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Town of Pittsford Select Board Meeting
& Town Plan Hearing
August 15, 2007

Thomas "Hank" Pelkey opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m.  Select Board members present were:   Allen Hitchcock, Joseph Gagnon, David Markowski, and Thomas Hooker.  Also present were Kathleen Ramsay, Linda Drummond, Don Nickless, Kathy Brown, Sally Eugair, David Rowe, Bruce Paynter, Lee Kahrs, and Lisa Connell. Barb Moran and Mary Roussil arrived at 7:10PM.




The Select Board minutes of August 1, 2007 were approved.



The orders of August 15, 2007 were reviewed, discussed and approved in the amount of $29,409.48.                 



Kathleen Ramsay reported on the following:


The Board had received a thank you note from Michael Balch thanking the Board for the opportunity to work for the Town.


Kendall Hill Bridge will be taking core sampling from the bridge with one lane open at all times on Thursday, August 23, 2007.  Rob Tikoft from OMYA has been notified of the work being done on the bridge.


Mark's Sunoco submitted an application for a second class liquor license today and it will added to the agenda for the August 22, 2007 meeting.  Also Mark Greeno has requested a letter from the Town verifying that his business is not in conflict with Town land use practices or economic development initiatives for an application with the Rutland Economic Development Corporation.  Don Nickless, Chair of the Pittsford Planning Commission, will write the letter addressing these concerns.


Helen McKinlay, Town Clerk/Treasurer, reports that to date 24% of the property taxes have been received, which is approximately $1.3 million, including the State prebate, in less than 14 days after the property tax bills were mailed.  



There was no public comment.



Don Nickless gave an overview of the renewal of the Town Plan.  The Town Plan expired in 2005 and with the transition of members on the Planning Commission (PC), a new Town Plan was not adopted.  The PC choose to renew the old Town Plan in order to have a plan in place for grants.  The Rutland Regional Planning Commission (RRPC) did not accept the old Town Plan for renewal as written.  The PC went into discussion with the RRPC and agreed to develop an interim Town


Plan updating some sections of the Town Plan.  This is the interim Town Plan that is being submitted at this public hearing, at next week's public hearing, and before the Select Board for approval.  The PC, with the interim Town Plan's approval, would then be able to move forward with other projects they have been addressing while they have been updating the interim Town Plan.  There are three sections in the interim Town Plan that have been updated:  the State now requires a section on childcare, which has been added;  the housing section; and resources section.  This interim Town Plan has been submitted to the RRPC for review on September 15, 2007. 


Discussion was held in regards to the Planning Commission applying for the Village Designation Program which would allow Pittsford to be eligible for certain grants for buildings and businesses located within the revised boundaries of the Village Designation.  This is not the same as the Village of Pittsford.   The Pittsford Historical Society may be asked to assist in this process.

Minor changes can be made tonight and at the next hearing.  With the Select Board's approval and the RRPC's approval then the Planning Commission can move forward with other projects.  The goal is receive the RRPC's approval of the interim Town Plan.  Major changes could postpone this goal, and new hearings would be set and more revisions made to the Town Plan.

Discussion was held in regards to the language of centralizing in the interim Town Plan.  D. Nickless stated there have already been eleven meetings with various Town organizations with representatives expressing their views on enhancing, developing, and maintaining the core of the Village.  Further discussion was held as to whether or not the Post Office should be mentioned in the Town Plan as being located in the Village core.  The Town Plan is not a regulatory document but is a document that expresses the wishes of the people.  The Town Plan is a guideline and any ordinances that are passed should be in conformance with the Town Plan.


Bruce Paynter asked D. Nickless how the interim Town Plan is an expression of the townspeople.

D. Nickless replied as mentioned earlier that the Planning Commission has already met with eleven Town organizations with volunteers who are deeply involved in Town activities.  These volunteers have provided valuable input which the PC will condense.  A majority expression from these individuals and any Town residents will be a workable plan for the future of Pittsford and will provide direction for the Town.  B. Paynter stated that he would be interested in applying for the vacancy on the Planning Commission.  H. Pelkey inquired as to how many people attended the meetings from the eleven organizations.  D. Nickless replied that generally there were two or three individuals from each organization along with the Planning Commission members.  Also there was a meeting with businesses in Pittsford which a number of people attended. 

K. Brown and B. Paynter departed at 7:05PM.


The Select Board recessed as the Select Board and convened as the Water Board at 7:05 PM.

The Select Board reconvened 7:10PM.


The Select Board recessed as the Select Board and convened as the Sewer Board 7:10PM.

The Select Board reconvened at 7:30 PM. 



Award Bid on 1996 International 4900 DT 466 Dump Truck

J. Gagnon recused himself from the discussion and voting.    K Ramsay reported that there are two bids:  Joe Gagnon for $5,210 and Michael Bertrand for $6,886.86.  D. Markowski made a motion to accept Michael Bertrand's bid for $6,886.86 for the sale of the 1996 International 4900 Dump Truck.  A. Hitchcock seconded the motion.  The motion was unanimously carried.


Town Forest Management Plan-Report on Tour of Town Forest & Update on Management Plan

K. Ramsay reported on the tour of the Town Forest which included A. Hitchcock, J. Gagnon, County Forester Eric Hansen, and K. Ramsay.   The east side of the Town Forest is accessed off Lead Mine Road.  They looked at three possibilities for an access for logging.  E. Hansen will have a meeting with the adjacent landowner on the east side of the Town Forest in September to review the possibilities for access to the forest to determine what the Town will be allowed to do as the Town property is landlocked on the east side.  There is a small meadow and an old logging road which needs some tree removal.  There may be a chance for a joint effort in timber stand improvements for both the adjacent property owner and the Town.  Along with the timber stand improvements, there is some marketable lumber on the east side. The revenue could be used to offset the improvements on both the east and west sides.   On the west side of the Town Forest, there is only the need for timber stand improvement as there is very little marketable lumber. The west side would need long term management.   On the northeastern part, near an open area around the springs, there should be more clearing of the brush that has grown up.

S. Eugair inquired about the market value of the timber.  E. Hansen will be working on his final report for the Board and he will be willing to manage the Town Forest management plan once it is in place.  S. Eugair suggested applying for funding through the Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program for mowing two pastures on the east side of the forest to keep them open.  The consensus of the Board is to move forward on the funding.   K. Ramsay will pursue applying for funding through the Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program.


Economic Development & Related Infrastructure Improvement Needs-Report on U. S. Senator Bernard Sanders' "Listening Session" & Preparation for Pittsford's Meeting with Vermont Agency of Transportation Secretary Neale Lunderville & Vermont Agency of Commerce & Community Development Secretary Kevin Dorn


K. Ramsay reported that the "Listening Session" was held on August 8, 2007 in Rutland City Hall with Senator Bernard Sanders.  Panelist Brandon Town Manager Keith Arlund expressed Brandon's (and Pittsford's) top three concerns succinctly;  Route 7, Route 7, Route 7.  Keith also stressed the importance of increased funding for the replacement of aging water and sewer distribution and collection systems.  B. Sanders stated that he has heard this concern all around the State.  There seems to be a lot of funding for upgrading water and sewer plants and water towers but not a lot for the underground piping infrastructure.  There is an increased emphasis on fire fighting capacity for the water systems and state regulations demand more volume.


K. Ramsay is still working with the Governor's Office on scheduling a meeting between the Pittsford and Brandon Select Boards and the Agency of Transportation Secretary Neale Lunderville & Agency of Commerce and Community Development Secretary Kevin Dorn.  An early September meeting is currently planned.


Work Camp-Follow-up to visit by Department of Corrections

The consensus of the Board was to invite Mr. Peebles from the Department of Corrections to review the Work Camp criteria for communities.


Request for Additional Streetlight on Route 7, north of St. Alphonsus Church, report on review of CVPS

K. Ramsay has not heard back CVPS in regards to the additional streetlight on Route 7.

K. Ramsay did talk with the CVPS forester in regards to trimming back the trees near Telemark Ski Club along Route 7.  S. Eugair requested that K. Ramsay also mention that the trees on Fire Hill Road which are leaning against power lines.


Report on Traffic & Speed Counter on Arch Street

The Select Board has a copy of the traffic & speed counter on Arch Street.  Constable M. Warfle also has a copy.   M. Warfle has asked K. Ramsay to contact the Highway Department to paint stop lines on Arch Street for the Stop signs.


Status of Traffic & Speed Counter on Sangamon Road

The traffic and speed counter is on Sangamon Road and once it is picked up by Rutland Regional Planning Commission a report will follow.  K. Ramsay followed up with Shawn Erickson in regards to the Children Crossing sign and he stated that the Town's policy which follows Vermont Local Roads' policy is to have the people requesting the signs to pay for the signs and then the Highway Department will put them up.  K. Ramsay spoke with Lorrie Byrom from Camp Betsey Cox and she will get back to the Town about purchasing the signs.  Camp Betsey Cox has done a good job in cutting back the brush for better visibility.  S. Erickson stated that in regards to the turnaround on Sangamon Road, the highway trucks use it especially in the winter when the roads become icy.  He also suggested reaching the schools to go back to using the designated turnaround as it is a safer location.

Town Annual Report Coordinator

A. Hitchcock made a motion to establish the stipend for the Town Annual Report Coordinator at $500 a year.  D. Markowski seconded the motion.  The motion was unanimously carried.



East Pittsford Ponds - Inquiry from Patricia McCullough about purchasing an adjacent Town-owned parcel

K. Ramsay reported that the Town owns 13 very tiny lots at East Pittsford Pond development total an assessed value of $8,800 for the combined lots.  The total tax per year is $151.82.  Patricia McCullough stopped by to follow up on her interest in acquiring East Pittsford Ponds Lot 12E, off Birch Road.  This lot is adjacent to her property fronting on Shadow Lane.  After a delinquent tax sale on the piece drew no bids in 1997, Mrs. McCullough offered the Town $350 for the parcel that is .06 acres.  The Select Board Meeting Minutes of November 12, 1997 read as follows: 

"Town owned property sale-the Board reviewed an offer to purchase a parcel of land in E. Pittsford that was originally acquired by the Town by Tax Sale.  H. McKinlay moved and R. Drown seconded to sell parcel #12E, in E. Pittsford for $350, as offered."  The transaction fell through the cracks and the $350 was never paid.  Discussion was held about the properties.  David Flanders is also interested in the property that is adjacent to his property.

K. Ramsay asked the Board if they like to enter into a negotiation with Mrs. McCullough.  The Board will honor the 1997 offer of Patricia McCullough to purchase a .06 acre Town-owned parcel adjacent to her property off Birch Lane for $350 since it was approved in 1997.  Other property owners adjacent to the tiny Town-owned parcels in the East Pittsford Pond development will be given a similar opportunity.  A 30-day public notice of the terms and conditions of the sale of Town property is required.  David Flanders will be offered the piece of property adjacent to his property for the Town assessed value or $350.


West Creek Road Wetlands Delineation

K. Ramsay reported that the hold up with the stormwater permit for the West Creek Road project is the Wetlands Delineation.  K. Ramsay has re-issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the wetlands delineation to be due August 21, 2007 as the consultants could not meet the deadlines of the first RFP.  K. Ramsay will double check to be sure this permit was not included in the scope of work for Infrastructure Engineering, the engineer for the project.


David Flanders - Application for Access/Right of Way Permit - 151 Long Trail Road

Allen Hitchcock made a motion to accept David Flanders application for an access/right of way permit at 151 Long Trail Road as long as the conditions noted by Shawn Erickson are met.  D. Markowski seconded the motion.  The passed unanimously.


Rebate information to be released for legitimate real estate transactions only.

The Board's consensus was to endorse the Town Clerk's policy of releasing information on individual property owner's rebates for real estate transactions only.


Without any further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:05PM.  

Respectfully submitted:        

Linda Drummond, Recording Secretary

Thomas "Hank" Pelkey, Chair

Allen Hitchcock, Vice-Chair

W. Joseph Gagnon, Selectman

David Markowski, Selectman

Thomas Hooker, Selectman


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