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October 23, 2008


Planning Commission Members Present: Don Nickless, and Thor Konwin.  Absent: Kathryn Brown.  Others Present: Justin Brown (7:30 PM), Amy Loomis, Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary


D. Nickless, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. 




The minutes from the September 25, 2008 meeting were approved unanimously and signed by the Planning Commission members.


Public Comment


None stated at this time.


Site Plan Review - Justin Brown


Justin Brown has applied a permit to locate a mobile home on property in which a permanent home is to be constructed.  The mobile home will be used as a residence during the construction.


The property is located off of West Creek Road.  There is no formal name for this road as the access is in Brandon and the property is within the Pittsford Town.  The road will be named at such a time that representatives from both Brandon and Pittsford can assign a name that is not in use in either town.


D. Nickless inquired if the mobile home was currently on the property.  Mr. Brown indicated that the home is on the property and has been in place for approximately 1 month.  Mr. Brown indicated that he was not aware that he needed a permit prior to placing the trailer.


D. Nickless inquired if there was a permit for the home.  Mr. Brown indicated that the permit was in place, however, the home construction has not begun.  Mr. Brown indicated that it is his intention to begin construction either this winter or early spring.  Mr. Brown indicated that he is anticipating that the construction will take "a couple of years" depending on the financial situations as he is doing most of the construction on his own.


D. Nickless explained to Mr. Brown that the Zoning Regulations do not allow 2 residences on the same property.  D. Nickless explained the Zoning Regulations to Mr. Brown.  Mr. Brown inquired who would complain of the 2 homes on 1 property.  D. Nickless explained that any one could complain and not restrictive to surrounding neighbors.


A. Loomis inquired the size of the lot.  Mr. Brown indicated that the lot is 3.67 acres.


D. Nickless explained that the mobile home can not be occupied upon completion of the home.  Mr. Brown stated that there would be no rental of the mobile home and the mobile home would be removed upon moving into the constructed home.  Mr. Brown is anticipating construction to begin in the spring, with a possibility of foundation work to occur this winter.


K. Brown inquired the situation of the water and sewer.  Mr. Brown indicated that he currently has permits in place for the water and sewer.  D. Nickless inquired if the septic system was in place.  Mr. Brown stated that the septic system for the mobile home would be installed in the middle of November.  Mr. Brown indicated that he is not currently using the facilities in the mobile home.  There is water supplied from a well.  D. Nickless inquired if the well would continue to be used after completion of the home.  Mr. Brown indicated that the well is on his father's (Doug Cummings') property and an easement is in place.  K. Brown inquired if the water lines were buried.  Mr. Brown indicated that these lines were buried.


Mr. Brown inquired what the time lines were for the permits.  A. Loomis explained that the construction needs to begin within 1 year and completed within 3 years.


A. Loomis asked for clarification on the sketch concerning the placement of the house and the mobile home.  Mr. Brown explained the sketch and the mobile home is within the set-backs.


A. Loomis inquired what the timeframe would be from the completion of the shell to move in.  Mr. Brown explained that the timeframe is dependent on financial needs. 


D. Nickless inquired the size of the completed home.  Mr. Brown indicated that the home would be 43' X 29' 5" and is a single story structure.


Mr. Brown exited at 7:39 PM.


Town Plan


There was discussion regarding various sections of the revised draft of the Town Plan as presented by the Rutland Regional Planning Commission (RRPC).  Members will continue to work on this project and report back at the next meeting.   


The next meeting will be held on November 20, 2008 at 7:00 PM.


Meeting adjourned at 9:35PM


Respectfully Submitted


Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary


Don Nickless, Chair

Thor Konwin, Vice Chair

Kathryn Brown  ABSENT


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