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MINUTES OF March 11, 2008




Meeting was called to order by Rob Ketcham at 7:03 pm. Members of the Recreation Committee who were present include Jenny Parker, Michele Cioffredi, Mark Winslow, Scott Eugair and Kathy Shortsleeves.


Recreation Director Randy Adams was also present.


Recreation Committee members Kathy Brown and Mark Poljacik were not present.





The minutes of February 12, 2008 were read and accepted. M. Cioffredi made the motion to accept the minutes as read.


K. Shortsleeves seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.




R. Adams presented the March Recreation Director's Report. As he did in February, he began by discussing the importance of the Town of Pittsford Newsletter and what a valuable tool it has become to the residents of Pittsford. "Now that it's been being produced in consistent manner more folks are taking notice," said R. Adams. He believes a major reason why the 2008 Winter Celebration was such a huge success (+125 people attended) is that residents read about it in their newsletters and marked their calendars. R. Adams highlighted the Middlebury Snow Bowl Ski/Snowboard program that Brandon & Pittsford Recreation Department's are sponsoring together. He was satisfied with how well things have turned out so far. He noted how great the instructors were at the Snow Bowl.




Pittsford Day

The Recreation Director reported that the March Pittsford Day Committee went much better than the February meeting. Recreation Committee member Jenny Parker has joined the Pittsford Day effort and provided a much needed fresh perspective. "Jenny's ideas seemed to recharge the other members with enthusiasm and it was a very productive night. As I reported last month, the Pittsford Day Committee all agreed that, we should not hold the event on the first Sunday of July this year, as we have the past three years, because the first Sunday will be July 6 and by then everyone is going to be tired from the other events happening throughout the holiday. With that in mind we decided to schedule it for Saturday, June 28, 12:00 noon - 6 pm and advertise it as a "KICK-OFF SUMMER BLOWOUT-FOURTH of JULY" EVENT" quote from the March Recreation Director's Report.




Committee Appointments (Chairman & Vice Chair)

Since this was the 1st Recreation Committee meeting after Town Meeting, the Recreation Committee had to elect a Chairperson and a Vice Chairperson. M. Cioffredi made the motion to re-elect Rob Ketcham as Chairman.


M. Winslow seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


M. Cioffredi made the motion to re-elect Kathy Shortsleeves as Vice-Chairman.


K. Winslow seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


R. Adams will forward these recommendations to the Select Board for their approval.


2008 Recreation Area Fees

R. Adams stated that he couldn't see any reasons why to adjust the rates at this point and suggested to Recreation Committee that rates stay the same as they have been. K. Shortsleeves asked when was the Recreation Department had increased fees at the Recreation Area. R. Adams stated that the Recreation Area Fees have not changed since he was hired in 2001. He feels that Pittsford residents should know that they have a place they can bring their families during the summer that is reasonably priced. M. Cioffredi stated that it should be noted somewhere that the Recreation Department has done this and will continue this in the future. M. Winslow made the motion to recommend to the Select Board that the 2008 Recreation Area Fees be set at same rate as last season.


M. Cioffredi seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Memorial Day Parade 2008

R. Adams stated he has been thinking about different ways to get the Recreation Department involved the parade. In the past the Recreation Department has not been part of the event, but he'd like to change that. He suggested to the Recreation Committee the Recreation Department could invite children to decorate their bikes the morning of the parade. Then they could ride as a group in the actual event. This idea came up for Pittsford Day also but the Recreation Director thought trying to bring bikes to Pittsford Day might be too cumbersome because of the wagon rides from the parking lot.


All Other Business

K. Shortsleeves questioned if the Recreation Director had any short-term goals he was planning to finish this summer. The Recreation Director stated that he had two projects he'd like to complete. First is the fence around the swim area. This project was scheduled to be completed for last summer however, the bid prices came in over budget. The Recreation Director will down size the project and use volunteer help in hopes he can get  the project done. The second short term goal is painting the exterior of the bathhouse. He feels with the help of volunteers on a workday (late spring-early summer) that this project will become a reality.



With no further business to discuss, J. Parker made the motion to adjourn the meeting.


M. Winslow seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


The meeting adjourned at 7:59 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,


Randy Adams, Recording Secretary                                Rob Ketcham, Chairman



NEXT MEETING:     TUESDAY, April 8, 2008 @ 7 pm at the Town Offices

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