inquired if the Town or the State pays Mr. Bowman.  K. Ramsay stated that she would investigate this as well.    



Water and Sewer Commission:  A. Hitchcock reported on the Water and Sewer Commission meeting on January 22, 2008. The Water and Sewer Commission is recommending that the Town apply for a loan for final design engineering for contact chlorine and sludge handling improvements at the Pittsford Wastewater Treatment Facility with a 0% interest loan in the amount of $20,300 for 5 years.  Another topic that was discussed at the Water and Sewer Commission was to look at the infiltration issue.  The best time to do this is in the Spring when there is high water.  This information would be critical in the redesign of the system.  There is no price quote on the infiltration study.  Motion by A. Hitchcock and seconded by T. Hooker to apply for the 0% interest loan for the Wastewater Treatment Facility and Collection System improvements for the sume of $20,300 for 5 years.  S. Eugair inquired if there were any local funds available to fund the improvements.  A. Hitchcock stated that there is no Capital Funds available.  K. Ramsay stated that there was a fund balance of roughly $100,000 in the Water Fund and that the Sewer Fund has been in deficit for over 2 years.  Motion passed unanimously. 


Planning Commission:  A letter was received from Don Nickless, Chairman of the Planning Commission, which requested a meeting with the Select Board regarding the Town Plan.  Discussion was held and a decision made to meet on February 28, 2008.  K. Ramsay will report back to D. Nickless.



Tree Cutting:  K. Ramsay stated that she received a phone call from Doug Cummings who is a Florence resident and currently a subcontractor for CVPS.  D. Cummings will be cutting trees along the power lines behind the Municipal Offices.  K. Ramsay stated that most of the trees are on the school property.  This work will consist of cutting trees and the material is left for property owners to dispose of.  K. Ramsay stated that she is in contact with Eric Hansen as well as the school.  K. Ramsay distributed a picture that was supplied to her regarding this project.


Sale of Property:  S. Eugair asked if there is a policy in place for the sale of municipal property.  J. Gagnon stated that if the property is of "worthwhile" value, then the property is advertised for a bid process.  Discussion was held in regards to the sales of furniture or computers that have occurred in the past.  T. Carrara inquired if the Select board was aware of the sale of the items. The terms of the sale of the computers were set by the former Town Manager.



In accordance with 1VSA 312 (b), where premature general public knowledge would clearly place the Municipality or person involved at a substantial disadvantage, the Board unanimously agreed to enter into Executive Session for Litigation and Personnel discussions.  K. Ramsay was asked to remain.


The Board exited Executive Session at 7:35 p.m.


Prior to adjournment, the Select board signed the following documents - not related to any discussion in Executive Session:


The Board voted to send a thank you letter to General Electric's Volunteer Organization thanking them for their donation of $1,000 to the Fire Department.

A letter to the State Legislators expressing the Town's support for the State's appropriation of $2.5 million for construction of a Fire Emergency Training Center in Pittsford; and

The record copy of the Amended Burning Ordinance which went into effect on January 19, 2008

Having no other business, the meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary

Thomas "Hank" Pelkey, Chair

Allen Hitchcock, Vice-Chair

W. Joseph Gagnon, Selectman

David Markowski, Selectman - ABSENT

Thomas Hooker, Selectman


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