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March 27, 2008


Planning Commission Members Present: Kathryn Brown, Don Nickless, and Thor Konwin.  Others Present: Bruce Payntor, Anita Payntor, Giovanni Paquin - RRPC, Amy Loomis, and Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary.


D. Nickless, Chair, called meeting to order at 7:03 PM


Subdivision Request

Bruce Payntor was present to request a subdivision at his property on Route 7.  The application was dated February 27, 2008.  There is a permit in place for the same lot to include an accessory apartment.  Mr. Payntor was advised that if the subdivision were to occur, that the permit for the accessory apartment would no longer be valid.

Mr. Payntor stated that he is not sure what he is planning for this property, however, was exploring all options. 


Mr. Payntor explained that in the event of the subdivision, his plans were to build a 1-floor/2 bedroom house that is 100% handicap accessible with an attached garage that would allow a handicap vehicle to be loaded and unloaded.  Mr. Payntor stated that there is a need for handicap housing in the county, as stated in the county plan.


Mr. Payntor stated that in the event of the accessory apartment, he would need to continue living in the home on the front lot to have the property remain as "owner occupied".


D. Nickless inquired what Mr. Payntor's plans were for the barn that is currently on the property.  Mr. Payntor stated that he might move the barn; he is not sure at this time.


Mr. Payntor explained the size of the 2 lots in question being within the zoning requirements.  Mr. Payntor explained that there is 40' of access. Mr. Payntor explained the access to the back lot.  This would be via Right of Way from "lot 1" to "lot 2".  There was discussion concerning the access definitions and whether the lot access is "contiguous".


D. Nickless inquired if the lot(s) met the frontage requirements.  Mr. Payntor explained his reasoning of lot frontage and road frontage. 


T. Konwin inquired if the lot is of legal size and meets the setback requirements.  A. Loomis stated that the barn that is currently on the property is an issue.  Mr. Payntor stated that it is his intention to move or demolish the barn due to constricting access.  Mr. Payntor explained that if he moves the barn, than he would use this area to store lawn mowers, etc.  Mr. Payntor continued to explain that the lot coverage would still be within limitations with the barn on the lot. 


D. Nickless inquired if there was a sewer allotment in place.  Mr. Payntor stated that when he contacted the site designer that the subdivision was included in the original submission of permits. 


Motion by D. Nickless and seconded by K. Brown to recess the Subdivision Request and review some areas of question (frontage, access, and Right of Way) will be researched until the April 10, 2008 meeting at 7:00 PM.  Passed Unanimously.


The review was recessed until April 10, 2008.


Flood Hazard Area Regulations

Giovanni Paquin from the Rutland Region Planning Commission presented and explained new maps as well as a sample Flood Hazard Area Regulations required in the Town's Zoning Regulations.


Mr. Giovanni explained that there are portions of the Zoning Regulations missing sections that are required.  Mr. Giovanni submitted various samples of documents that will assist in getting the information into the Zoning Regs.  One particular sample was a letter to the property owners within the flood plains.  There was discussion as to this procedure and D. Nickless stated that he will ask Kathleen Ramsay if it would be possible to have one of the Town Secretaries send the letter to these property owners.  Mr. Giovanni presented a list of property owners that are either in the flood plain, removed from the flood plain, or added to the flood plain.  The list includes approximately 33 properties.


D. Nickless inquired how the flood plain was re-evaluated.  Mr. Giovanni explained that Otter Creek was resurveyed by FEMA.


T. Konwin inquired the reasoning for the flood plain.  Mr. Giovanni explained that there is a requirement of most financers for having the flood insurance.  Currently, there are 8 active flood insurance policies within the Town of Pittsford.  The sample letter explains what the property owners need to do to get the government subsidized insurance.   


There was discussion regarding the permitting process and that the Zoning Administrator can advise not to place a structure within a flood plain.  The applicant also has the option to work with FEMA directly. 


The models for the Flood Hazard Area Regulations were discussed and "model 1" allows for some development within a flood plain and "model 2" does not allow for development.


Mr. Giovanni explained that there is grant funding available for the RRPC to assist in incorporating the Flood Hazard Area Regulations into the Zoning Regulations.  This process will need to be sent to the Agency of Natural Resources for approval (showing the additions and the deletions) before being sent back to the RRPC for "clean-up" and resubmission.  There is a possibility that this Flood Hazard Area Regulations can be added as an attachment, as long as the attachment is noted in all pertinent areas.


The Selectboard will also need to have hearings, in addition to the Planning Commission hearings to have this approved.


Mr. Giovanni stated that he will work on this project and submit to the State for their preliminary approval and will report back in 2 - 3 weeks. 


D. Nickless thanked Mr. Giovanni for undertaking this project.


Zoning Regulation Changes

There was brief discussion regarding the zoning regulation changes.  Some of the changes to be included are re-zoning of West Creek Road (one side commercial and one side residential); including that the State controls the water & septic system permits, etc.  Further discussion on this topic was tabled until the April 10, 2008 meeting.


Other Business

The next meeting will be held on April 10, 2008.


Meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM


Respectfully Submitted


Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary

Don Nickless, Chair

 Thor Konwin, Vice Chair

Kathryn Brown                                                                       

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