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MINUTES OF January 8, 2008




Meeting was called to order by Rob Ketcham at 7:02 pm. Members of the Recreation Committee who were present include Kathy Shortsleeves, Michele Cioffredi, Jenny Parker, Mark Poljacik, and Kathy Shortsleeves.


Recreation Director Randy Adams was also present.


Recreation Committee members Scott Eugair & Mark Winslow were not present.





The minutes of December 11, 2007 were read and accepted. K. Shortsleeves made the motion to accept the minutes as read.


M. Poljacik seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.




R. Adams presented the December Recreation Director's Report. K. Brown asked if the Recreation Department thought about purchasing its own bounce house. R. Adams said that yes he had thought about, but didn't (at this particular time) think it would be a good idea. He noted that storage, transportation, and set up (and clean-up) for such a large piece of equipment were all negative points against the Recreation Department purchasing one. Another major reason against purchasing one was R. Adams felt the kids appreciated the equipment when it came, that it is a special thrill (surprise if you will) when its rented. He is afraid that if the Recreation Department had its own bounce house that it would lose some of its thrill, and that perhaps, over time, families would loose interest in attending certain. And no matter how much the Recreation Department tried NOT to over use it, eventually it would loose its charm. For curiosity sake, K. Brown asked the Recreation Director to research the actual cost to purchase a bounce house.


Winter Programs

K. Brown asked for a copy of the Winter Brochure. The Recreation Director talked about upcoming programs such as the Women's Self-Preservation (Boxing) Class, Family Fun Nights, Teen Dances, and the Ski Program at the Middlebury Snow Bowl. R. Adams asked the Recreation Committee members to talk up the Recreation Department programs with their neighbors and friends. R. Adams was disappointed with the fact that he had to cancel the first session of Kripalu Yoga after the first class because there wasn't a significant level of participation. He explained again that 99% of the adult programs the Recreation Department sponsors are self-sufficient, but if a program isn't covering costs then its canceled. R. Adams noted that the second session of Kripalu Yoga will begin in mid-February as scheduled as long as there is ample participation. He hopes the few people that were registered for the first session will drum up interest and find a few new participants to join them.




Spring Programs

R. Adams highlighted programs that the Recreation Department was going to run this spring. He noted that he had received paperwork in the mail for the annual fishing derby. The Recreation Director said that he'd like to sponsor the derby earlier than the first weekend in June.



Summer Camp/Lothrop School

R. Adams stated that he had talked briefly to the Lothrop School Principal, Greg West about using the school space again for our 2008 Summer Day Camp program. The Recreation Director also asked if the Lothrop would be joining us like they have in the past. Mr. West gave a verbal okay to the Recreation Department using the space we usually occupy. Mr. West did state that the Recreation Department did need to be aware of some construction projects taking place at the school over the summer. As for Lothrop School sending summer school candidates to Day Camp that was still undecided, but he'd let us know. R. Adams said he wasn't concerned if Lothrop didn't tuition students into the program because he was confident the program would still succeed.


All Other Business

R. Adams announced the Pittsford Day committee had scheduled a meeting and invited all the Recreation Committee members to attend.


With no further business to discuss, K. Shortsleeves made the motion to adjourn the meeting.


J. Parker seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


The meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,


Randy Adams, Recording Secretary 

Rob Ketcham, Chairman



NEXT MEETING:     TUESDAY, February 12, 2008 @ 7 pm at the Town Offices

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