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October 17, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 6:34 PM by Thomas "Hank" Pelkey, Chair.

Select board members present:  Thomas "Hank" Pelkey, Joseph Gagnon, Allen Hitchcock, Thomas Hooker, and David Markowski.  Also present was:  David Rowe, Tom Carrara, Brad King, Rob Howland, Thatcher Moats, Eric Hansen, Bill Bowman, Lema Carter, Michael Warfle, John Potter, Don Nickless, Sarah Eugair, Kathleen Ramsay, and Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary


The Select board minutes from the October 10, 2007 meeting were approved.


The orders of October 17, 1007 were reviewed, discussed and approved in the amount of $157,134.45


K. Ramsay reported on the following:

Whipple Hollow Road speed monitoring.  The Constables have increased patrols and the speed monitoring devise has been placed

Railroad Crossings.  A letter was sent to the District Transportation Administrator, Tammy Ellis, regarding the condition of the railroad crossings in Florence.

Regional Planning/VTRANS Road Safety Audit Team review of Sangamon Road for curve signage is scheduled for October 23, 2007, at 10:00 AM beginning at the Municipal Office.

Old Hubbarton Road Drainage Issue.  Mediation is scheduled for Tuesday, November 13, 2007 at 9:00 AM at Joan Wing's Office in Rutland.

Howard Marcell inquired about the process for reducing the speed limit on Route 7 South near Sawdi's.  Mr. Marcell was mailed the process and informed that this was a State road.

Michael Bertrand has removed the Town of Pittsford decals from the dump truck he purchased this summer.

Water Meter Update.  39 water meters have been installed to date - 9 since July, two more installations are in the works, but, plumbing issues were encountered.  48 more meters have been ordered.

Plains Road Fire Hydrant to be repaired on Thursday, October 18 or Friday, October 19 - weather permitting.

VLCT Town Fair.  K. Ramsay stated that she attended this.

The OMYA Plant Issue Team met on October 4 - Peg Flory, Jack and Jane Orvis, Ed Eugair, David Markowski, "Pat" Rosato and K. Ramsay attended. 

The Audit Team is currently working on the yearly audit and is expected to be finished on Thursday, October 18 and things are "moving along well".


Tom Carrara inquired why the Adams Road was paved this year.  Mr. Carrara stated that some folks had spoken with him stated that they felt this was not necessary.  Mr. Carrara was advised that Shawn Erickson proposes to the Select Board what roads should be paved for maintenance reasons and Adams Road may have been one of those roads.

Mr. Carrara inquired if the Highway Department hours had been changed back to 7 AM - 3 PM.  K. Ramsay stated that the Union Contract states that the "Summer hours are typically May 1 through Labor Day".  There was discussion regarding these hours.


Open Burning Ordinance:  Bill Bowman was present and stated that there is no burning within the village.  Mr. Bowman would like to see a week in the spring and a week in the fall that people can burn with a permit.  Mr. Bowman stated that the Town Burning Ordinance "overrides" the State Burning Ordinance.  There is burning allowed in the winter and that the term "snow cover" needs to be defined in the Open Burning Ordinance.

There were discussions concerning various scenarios that have occurred within town limits.   

S. Eugair questioned the burning at the Town Dump.  T. Hooker stated that the unattended situation has been rectified and they are currently burning more frequently and in smaller piles - with a permit from Mr. Bowman. 

K. Ramsay will work with Mr. Bowman regarding the changes to the Open Burning Ordinance with the draft ordinance being brought to the Selectboard for approval. 

B. Bowman, M. Warfle, and L. Carter exited at 7:03 PM.

Grandpa's Knob Windpark:  The comments regarding the Noble Environmental's application to the Public Service Board for siting of wind measurement devices on Grandpa's Knob are due by November 2.  K. Ramsay was asked to submit a copy of the October 10 minutes with a cover letter for presentation to the Public Service Board. 

S. Eugair inquired the requirements of notification to the abutting land owners.  Brad King explained the requirements per the 248 J permit, which requires notification to all landowners.

Discussion was held regarding the use of the power that would be generated from these wind towers. 

Work Camp Visit:  The members were invited to attend the tour of the St. Johnsbury Work Camp on December 12.  Members interested in attended are asked to RSVP to Kathleen.  J. Gagnon asked who is responsible for the costs incurred.  K. Ramsay stated that the State of Vermont is covering all costs.

VOSHA Inspection Report:  K. Ramsay reported on the July 2007 Wastewater Treatment Facility inspection.  There was a small infraction concerning a ladder and this issue has been resolved.  Discussion followed concerning the feasibility of having WorkSafe visit the town work areas. The Board asked K. Ramsay to appeal the fine incurred.

David & Helen Buzzell Driveway/Access Permit on Kendall Hill Road:  K. Ramsay reported that Shawn Erickson has reviewed the area in question and found to be adequate.  S. Eugair inquired if there were any deadlines on these types of permits.  H. Pelkey stated that he is not sure, however, this should be reviewed.

Brad King exited at 7:22 PM

Kendall Hill Road Bridge:  K. Ramsay stated that she had received information today that there were chloride ions in the concrete samples that were taken.  The recommendations will be available at the meeting on November 7.

Water & Sewer Board Appointments:  K. Ramsay forwarded a list of recommendations to the Board members for consideration.  Motion by T. Hooker and seconded by J. Gagnon to table this appointment until the November 7 meeting so members can review the applications and letters of interest.  Passed Unanimously.

Town Forest Management Plan & Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program:  Eric Hansen reported that an inventory has been done and Lead Mine Road residents have been contacted.  Currently there has been no reply, but, he is not losing hope.  Discussion followed regarding the possible timber sale in this area.  S Eugair stated that there is a section in the Interim Town Plan regarding Forests and Wildlife. 

The Board asked that K. Ramsay also attempt to contact the parties that have not responded to E. Hanson.  S. Eugair asked that a copy of the Town Plan also be referred to when contacting these folks.

K. Ramsay recommended to the Board to adopt this Program.  Motion by A. Hitchcock and seconded by J. Gagnon to adopt the plan as stated.  Passed Unanimously.

E. Hanson exited at 7:43 PM.

Revolving Loan Funds Application:  Motion by D. Markowski and seconded by T. Hooker to move that the Board sign the application for revolving loan funds provided through the Department of Environmental Conservation pursuant to the provisions of 24 VSA Chapter 120.  The loan application is for final design engineering for the Route 7 Segment 3 portion of the proposed water line improvements, for the sum of $35,675 for a 5 year 0% interest loan, which will be paid off either as part of a bond issue, if passed, or by the Water Fund, if a bond is not passed for the project.  The proposed Final Design Engineering incorporates the Town of Pittsford's proposed water improvements onto the Vermont Agency of Transportation's design plans for Segment 3 North of the village area.  Final Design Engineering will include:  1.  Placing the water main on Vtrans plan sheets using Vtrans-Metric-Microstation; 2. Creating profiles of the water main; 3. Preparing specifications according to the Vtrans-Series 900 Special Provisions; 4. Preparing a Water Quality Sheet in accordance with Vtrans standards; 5. Preparing a Water Supply Permit to Construct, including performing the computer modeling to support the application to the WSD; and 6. Developing a breakdown of costs identifying the VTrans costs and the Town costs.  Passed unanimously.


Village Designation:  K. Ramsay stated that this is on the agenda at the request of S. Eugair. 

D. Nickless, Chair of the Planning Commission reported that the Planning Commission asked S. Eugair and Kathy Brown to work on this project.  There are no costs for the Village Designation status and can assist business people within the town.  There is funding available and is based on a project by project situation. 

H. Pelkey stated that he believes that this has been discussed previously.  D. Nickless stated that a letter of approval is needed for submission to the State.  Motion by A. Hitchcock and seconded by D. Markowski to give a letter of approval for this project.  Passed unanimously.

Computer Disaster Recovery Agreement:  This is being requested by Helen McKinlay and recommended by the auditors.  Motion by T. Hooker and seconded by A. Hitchcock to purchase this service for $500 per year from NEMRC.  Passed Unanimously.  Currently, there are no recovery guarantees in place.  The computer system back-ups are taken off site for storage.  The service guarantees any back-up restoration.

Sangamon Road Signage:  K. Ramsay reported that the AOT will fund signage for Sangamon Road and the Town pays for installation and onward maintenance of signs.  Motion by H. Pelkey and seconded by T. Hooker for K. Ramsay to sign the contract for this signage.  Passed unanimously.


None stated at this time.


In accordance with 1VSA 312 (b), where premature general public knowledge would clearly place the Municipality or person involved at a substantial disadvantage, the Board unanimously agreed to enter into Executive Session for Contract and Personnel discussions.  K. Ramsay was asked to remain.

The Board came out of Executive Session at 8:30PM.

No action was taken.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM.


Respectfully Submitted,  

Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary

Thomas "Hank" Pelkey, Chair

Allen Hitchcock, Vice-Chair

W. Joseph Gagnon, Selectman

David Markowski, Selectman

Thomas Hooker, Selectman


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