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Meeting was called to order by Kathy Shortsleeves at 7:04 pm. Members of the Recreation Committee who were present include Michele Cioffredi, Kathy Brown, and Scott Eugair.


Recreation Director Randy Adams was also present.


Recreation Committee Chairman, Rob Ketcham arrived at 7:06 pm.


Recreation Committee members Mark Poljacik and Mark Winslow were not present.





The minutes of May 9, 2006 were read and accepted. K. Brown made the motion to accept the minutes as read.


M. Cioffredi seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.




The Recreation Director’s Report was in Outline form and Mr. Adams verbally reported on each item one by one. Mr. Adams reported what the Recreation Department had been up to since the last Recreation Committee meeting in early April.





Summer Programs

R. Adams brought the up the Recreation Committee up to date with each of the Summer Programs and how they were operating.


Pittsford Fishing Derby

On Saturday, June 3, the Recreation Department sponsored the annual 2006 Fishing Derby at the Smith/Wheeler Pond. Unlike the 2005 derby that was held on a bright and beautiful day, this year’s event took place in a steady hard rain which unfortunately affected the number of families who came out to participate. However the kids that did attend had a wonderful time. Everybody in attendance was treated to a free BBQ lunch donated by Keith’s Country Store, and every kid who registered went home with special fishing prize that they got to pick out themselves. All in all, in the pouring rain, 30 kids caught at least 70 fish had a great time doing so.


Summer Day Camp

R. Adams highlighted the 2006 Pittsford Day Camp; he discussed how Camp was going so far what the kids have been up to, plus elaborated what was on the agenda for the remaining 3 weeks of Day Camp.





Break-in’s at the Recreation Area

The Recreation Committee was informed that sometime during the night on Friday, June 17 the Snack Bar at the Recreation Area was broken into. The intruders stole all the food from the refrigerator, candy, & ice cream, but worst of all they took M. Laclair’s two “fry-daddies”, and ransacked her stand.  R. Adams indicated that who ever did it had to be fairly comfortable with the lay out at the Recreation Area and confident that they couldn’t be heard and wouldn’t get caught because they pried the snack door open to gain access and then cut a Master Lock to load what they had stolen. (No vehicle tracks were seen, however the perpetrators would have needed some type of machine to haul everything away with them). These people would have had to spend a significant amount of time pillaging to do and take what they did.



With no further business to discuss, M. Cioffredi made the motion to adjourn the meeting.


K. Brown seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


The meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,


_____________________________                          ______________________________

Randy Adams, Recording Secretary                                  Rob Ketcham, Chairman




NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, August 8, 2006 @ Municipal Offices, 7:00 pm

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