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May 8, 2008


Planning Commission Members Present: Kathryn Brown, Don Nickless, and Thor Konwin.  Others Present Bruce Paynter, Tom Carrara, Thomas Turner, Kelley Turner, Charles Powell, Ed Davis, Amy Loomis, and Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary.


D. Nickless, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.  D. Nickless inquired if there was any Public Comment not related to the Site Plan Review for Ed Davis who is leasing property on Route 7 North at the Golf Driving Range from Mr. John Rudnicki.  There was no Public Comment presented at this time.  The purpose of the site plan review is to display and sell recreational vehicles and pop-up campers.  There is currently a golf pro shop on the property and the office would be in the same building.  The campers would be in the lighted section beside the current parking area, which includes 10 parking lot lights on the south side of the property.


Mr. Davis stated that there is a 1-year lease that is renewable for 1 year.  Mr. Davis stated that there would be no more than 15 - 20 campers on the property at any time.  Mr. Davis presented brochures showing the size of the campers that would be displayed on the property.  A. Loomis inquired if the size would be 30' - 35'.  Mr. Davis stated that the maximum size would be 38'.  K. Brown inquired if the campers would be tow able or motorized.  Mr. Davis stated that all models would be tow able, unless a motor home was received as a trade-in. 


D. Nickless inquired the footage from the office to the Route 7 property line.  Mr. Powell stated that the distance was approximately 90'.  T. Konwin inquired where the campers would be parked as opposed to the cars.  Mr. Davis stated that the campers would be parked on the grass and cars would continue to use the parking lot.  D. Nickless inquired how many cars could park in the lot.  Mr. Davis stated that there would be room enough for 15 cars with lighting. 


Mr. Powell stated that he & Mr. Davis would like to try this venture for "1 year to see what happens." 


T. Turner stated that he owns the farm across the road from this property and provides the drainage for this parcel of land through his barnyard.  Currently, there are no issues with the drainage, however, Mr. Turner expressed concern if the lot were to be paved or re-excavated that the drainage should be addressed.  The topography allows for the "trash" to run from one side of the road to the other and there may be a need for a collection pond in the future.  K. Turner stated that the State of Vermont was made aware of the issue when there was a meeting regarding the Route 7 project.  Currently, there has been no response to this request, however, the State wanted to put extra drainage to their property.  Mr. Turner stated that he has no issue with the current project. 


C. Powell stated that the project involves changing the sign and displaying some campers. 


K. Brown inquired if Mr. Davis was in business elsewhere.  Mr. Davis stated that he has a business in Fair Haven.  K. Brown inquired what the hours of business would be.  Mr. Powell stated that the hours would be 10 AM - 7 PM until Memorial Day.  After Memorial Day, the hours would be 10 AM - 8 PM from Tuesday through Sunday and closed on Mondays.  K. Brown inquired what would happen to the campers after October 15.  Mr. Davis stated that the campers would "just sit there."


T. Konwin inquired how the number of units of 15 - 20 was reached.  Mr. Davis & Mr. Powell explained that they had drawn a sketch to make the area "look nice" and keep the units symmetrical. 


D. Nickless inquired if there would be an increase in traffic.  Mr. Powell stated that there would be no noticeable increase in traffic.  D. Nickless inquired if there would be any changes in the access areas.  Mr. Powell stated that there would be no change in the access.  D. Nickless inquired if the number of parking spots would decrease.  Mr. Powell stated that there would be no change as the campers would be on the grass. 


Mr. Powell stated that one of his goals was to bring more business to Pittsford. 


K. Brown expressed concern as to how the campers would be parked.  Mr. Davis stated that the parking of the campers would be organized and neat. 


A. Loomis inquired what the distance to Route 7 from the campers would be.  Mr. Powell stated that there is about 50' - 60'.  A. Loomis inquired if there would be additional lighting or structural changes.  Mr. Powell stated that the parking lot lights would be lit until 9:00 PM.  Mr. Powell stated that the driving range lights would not be lit; the lights that would be lit were the smaller lights. 


Motion by D. Nickless and seconded by T. Konwin to enter into Deliberative Session at 7:19 PM.  Passed unanimously.


T. Turner, K. Turner, B. Paynter, E. Davis, C. Powell, and T. Carrara exited at 7:18 PM


The Planning Commission came out of Deliberative Session at 7:42 PM.


Motion by K. Brown and seconded by T. Konwin to approve the Site Plan Review.  Passed unanimously. A. Loomis will draft a response to the application.


Flood Hazard Area Regulations


There was discussion regarding the Flood Plain changes that were received from the Rutland Regional Planning Commission.  The changes have been forwarded to members for review and discussion at a future meeting. 


There will be a warning of a Hearing on the present draft to be held on June 2 at 6:00 PM.  The Select board will be submitted a copy of the draft to plan for the hearings that are required of them.


Village Designation


There was discussion as to how to publicize the Village Designation.  It was concluded that there had been adequate publicity for now. 


Subdivision Regulations


There was discussion that the Zoning Regs and the Subdivision Regs must agree.  Members were asked to review both sets of regulations and note any contradictions.


Town Plan


There are currently segments that the RRPC is working on (Land Use Plan, Transportation, Energy Plan) for the Town Plan.  There was discussion as to where the information regarding the ancient roads should be located.  Members agreed that the information on the ancient roads should be included in the Land Use section not the transportation section.


K. Brown stated that the draft history section was interesting and should be okay as is for the Plan.


Currently, the Child Care and Housing Plan sections are completed.  The next step is to work on the objectives and plan future meetings with the remaining groups within the public and plan a general public meeting at which a preliminary draft could be used to stimulate discussion.


Other Business


The meeting schedule for the summer was discussed.  Members agreed to meet on Wednesday evenings for the summer months instead of Thursday evenings. 


The next meeting will be held on May 22, 2008.


Meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM

Respectfully Submitted


Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary

Don Nickless, Chair

Thor Konwin, Vice Chair

Kathryn Brown                                                                                                                    


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