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Town of Pittsford Select Board Meeting
 May 2, 2007    DRAFT

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by Allen Hitchcock, Vice Chairman.

Select board members present:  Joseph Gagnon, Thomas Hooker, and David Markowski.  Thomas "Hank" Pelkey was absent.  Also present were Helen McKinlay, Linda Drummond, Thatcher Moats, Tom Carrara, Fred Duplessis, Robin Rowe, Kelly Giard - Recording Secretary.  John Eugair arrived at 6:55 PM and Shawn Erickson arrived at 6:58 PM.


The Select board minutes from the April 18 meeting were reviewed.  Motion by J. Gagnon and seconded by D. Markowski to accept the minutes as stated.  Motion passed unanimously.


The orders were reviewed and the following items were discussed:


A. Hitchcock inquired why the Town was paying $130 for the Safe Driver Program.  H. McKinlay replied that $10 per person was collected and this was payment for that collection.


J. Gagnon inquired the payment to Doran Bros. for the pump truck.  L. Drummond replied that this was when the power was out during the windstorm and the invoice shows a discount for the many trips that were made.


A. Hitchcock inquired of the Vaillancourt Tree invoice.  L Drummond stated that the invoice was for the Plains Road and that she believes that power lines were involved.


J. Gagnon inquired of the Ray Beane invoice for tires.  There was discussion regarding whether Shawn Erickson checks prices.  D. Markowski believes that the Town deals wherever the State of Vermont has contract pricing.  A. Hitchcock suggested that S. Erickson shop around for pricing in the future.


Orders in the total amount of $124,899.52 were approved.


Town Manager's Report


In the absence of Town Manager, Michael Balch, Linda Drummond delivered the following Town Manager's Report:


Tom Bushey drainage issues.  S. Erickson has visited the property.

Wrote letters to the Town's Legislators asking that they not support H. 532. 

Sangamon Road will have extra speed patrols.

A letter concerning Zoning ordinance regarding a dog kennel has been sent and a copy is in the packets.


Information is in packets regarding a minimum-security correction facility.

Letter of appreciation for the Town agencies and affiliated employees has been sent due to the increased work during the windstorm.

 Letters regarding the Forrest property are in the "reading file."

 The boil water warning was lifted on Monday, April 30 at 9:00 AM.  The Rutland lab was very cooperative with Bruce Babcock to get the lab tests completed.  L. Drummond thanked Thatcher Moats for the article he wrote for The Reporter.


Public Comments

T. Carrara questioned whether there was a water chlorination back up in the event of another outage.  D. Markowski stated that there is one on order and will be on line as soon as it arrives.

Old Business

F. Duplessis, the Town Certified Public Accountant spoke regarding the recent audit.  There was discussion concerning the current practices and procedures.  Members reviewed financial statements, activities, depreciation, and fund balances.  Currently, the Sewer Fund is the only fund with a deficit amount. 


A. Hitchcock questioned the next major step for the continuation of the GASB34. 

F. Duplessis stated that there is nothing at this time, just keep normal accounting procedures, keep track of equipment deletions and inventory "every few years."  The inventory practice will generate the Capitol replacement budget via inventory and depreciation.


F. Duplessis reviewed the Management letter stating that the real concerns from last year have been taken care of.  The concern for this year is to have a documenting system in place in writing due to changes in personnel.


A. Hitchcock inquired on the IRS reporting on benefits from last year.  H. McKinlay believes that M. Balch has checked into this procedure.


T. Carrara questioned whether this audit is a public document, which the members answered in the positive.


H. McKinlay and F. Duplessis departed meeting at 7:07 PM.


S. Erickson reported on the Bushey issue.  This is a standing water issue on Furnace Road & Randall Park.  S. Erickson reported that he walked the property with Mr. Bushey today and that the culvert is open, however, the swamp water and cattails deteriorating is clogging the channel.  S. Erickson stated that this is CVPS land and not Town property.  Mr. Bushey is looking for direction as to how to handle this issue.


D. Markowski spoke regarding dredging below the culvert.  A. Hitchcock suggested that Mr. Bushey approach CVPS regarding this issue.  M. Balch will be asked to draft a letter on behalf of Mr. Bushey if he is unsuccessful in his approach.


New Business

S. Erickson was present to discuss the repairs that are necessary on the grader.  S. Erickson feels that a couple of the items listed on the estimate can be performed in-house and not necessary to be included on the major work.  J. Gagnon questioned whether there were other qualified repair shops that may offer lower prices.  S. Erickson stated that he is not aware of any other repair shops that can perform the quality of work that Milton CAT can.  The repair estimate includes work that will be performed at the Highway Garage and the grader will not need to be moved to another location.


Motion by T. Hooker and seconded by D. Markowski to proceed with the repair of the grader by Milton CAT with the 2 items removed that S. Erickson feels can be performed in-house.  Motion passed unanimously.


S. Erickson departed at 7:23 PM.

The members signed a Dog Owners Warrant.  A current list was reviewed.  T. Carrara questioned whether it was policy for the Constable to remove dogs from owners.  Board members stated that this is a State Statute.


OMYA has filed applications for Encroachment/Right of Way.  This is for signage.  Motion by T. Hooker and seconded by J. Gagnon to approve proposed signage.  T. Carrara questioned whether the landowners involved have been notified.  Board members stated that the landowners have been notified.  Motion passed unanimously.


Stephen Hitchcock tax appeal was signed by Board members.  A. Hitchcock recused himself from voting.  


The Select board recessed as the Select Board and convened as the Water Board at 7:23 PM.


The Select board reconvened at 7:34 PM.

The Select board recessed as the Select board and convened as the Sewer Board at 7:34 PM.


The Select board reconvened at 7:35 PM.


Thatcher Moats departed the meeting at 7:35 PM


Old Business

A review of Town parcel mapping was included in the packets.  J. Eugair was asked about preparing an updated RFP (request for proposal) for the mapping project.  J. Eugair was asked by A. Hitchcock to meet with Steve Shields from RRPC as a technical advisor.  J. Eugair stated that this is a busy time of year for the Listers' until mid-July.  J. Eugair will review the information in the packet and comment on the information. 

A. Hitchcock requested that J. Eugair work on timing of the project based on workload.  

J. Eugair requested a letter of request be sent to the Listers' Office.  A. Hitchcock agreed.


J. Eugair requested more hours for the next 10 weeks for the Listers' secretary.  This request is necessary due to the increased workload at this time of year.  This would reverse a letter from the Select board in November to limit hours to 16 per week for the secretary.   


Motion by D. Markowski and seconded by T. Hooker to allow the Listers' to allocate necessary additional hours up to 80 hours for Linda Trask, secretary, to do necessary work for the remainder of the fiscal year ending 6/30/07and not to exceed budget (hopefully keep under budget).  J. Eugair questioned if the remaining budget dollars could be forwarded to the next fiscal year.  This is not possible.  J. Gagnon stated that this is not changing this position from part-time to full-time.  Motion passed unanimously.  A letter of approval will be forwarded to the Listers' Office.


J. Eugair departed at 7:53 PM.


T. Carrara questioned the status of the Depot Bridge repairs.  D. Markowski stated that Gecha Brothers are waiting for the water to lower, but, the permits are in place and the contract has been signed with a timeframe. 


Other Business

T. Carrara questioned the procedure in the event of a tie on a vote when only four board members are present.  The procedure was explained and it is possible that an item could be tabled until the next meeting.


There was discussion regarding the Forrest property.  L. Drummond will copy the minutes that contained the motion at the request of D. Markowski for the next meeting.


The Rutland Herald ran an article in the newspaper on Tuesday, May 1, 2007, regarding the minimum security correctional facility.  The members present felt that the title may be misleading to the readers and several phone calls were received by the Town Office today.


Motion by T. Hooker and seconded by A. Hitchcock to begin Executive Session to discuss personnel.  L. Drummond was asked to remain.  T. Carrara and K. Giard departed at 8:15 PM.

                              EXECUTIVE SESSION

In accordance with 1VSA 312(b) where premature general public knowledge would clearly place the Municipality or person involved at a substantial disadvantage, the Board unanimously agreed to go into Executive Session for Personnel at 8:15 PM.  The Board came out of Executive Session at 8:40 PM.


   No action was taken.

   The Select Board adjourned at 8:40PM.


Respectfully Submitted,

Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary 

Thomas "Hank" Pelkey, Chair - Absent

Allen Hitchcock, Vice-Chair

W. Joseph Gagnon, Selectman

David Markowski, Selectman

Thomas Hooker, Selectman - Absent


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