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Recreation Director's Report

December 9, 2009

I can't believe that we're at the end of another year. Time certainly seems to pass by quicker and quicker each year. Happy Holidays to every one who has supported the Recreation Department in one way or another over the last year. I would like personally like to thank all the organizations, the individuals, & the parents who have donated their time, their expertise, and/or their resources so that the residents of Pittsford could reap the benefits. Just as importantly, I'd also like to thank the countless number of volunteers who help out and assist the Recreation Department. Volunteers are the key component to the success or failure of just about every program that the Recreation Department has to offer. As the Recreation Director I depend a great deal on these wonderful people to facilitate the programs we offer and I would like to make sure they know how much I appreciate what they do by saying "thank you, thank you very much". Finally, I would like to recognize the Recreation Committee for their assistance and support they provide throughout the entire year. As I've said before, many of the programs, classes, and events could not have been planned, offered, or sponsored without the assistance and support of the Recreation Committee.

On Saturday, November 21, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm at the Lothrop Gym the Recreation Department sponsored a Holiday Craft Sale. There were plenty of gift type items for folks to purchase. Over all $173.00 was donated to the "Santa Fund".

December marks the beginning of another basketball season for the Lothrop School and the Recreation Department. The 4, 5, & 6 grade teams will practice the month of December and games will begin after the New Year. The Recreation Department's Youth Basketball program for grades 1 - 4 will begin on Saturday, January 2, 2010 and will run the next six Saturday mornings ending on February 6 for most of the groups. Registration for the Youth Basketball closes on Friday, December 11, but so far numbers are pretty near to what I expected. The 1 & 2 grade programs are designed to teach kids some basic skills and to give them an opportunity to be on the court side by side with teammates. The 3/4 grade teams are a little more advanced with higher expectations. At this level they work a little harder on skill development, while at the same time they need to start to learn positioning on the court because they do play a few games.

On Friday, December 4, the Brandon and Pittsford's Recreation Departments co-sponsored the Winter Freeze Teen Dance at the VT Police Academy. 143 teens attend the dance. There were other activities taking place at the same time that most likely cut into our attendance some. First Otter Valley middle school 7/8 grade had basketball practices from 7-9 pm our dances are for grades 7 -10. Secondly, there were three high school sports teams out of town which I know effected our turn out. Overall, the kids had a wonderful time and really seemed to enjoy themselves. I want to thank the members of the Brandon Recreation Department "Raiders" 7/8 grade football team Dean Doulas, Jon Thornton, & Austin Baker who arrived early with their Coach Shawn Smith to help with set up. Also, I'd like to thank the parent chaperones who volunteered to take time out of their hectic schedules to help us keep a close watch on everything. Thank you to Diane Doulas, Jayne Fjeld, Jeff Jones, Kathy Roberts, Paula Rosen, Linda Rossi & Mark Winslow. I'd also like to extend a "special thank you" to Megan Bradley and Kathy Shortsleeves who were in charge of running the concession stand for us. Finally a special thanks goes out to John D'Esposito for supplying the Rutland County START (Stop Teen Alcohol Risk Team) police officers that we have present at each of our teen nights at no cost to the Recreation Departments.

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