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Select Board Minutes
August 3, 2005 


Thomas “Hank” Pelkey opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m.  Select Board members present were:  Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Joseph Gagnon, Larry Pomainville, Allen Hitchcock, and Dave Markowski.  Also present were Michael Balch, Roy Newton, Kim Harvey, Matt Harvey and Denise Mahoney.



The minutes of July 6, 2005 were reviewed and corrections were noted. 1) Page 2, new business, 8th sentence, change able to unable. 2) 12th sentence change repair are to is not able 3)19th sentence change disappointed to disappointment that … 4) Page 3, gravel and winter sand bids change the 12th sentence from crashed to crushed 5) Consider Setting Property Tax Rates for FY2006 change one grievance to two grievances.



The orders of July 30, 2005 and August 3, 2005 were reviewed, discussed and approved.



M. Balch stated the Town has signed a contract for the new assessing software from Vision Appraisal.  He reported that the tax sale was held and one property owned by Harry McPhee was sold for $300 more than the taxes due of approximately $1,600.

M. Balch noted that the loader is in and everyone is excited about it as it is very user friendly.  The tax and utility bills went out as well as many needed bids such as fuel, painting etc. There was discussion about quantity discrepancy in the fuel bid. M. Balch will check into it and report back to the Board.

M. Balch said he had talked with Mike Solari regarding the Town Plan which will expire on September 9, 2005.  They have put a call into the planning district regarding this.  He noted that no new zoning regulations can be done until they have a new Town Plan. He said that we may not have to have a hearing on the new Town Plan as long as one is in place. Designation on a Village Designation has been looked into and he will continue to work on this.

M. Balch said he has sent a letter to Jim Carroll but has not heard back from him yet regarding sump pumps and roof drains.

M. Balch noted that the grand list question was OMYA equipment is not included in the education portion of the grand list.

M. Balch said that Peg Flory was coming tonight to give the Board the Legislative report.  A. Hitchcock said he had spoken with Mike Solari about the additional Planning Board member and M. Solari said he wanted to hold off until the regulations are done. After brief discussion the Board decided to table this issue until the next meeting and A. Hitchcock will speak to M. Solari about the date.



Matt Harvey asked about the status of the bridge.  M. Balch said that bids are due on 8/8/05.  Eight people have expressed an interest in bidding.  It was very clear in the bid that anyone that wants to bid needs state approval.  The reason for this is that the state is demanding things that make the repairs more expensive. In order for the town to be eligible for grant funds in the future and for the state to share in any future liability, the bridge must be reconstructed to state covered bridge standards. D. Markowski said that he had reviewed the plans and understands the reasons for bid specifications. These plans and the reconstruction will be inspected by the state and the historic bridge people. If it is not done to their standards, they will not take on any liability or responsibility.  All Board members were concerned about the extra cost required by the State’s bid specifications but understood the need to proceed due to liability concerns. It was noted that the estimate is approximately $67,000.  R. Newton asked if there was any time frame once bids come in. Board members noted that it must be done by 12/17/05.  The only reason it might not be done by that time would be if the certified lumber were not available.  The required certified lumber is the big issue and the work itself isn’t a big problem.  There was discussion about a previous job done on the bridge by Carrarra’s.  It was noted that if the town doesn’t use the State specifications it could put a burden on taxpayers if something goes wrong. H. Pelkey noted that basically we are spending $400 now and we may save $1,000 tomorrow.  There was much discussion about the lumber requirements. Board members noted that repairing the bridge with the State’s specifications qualifies the Town for funds in the future and if they don’t follow the letter of the law then the town is going to be liable for any problems.  J. Gagnon said it doesn’t sit right with him as this was an accident and they deserve the right to repair the damage they have done yet we can’t let them do that. M. Balch said that once we get the lumber the job won’t take long. On small jobs like this it takes longer as they have to buy the lumber through a lumber broker.  L. Pomainville asked why can’t we shore it up while we wait and get the Harvey’s their truck body back.  M. Balch said that would add another $6,000 to $8,000 to the total repair bill. The engineer gave us a report to do things a certain way and if the Town doesn’t do the repairs according to the professional engineers, we are leaving the town open to lots of liability. 

K. Harvey asked if the time table in the bid was part of the consideration and M. Balch said yes if someone has the lumber available they will probably be given consideration. After much discussion Board members decided they may call a special meeting if bids are favorable.  M. Balch will get the information to the Board Members as soon as the bids are in and looked at.  All in attendance agreed that this was a frustrating and irritating process. 


The Select Board recessed as the Select Board and convened as the Sewer Board at 7:07 p.m.  The Select Board reconvened at 7:36 p.m.



Confirm Current Police Services Structure

A memo from M. Balch regarding the current Police Service structure was included with the Select  Board packets.  He noted that the Select Board had had a discussion about whether to continue their own police force or contract out. He noted that Pittsford currently is the beneficiary of Mike Warfle being a full time Rutland police officer and we are able to take advantage of Rutland’s services to a certain extent.  It would be advantageous to continue to have a relationship with a bigger department that takes us under their wing and also the Town needs to be able to hire good officers. The Board agreed to continue to keep the police services as is.  A. Hitchcock also said there was an advantage in having a local person whom people get to know.



Legislative Report From Representative Peg Flory

Ms. Flory was not able to attend.


Consider Acceptance Of Resignation From Anthony Tennien, Zoning Administrator

Motion by A. Hitchcock, seconded by L. Pomainville to accept Anthony Tennien’s resignation effective until someone new is appointed or on October 1, 2005.  It was accepted with their deepest regrets and they instructed the Town Manager to write a letter of appreciation.  The vote was unanimous.


Consider Process To Fill The Zoning Administrator Vacancy

M. Balch noted that the office will be short staffed for next 6 months and he suggested not following the usual hiring process and authorize him to hire someone who has experience in the job. He is aware of someone who currently works for the Town of Brandon and he has spoken to his current employers. He is well liked by employees, employers and knows the regulations. M. Balch said that he was concerned about how thinly stretched we will be here in the zoning office. After discussion, Board members decided to advertise the position.   It was thought that the position might be able to be filled by the middle of September.


Consider Award Of Highway Paving Contract For Fy2006

M. Balch stated that the Town had received three bids and the low bidder has done work in town before. Motion by D. Markowski, seconded by J. Gagnon to accept the paving bid at a cost of $42.85 per ton with D & F Excavating and Paving Inc.  The vote was unanimous.


Select A Delegate To The VLCT Annual Meeting

It was decided to table the decision.



Motion by D. Markowski, seconded by L. Pomainville, to enter Executive Session for the purposes of discussing contractual matters to include the Listers and the Town Manager.  The vote was unanimous. In accordance with 1VSA 312(b) where premature general public knowledge would clearly place the Municipality or person involved at a substantial disadvantage, the Board unanimously agreed to go into Executive Session for Contractual Matters and Personnel.  M. Balch was invited to stay.  All others were excused.  The Board came out of Executive Session at 8:48.  No action was taken.


With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.


Respectfully submitted:                      

 Denise Mahoney, Recording Clerk


Respectfully submitted:

Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Chair

Allen Hitchcock, Vice-Chair  

Dave Markowski, Selectman 

W. Joseph Gagnon, Selectman 

Larry Pomainville, Selectman





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