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Select Board Meeting April 5, 2006 

Thomas “Hank” Pelkey opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m.  Select Board members present were:  Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Joseph Gagnon, Allen Hitchcock, Dave Markowski, and Thomas Hooker.  Also present were Michael Balch, Linda Drummond, Rob Tikoft, Peter Becker, Erik Becker, and John Eugair.  Tom Carrara arrived at 6:40 PM.  Randal Adams arrived at 7:05 PM. 


The Amended Select Board minutes of March 1, 2006 were reviewed and discussed and approved.

The Amended Select Board minutes of March 8, 2006 were reviewed and discussed and approved.

The Select Board minutes of March 15, 2006 were reviewed and discussed and approved.

The Special SB & Water Board minutes March 13, 2006 were reviewed and discussed and approved.


The orders of April 5, 2006 were reviewed, discussed and approved.

M. Balch mentioned the change of $1.97 in the retirement account.

D. Markowski asked about the supplies in the account payables for the Otter Valley sewer plant.  M. Balch responded that Otter Valley will be billed quarterly for the sewer expenses.

J. Gagnon asked about the amount paid to NOCO Energy Corp. in the amount of $723.08 for removing waste oil.  M. Balch to look into options regarding recycling oil waste. 

The sewer rods were replacements for old rods that have been breaking due to wear and age. 


M. Balch addressed the e-mail sent by Mark Blucher from the Rutland Regional Planning Commission in regards to the increase in the dues for 2006 from $500 to $750.  The Town had sent $500 dues for 2006 which was in the budget.  Discussion was held in regards to having a representative from the Pittsford Planning Commission on the RRPC.  M. Balch will send Mike Solari, Chair of the Pittsford Planning Board a letter requesting a volunteer for from their Board to be appointed to the RRPC.  M. Balch will also reply to RRPC that for 2006, $500 was budgeted for their dues.

The Board instructed M. Balch to draft a letter to the Rowes in response to their request for a meeting with the Selectboard regarding their water issue.  The Water Board is addressing the Rowes’ water issue.  Therefore there is no reason to meet with the Selectboard as the Board has no authority over this issue.

M. Balch reported he has asked CLD to place a priority on the study of Town’s water and sewer facilities located in Section 3 of the Route 7 project because that Section is in final design for the right of way process. 

M. Balch asked the Board for direction on building a 3-bay garage for Town equipment behind the Town Office on Plain Road.  The Board instructed M. Balch to start the process to build the garage at that location.

M. Balch reported that there has been no response to the letters written three months ago to the retirement plans.  He will follow up by phone.

Newsletter draft copy is ready for Board to review and it will be discussed later in the meeting.

At the Selectboard meeting on 3/15/06, it was requested that M. Balch compare the cost of Clearlane to salt usage for the last two winter seasons.  Clearlane for 2005 was $80,605; salt for 2005 would have been $61,394  a difference of $19,004.  Winter of 2006 to date for Clearlane was $54,469; salt for 2006 would have been $42,340 a difference of $12,128.  The figures are calculated if the same tonnage of both are used.  Clearlane is more effective and basically corrosive free on the equipment.  Advantages of Clearlane over salt usage are basically corrosive free for the equipment, no sifting, and more effective.  Clearlane works best on open roads.  There is a 20% cost differential.  Discussion was held that when a new highway truck is purchased, the computerized regulating of salt or Clearlane spreading would be great for monitoring the amount of pounds used on the road.

M. Balch reported the Board needs to vote to change our approach on the sludge and holding tanks at the sewer plant.

S. Pickett the representative of ANR stated that the Town does not need to engineer the repairs to the Elm St. Sewer line.  The Town can put the repairs out to bid on per linear foot and per structure basis.  She is sending the information to M. Balch.  A. Hitchcock asked about the sewer connections.   The Town is responsible to the property line only.  If it is determined during construction that some of the inflow is beyond the property line, the Town can demand it be corrected or the line would have to be shut off. 

T. Hooker recommended that the newsletter state copies of the new ordinances are available at the Town Office.


T. Carrara noticed that at the Depot Bridge on the Pittsford side the cement pier and ground around it are giving way.  Repairs are needed soon.  M. Balch will take some pictures and investigate the problem.

The Select Board recessed as the Select Board and convened as the Sewer Board at 7:05 PM.  The Select Board reconvened at 7:20 PM.


Review Draft Newsletter

A. Hitchcock had a few changes for clarification and additions under the sewer ordinance, solid wastes ordinance, gravel roads criteria, and zoning regulation changes.  M. Balch added that the ordinances would be posted on the Town website.

Review available dates for the informational meeting.  Date decided on for the meeting was Thursday, May 4, at 6:00PM at the Lothrop gym.  It was suggested to look into public service announcements.  Notice of the meeting will appear in The Reporter.


Consider Application for Access/Right of Way Permit for Christopher & Debra Cooper

A.     Hitchcock made a motion to grant the access/right of way permit for Christopher & Debra Cooper.  J. Gagnon seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously.

A. Hitchcock made a motion to put up a sign at the Transfer station that all cardboard boxes are to be flattened.  J. Gagnon seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

H. Pelkey read a letter from Rob Tikoft of OMYA. The letter was an invitation for the Board to tour the OMYA facility.  Rob Tikoft was present and dates were discussed for a tour.  Wednesday, May 10 at 6:30PM would be a possible night for a tour.  Rob Tikoft will confirm with L. Drummond.

Consider proposal for Town Plan-Service Agreement—RRPC

A.Hitchcock and M. Balch have discussed the RRPC proposal for the Town of Pittsford for Planning Services submitted by Mike Solari, Chair of the Pittsford Planning Board. A. Hitchcock stated that there are existing grant funds and new funding available to hire some consulting help for preparing Pittsford’s new town plan. He would like M. Balch to look at other alternatives with other vendors for planning with creativity and originality in the organizing of the town plan.

RRPC has updated several of the sections with color pictures which make the presentation more appealing and readable.  Other sections have not been updated to the new format.  The town plan should be used for applications to help with both town issues as well as town benefits.  Pittsford is known for its tremendous recreation area with its many activities and this should be highlighted in the town plan for both the present and the future.  It was suggested that the Board find out if the Vermont League of Cities and Towns has alternatives in the town planning process. 

T. Carrara asked about utilizing any proposed industrial sites as a business incubator. He stated that with the need for more jobs, a local commercial site would increase job opportunities for the area. It was discussed that there are many grants available from State and housing agencies as well as the Freeman Foundation for affordable housing.  These proposals would be helpful in the long range plan for Pittsford. J. Gagnon suggested meeting with the Planning Commission to go over the planning services. M. Balch is on the Economic Development in Brandon which has pursued many economic opportunities.  He stated that Pittsford could also pursue economic growth by taking some steps.  The first step would be to have the Village designation in place.  Next would be to apply for a Community Development Block Grant.  Also to facilitate economic development, Pittsford would need to hire an economic development planner for at least 2-days a week.  The Town Plan is intimately connected to the economic development of Pittsford.  By investing money in order to have a good town plan in place, then the opportunity to go forward with development will be possible along with a return on the investment.  The Board asked M. Balch to discuss other planning vendors with M. Solari.

The Board recessed 7:46 PM  to convene as the Liquor Board. The Board reconvened at 7:47 PM.

Reappraisal Update

John Eugair, Lister Chair, stated that informal meetings with Cross Country Appraisers will be at Lothrop Elementary School in the gym on April 20, 21, and 22, 2006 to review residents’ reappraisals.  Postcards will be sent out with the dates and times of the meetings.  The reappraisal is complete for OMYA’s East and West plant along with the Co-Gen plant.  The Listers will be meeting with Barbara Cosgrove and Joanne from OMYA for an informal review.   J. Eugair asked the Board to authorize M. Balch to sign the contract with VISION for $2200 to go ahead with the website server. The information about the website is in the Spring newsletter asking for feedback from Pittsford’s property owners.  The article about the website was discussed and revised.  The Board will wait for public feedback after they have reviewed the newsletter article and the public information meeting on May 4, 2006.  J. Eugair stated that a booklet will be sent to all property owners with the complete listing of the Town’s new property values from the reappraisal.

Recreation Area Fees and Appointments

Randal Adams, Recreation Director, presented handouts for the Board to review with proposed annual fees for the recreation summer programs.  The Recreation Committee recommends that the fees for 2006 stay the same as 2005.   Figures were presented for the recreation season passes,  swim lessons, and tennis lessons for the past three years.  Swimming lessons had a substantial increase in 2005 due to the change in scheduling the lessons in 3 two-week sessions instead of 2 three-week sessions.  Families found it easier to commit for two week sessions.  Also there is a week off in between each swimming session to spread the swimming lessons out over the summer.

Recreation area passes almost doubled in 2005 which R. Adams attributes to quality staff, favorable weather over last year, and the community support for the hard work being done to maintain the recreation area facility.

The Recreation Committee would like Rob Ketcham reappointed as chairman of the committee.

Kathy Shortsleeves reappointed as vice-chair of the committee.

Scott Eugair is nominated to fill the vacancy on the Recreation Committee.

David Markowski made a motion to appoint Rob Ketcham as Recreation Committee Chair, Kathy Shortsleeves are Vice-Chair, and Scott Eugair to be appointed as a member of the committee.

A.     Hitchcock seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously.

D. Markowski made a motion to accept the 2006 fees for the Recreation Area to be the same as 2005.  T. Hooker seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously.

R. Adams updated the Board in regards to the Pittsford Day Celebration which will be Sunday, July 2, 2006, Noon to 8PM.  The Pittsford Day Committee is asking for the same Town support as 2005.  The committee is asking for police coverage and for the Town designation of the Pittsford Day Committe as a Town identity.  D. Markowski made a motion to support the 2006 Pittsford Day Celebration with the same Town support as 2005.  J. Gagnon seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Summer program highlights were reviewed.  R. Adams explained the new one week Camp Caverly Day Camp program for 5-year olds will be co-sponsored between the Recreation Dept. and the Caverly Preschool in 2006.  In 2007, the Rec. Dept. will be taking over the program.  The program will be in two sessions at the recreation area and will be conducted all outdoors. This year, the Recreation Dept. will have one staff member budgeted for 46 hours.

Two bids are being worked on for the Rec. Dept.

1.      Reshingling the bath house roof.

2.      FY07 bid for the subcompact tractor

Discussion was held about utilizing the Recreation Area for a winter program such as a dual purpose ice rink and basketball area.  A. Hitchcock suggested a sliding hill.  R. Adams requested from the Board their support for his investigation into creating a permanent area for winter activities.  Supervision and security issues were discussed.  The Board consensus was to have R. Adams investigate the opportunities and options for winter activities to be held at the Recreation Area.   Rochester was used as an example for the dual use of a basketball and ice rink.

J. Gagnon spoke about the need for more volunteers for the Pittsford Day Celebration this year.

The Board recessed at 7:46 PM to Liquor Board.

The Board reconvened at 7:47 PM. 

No further new business.

A.     Hitchcock made a motion for the Board to go into Executive Session for legal at 8:25 PM. 

D. Markowski seconded the motion.   The motion was passed unanimously.


In accordance with 1VSA 312(b) where premature general public knowledge would clearly place the Municipality or person involved at a substantial disadvantage, the Board unanimously agreed to go into executive session for legal at 8:25 PM.  All others were excused except Michael Balch was asked to stay.  The Board came out of executive session at 8:45 PM.  No action was taken.

Without any further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45PM.

Respectfully submitted:          

Linda Drummond, Recording Clerk

Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Chair

Allen Hitchcock, Vice-Chair  

Dave Markowski, Selectman

W. Joseph Gagnon, Selectman

Thomas Hooker, Selectman



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