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MINUTES OF February 12, 2008




Meeting was called to order by Rob Ketcham at 7:03 pm. Members of the Recreation Committee who were present include Kathy Brown, Jenny Parker, Mark Poljacik, Scott Eugair and Kathy Shortsleeves.


Recreation Director Randy Adams was also present.


Recreation Committee members Michele Cioffredi and Mark Winslow were not present.





The minutes of January 8, 2008 were read and accepted. M. Poljacik made the motion to accept the minutes as read.


K. Brown seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.




R. Adams presented the February Recreation Director's Report. He began by discussing the importance of the Town of Pittsford Newsletter and what a valuable tool it has become since it has been being produced in more of a reliable manner. Linda Drummond, Assistant to the Town Manager, has really done a fine job producing this newsletter and creating and following a production schedule that everyone can count on. R. Adams also told the Recreation Committee that he about (10) half the number needed to run the skiing program at the Middlebury Snow Bowl.





Spring Programs

The Recreation Director informed the committee that he was in the process of planning spring programs. He noted that he has already attended meetings for both youth baseball and youth softball.




Pittsford Day

The Recreation Director highlighted the Pittsford Day Committee was in need of new volunteers to join their committee. He noted that due to various reasons that the committee is down approximately 5 members from last year. K. Brown, a Pittsford Day Committee member, said, "she is worried about Pittsford Day being able to be pulled off with only a handful of members that it has now and she feels without more help the event will not take place." R. Adams did say that he had put an article in his Winter Brochure along with the recent Town Newsletter notifying residents that Pittsford Day was looking new volunteers, but no one has contacted him as of yet. R. Adams ended by saying that it would not be beneficial for the Recreation Department to allow this event to die. J. Parker asked a few questions about the group and what volunteer roles actually are and than stated like she'd like to offer her services to the committee.


Summer Help

R. Adams also stated that he recently sent out a letter to 2007 Lifeguards to see who is planning on returning for the 2008 season. The Recreation Director felt he had a high caliber of individuals working the swim area last summer and he'd like to see all of them return. He will be contacting the day camp counselors in the next couple of weeks.



All Other Business

With no further business to discuss, J. Parker made the motion to adjourn the meeting.


K. Shortsleeves seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


The meeting adjourned at 7:59 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,


Randy Adams, Recording Secretary                                Rob Ketcham, Chairman



NEXT MEETING:     TUESDAY, March 11, 2008 @ 7 pm at the Town Offices

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