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Town of Pittsford Select Board Meeting
July 18, 2007


Thomas "Hank" Pelkey opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m.  Select Board members present were:   Allen Hitchcock, and Joseph Gagnon.  David Markowski and Thomas Hooker were absent.  Also present were Kathleen Ramsay, Linda Drummond, and Lisa Connell. Tom Carrara arrived at 6:40 PM. Sally Eugair arrived at 6:41 PM. 




The Select Board minutes of July 3, 2007 were approved.

The Dog Hearing minutes of June 27, 2007 were approved.



The orders of July 18, 2007 were reviewed, discussed and approved in the amount of $195,003.50.                 


On behalf of the Select Board, H. Pelkey welcomed Kathleen Ramsay as Town Manager to her first Select Board meeting.



Kathleen Ramsay reported on the following:


Plant Manager of Omya, Rob Tikoft, called today, and encouraged any Board Member to call him directly with any questions or concerns there might be in light of yesterday's announcement regarding Omya's plans to move their administrative office to the Greater Cincinnati Area.


Al Vitagliano has submitted notice of his intent to resign from the Planning Commission.  Brett Stickney has submitted a letter interest in the position, which has been forwarded to the Planning Commission for their consideration.  Don Nickless has asked for any other recommendations from the Board for the Planning Commission vacancy.


Bruce Babcock has installed four water meters over the last few weeks.


Greg West, new Principal of the Lothrop School is on the job.  The Board will extend an invitation for him to attend a future meeting to welcome him to Pittsford.


Clark's estimated the value of the 1996 International 4900 DT 466 Dump Truck between $5,000 and $7,000.  The truck bid will be re-advertised, including publication in the Reporter, VLCT News, and direct mailing to potential bidders, with a bid deadline before the Board's August 15th meeting.

A minimum bid of $5,000 for the sale of the truck will be posted.


The proposed markings for the new cruiser were approved by the Board.




The Select Board recessed as the Select Board and convened as the Water Board at 6:40PM.

The Select Board reconvened 6:41PM.


The Select Board recessed as the Select Board and convened as the Sewer Board 6:41PM.

The Select Board reconvened at 6:47PM.



Consider Update on Town Forest Plan


K. Ramsay has met with County Forester Eric Hansen this week.  E. Hansen will take interested Board members on a tour of the Town Forest in the near future at the convenience of the Board.  Mr. Hansen is also helping the Town to identify and secure a right of way for timber harvesting in the forest. 

During a recent visit to the Town Forest, E. Hansen met David Parker who said that the Town of Pittsford and he exchanged parcels several years ago (2004) and that in this exchange, the Town gave Mr. Parker the right to tap the maple trees in the Town Forest.  Since the Town Forest is nearly all maple, this commitment could affect the Board's plans for a timber harvest.  D. Nickless may be able to help with researching the exchange as he helped finalize the negotiations on the exchange.  It did not include the total Town Forest.  A. Hitchcock and J. Gagnon are interested in the walking tour of the forest.

Further discussion was held in regards to long range forestry management for all areas of the Town Forest, forest harvesting, and timber stand improvement.  The Board has not signed off on the Forest Management Plan as the access piece is being worked for Chittenden.


Consider Interim Town Plan

K. Ramsay has spoken with Don Nickless, Planning Commission chairman, this week in regards to the interim Town Plan.  The Rutland Regional Planning Commission asked the Planning Commission to make three minor revisions to the Interim Town Plan in order to bring it into conformance with state requirements for Town Plans.  There are revisions underway with an updated draft to be submitted to the Board by July 27, 2007.  Adoption of the Town Plan by the  Board requires two public hearings with a minimum of 15 days notice.  D. Nickless asked if the Board would consider holding the first required public hearing on August 15th, the Board's regularly scheduled meeting, and a second public hearing on August 22nd.  That would allow the Planning Commission to submit the Town Plan as adopted by the Select Board to the Regional Planning Commission for their approval at their meeting in early/mid September.  The Board agreed to hold the two hearings on the above dates.


 K. Ramsay will complete the lease for the Carpenters for use of Town land on Plains Road for $1.



Consider Roadside Mowing Bid

K. Ramsay reported that there was one bid from K. A. Bagley, Inc. for over the rail roadside mowing for $70 per hour per tractor with operators, not to exceed $10,000.  This rate is the same as last year.  Bagley has done the roadside mowing for the last two years.

J. Gagnon made a motion to accept K. A. Bagley, Inc. for $70.00 per hour for operator and equipment not to exceed $10,000 with completion before September 30, 2007 for roadside over the rail mowing.  A. Hitchcock seconded the motion. Discussion was held.  The motion was carried 3 to 0.  Shawn Erickson will meet with any interested Board members to review the mowing.

At the next Board meeting, the Board will consider whether trimming roadside brush by the contractor with his tractor's mower deck extended vertically should be part of the roadside mowing contract.


Sally Eugair stated that the Rutland Regional Planning Commission will reimburse the Town the $25 fee for the Water Resource seminar she attended.  S. Eugair departed at 7:00 PM.


The Select Board recessed as the Select Board and convened as the Liquor Board at 7:00PM.

The Select Board reconvened at 7:05PM.


Without any further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:05PM.


Respectfully submitted:                      

Linda Drummond, Recording Secretary


Thomas "Hank" Pelkey, Chair

Allen Hitchcock, Vice-Chair

W. Joseph Gagnon, Selectman

David Markowski, Selectman - ABSENT

Thomas Hooker, Selectman - ABSENT


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