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Meeting was called to order by Rob Ketcham at 7:00 pm. Members of the Recreation Committee who were present include Scott Kirby, Mark Poljacik, Mark Winslow and Kathy Shortsleeves.


Recreation Director Randy Adams was also present.


Guests present included Michele Cioffredi and Kathryn Brown.


Lillian and Dan Ferrara arrived at 7:12 pm.




The minutes of November 3, 2004 were read and accepted. Scott Kirby made the motion to accept the minutes as read.


Mark Poljacik seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.





The Recreation Committee read both the December and January Recreation Director’s Reports.





Par Course on the Recreation Area Trails

Mr. Adams discussed the fact that the Trails Committee was in the process of applying for a grant that would pay for a Par Course to be located on the trails at the Recreation Area. The Trails Committee is looking to define the level of community support they have for this particular project, and would like the formal backing of the Recreation Committee. Kathy Shortsleeves made the motion that the Pittsford Recreation Committee fully supports the Trails Committee applying for grant to purchase a Par Course to be placed along the trails at the Recreation Area.


Mark Poljacik seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


NOTE: A Par Course is made up of 10-12 individual “stations” that help increase a person’s fitness. Stations can be installed in one specific exercise area or in this case along a walking trial independent of one another. Examples of different stations include: Sit-Up Bench, Balance Beam, Pull-Up Bars, Stretch Pole, etc…


Regional Recreation Community Center

As requested by the Recreation Committee Mr. Adams researched and reported the town’s current and official stance regarding the creation of a Regional Recreation Community Center in Rutland County. Mr. Adams made written reports available to everyone present, see attached. Members read the report and discussed it at length before

Mark Winslow made the motion that states that the Recreation Committee believes that there are greater needs within the Town of Pittsford that must be addressed first, that would have a more direct and positive impact on the residents of Pittsford, before any funds should be allocated for any Regional project.


After much more discussion, Scott Kirby seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Chairman Rob Ketcham pointed out Lothrop Elementary School’s need for a larger gymnasium as one situation that should be rectified before any non-Pittsford projects are supported. Mr. Adams agreed with Mr. Ketcham’s statement and then took a bit further by raising the question “will Pittsford and other surrounding communities be closed out of the programs ran through the Regional Center totally if they do not financially support it, or will they be welcomed with open arms only at a higher registration fee per person?”




Recreation Committee Vacancies

Mr. Adams reported that he had received two “Letters of Interest” to fill the two vacancies open on the Recreation Committee, and he went on to say both residents were present this meeting. Mr. Adams welcomed both Ms. Michele Cioffredi and Ms. Kathryn Brown to the meeting and thanked them for wanting to volunteer their services to the Town of Pittsford and the Recreation Department. Both interested parties were given equal time to introduce and talk a little bit about themselves and why they wanted to become part of the Recreation Committee.


Lillian Ferrara, Pittsford Day Celebration

Lillian and Dan Ferrara were present to discuss the idea of having a Pittsford Day Celebration at the Recreation Area on July 3, 2005. Mr. and Mrs. Ferrara handed out paperwork; see attached, to better explain what type of event they were hoping to hold. Members of the Committee were in favor of such a community event but warned her that groups have approached them before with the very same idea and have not been able to get the project off the ground. A dedicated and organized leader with a lot of support staff is needed in order to make this happen. After more discussion it was decided that the next Recreation Committee meeting, Tuesday, February 8, 2005, would be used as an organizational meeting to help get this project started in the right direction. Mr. Adams stated that he would get out and talk with people who were connected to the last large scale community event, the fire department, and other civic officers in an effort to answer some of the questions he was being asked.


Ms. Michele Cioffredi, Ms. Kathryn Brown, and Mr. & Mrs. Ferrara left the meeting at 8:35 pm.


Stacey Flory’s Request to use the Recreation Area

Mr. Adams reported to the Committee that he has received a request from Pittsford resident Stacey Flory, who would like to be able to use the Recreation Area to hold a fund raising event for a child in town who has Cystic Fibrosis at no charge. Mr. Adams asked the Recreation Committee if they would formally support this request by recommending to the Selectboard to allow this to happen. Kathy Shortsleeves made the motion that the Recreation Committee recommend to the Selectboard to grant Ms. Flory’s request to use the Recreation Area at no charge, as long as the Recreation Director kept strong hold on all the details.


The motion was seconded by Mark Poljacik. The motion passed unanimously.



After all the visitors had left and only Recreation Committee members were present Scott Kirby made the motion to recommend to the Board of Selectmen that they appoint Ms. Michele Cioffredi, and Ms Kathryn Brown to the Recreation Committee. Ms. Cioffredi would fill the vacancy left by Eric Stage, whose 3 year term is up for renewal in March 2005. Ms. Brown would fill the vacancy left by Kelly Carter, whose 3 year term expires in March 2006.


Mark Winslow seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


With no further business to discuss, Mark Poljacik made the motion to adjourn the meeting.


Mark Winslow seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.



Respectfully submitted,



___________________________________              ______________________________

Randy Adams, Recording Secretary                                  Rob Ketcham, Chairman




Tuesday, FEBRUARY 8, 2005

at the


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