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MINUTES OF OCT. 12, 2004


Meeting was called to order by Rob Ketcham 7:02pm. Members of the Recreation Committee who were present include Scott Kirby, Mark Poljacik, and Kathy Shortsleeves.

Recreation Director Randy Adams was also present.

 Recreation Committee member Kelly Carter was not present.




The minutes of September 7, 2004 were read and accepted. Mark Poljacik made the motion to accept the minutes as read.


Scott Kirby seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.




The Recreation Committee read the Recreation Director’s Report.




2004/2005 Work Plan

Mr. Adams discussed the 2004/2005 Work Plan in further detail and what he presented to the Board of Selectmen. Mr. Adams reported that his presentation went great and was approved by the Selectmen. Mr. Adams felt that this “work plan” certainly made the Selectboard more aware of most of the programs the Recreation Department sponsors, while at the same time it laid out for the Selectboard exactly what the Recreation Department does on the day-to-day basis.


Recreation Committee Vacancies

Mr. Adams reported that the Town has received a “Letter of Interest” to fill one of the two vacancies on the Recreation Committee. Mr. Adams stated that pending approvable he will invite the candidate to the next Recreation Committee meeting on Wednesday, November 3. The deadline for this round of Recreation Committee “Letters of Interest” is Friday, October 29, 2004.




Capital Project Budget

Mr. Adams informed the Committee about the FY 2006 Capital Project Budget that he has been asked to prepare by the Town Manager, Michael Balch. This budget is to include items that will cost more than $5000.00, and have useful life of five years or more. Each department can list up to five items, over the next five years, but listings must

Capital Project Budget cont.

include: a) the prioritization among the agencies other items; b) the estimated cost; c) the required or desired timing for the item; and d) the justification for the proposed expenditure. Mr. Adams went on to discuss the list of “wants & needs” of the Recreation Department and not to many fell into this Capital Project category. One item that Mr. Adams did bring up, that did meet the requirements, was replacing the garden tractor at the Recreation Area with a larger, heavier duty tractor equipped with a front-end bucket and rear end hydraulic capabilities. Mr. Adams presented a list of “possible uses” that Joe Pomykala, Maintenance Supervisor at the Recreation Area had come up with for this type of equipment. At the end of the tractor discussion Mr. Adams made sure to explain a bit more about how Capital Project Budget worked. He noted to the members that items can be added year to year when dealing with this budget and if something unforeseen happens and we need to budget a particular item or project we can. Mr. Adams also reminded the Recreation Committee that just because we place something in the budget it doesn’t automatically mean we’ll be able purchase it. It still needs to be approved by the Selectmen, and finally voted on by the voters of this town.


FY 2006 Recreation Budget

Mr. Adams handed out a copy of his first DRAFT of the FY 2006 Recreation Department Budget to the Recreation Committee. He discussed each revenue and expense line item individually being sure to note any and all changes. The biggest proposed change the Recreation Director made was to expand the Summer Day Camp from a four week program to a six week program. He handed out a finical break down of the 2004 Summer Camp to illustrate that the camp does operate in the black, and how he expects it to do the same as a six week deal. Mr. Adams stated that it was the many conversations with parents over the last couple of years inquiring why we couldn’t operate two more weeks a summer that provoked him to look into expanding program. He feels that the camp participant numbers speak for themselves, in 2003 camp averaged 29 kids (we only take 30) a week, and in 2004 we averaged 28 campers per week and therefore he expects more of the same if he is able to add two additional weeks to the program.


With no further business to discuss, Scott Kirby made the motion to adjourn the meeting.


Kathy Shortsleeves seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


The meeting adjourned at 8:10pm.



Respectfully submitted,



___________________________________              ______________________________

Randy Adams, Recording Secretary                              Rob Ketcham, Chairman





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