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SEPTEMBER 19, 2006


Planning Commission Members present: Al Vitagliano, Kathy Brown, Don Nickless, Sally Eugair, Thor Konwin, Aric Farrar.


Others present: Aria Brissette, Robin Rowe, Lillian Ferrara, Kathy Shortsleeves, Peggy Armitage.


D. Nickless opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.


Town Plan:

The PC invited several members of community organizations and committees to give their input on the Town Plan. D. Nickless gave a brief introduction and then asked guests some questions, which were provided to them ahead of time.


Peg Armitage, representing the Historical Society

How would you describe the Town of Pittsford? Family friendly, small town, community oriented.


What are the features you like about Pittsford? Golf course, fire department, library, historical society.


Should we be doing more to encourage new businesses to come to Pittsford? We need to support the businesses we already have.


P. Armitage went on to give comments other historical society members told her to pass on:

•The Town needs a Civil Defense Chairman if we don’t have one already.  The Town should be divided into sections and there should be a leader for each.

•There needs to be better information communication amongst municipal departments and citizens.


Problems in town? What should be improved?

Speed limits should be enforced; The sidewalks are too close and there is no curbing; there should be a noise ordinance; uncovered dump trucks spewing sand, gravel, stone, etc.; There are 3 historic districts in town but the current Town Plan only mentions a historic district, not 3 separate ones; We should promote an appreciation for and preservation of our historic resources; The Town Plan should recognize the importance of Historic Districts; Energy conservation.


Robin Rowe, representing the Pittsford Food Shelf

•The PFS will be open 6 hours per week and will cover residents of Brandon, Pittsford, and Proctor.  They get food from the VT Food Bank.  Food will be picked up at the church still because of access.  The location at Keith’s is going to be more of a grocery store.  People can come in and select the Food they want once a month.  The PFS follows the state income guidelines for eligibility currently.  At the new location anyone with a need that comes in will be allowed to get food if they show a CV bill verifying they live in Pittsford, Brandon or Proctor.

There are approximately 35 volunteers. The Food Bank is impressed with Pittsford and how willing people are to help.

•The elderly make up 17.5% of Pittsford’s population (age 60+).

•Thinks we should have a disaster preparedness plan.

•Speed limits need to be better enforced.

•We need a cop at the school during school hours.

•Is frustrated about the water system at the south end of town.  There isn’t enough pressure.  She has lost renters b/c of the pressure problem in her units and it’s been a problem since 1998.

•Boards should have long term and short term goals.

•Feels there are conflicts of interest that the Town should be aware of when it comes to governance – i.e. people on boards and how it affects their businesses in town.

•Transportation for elders is a need.

•There’s a Bone Walker Fund that helps people with their electric, phone bills.  The Congregational church administers it.  There is also fuel assistance.

•Neighbor Works of Western VT provides low interest loans to people.


Is affordable housing a problem? Yes, however, low income housing often attracts problem tenants.  Tenants are always right and you have to prove them wrong – it’s hard to get rid of renters, even ones who don’t pay rent and destroy the property.


Kathy Shortsleeves, representing the Recreation Committee

•The Rec Committee is discussing a site for ice skating during the winter.  Build a new rink that would double as a basketball court.  Using the pond is an option but there are safety and liability concerns as well as insurance issues.

•Looking at year round programs for people like the computer classes that were held last winter.

•Some major changes: trees for erosion control, shrubbery around bathrooms, moving the flagpole, we need another ball field for t-ball, the alarm system b/c it’s been vandalized.

•Rec Committee has long as well as short term goals.

•Summer Camp was successful this summer.

•Sidewalks are uneven – need to be edged.

•Signs for covered bridges, maple museum, OMYA would be nice.

•Cams backs trucks into his business and stops traffic on Route 7 a lot.

•Disgusted with people’s yards in town.  There should be some kind of ordinance about it.

•Street lighting isn’t too bad.

•There are lots of little things we could do to make the town look nicer.


Should we be getting involved with other recreation outside the Rec – like bike paths, etc?  The Lothrop gym is used for kick boxing, teen dances, etc.


Any plans for a dug out? Not sure.


A discussion arose about putting a pool in at the Rec Area.  The Pittsford Day Committee wanted to raise money for a pool but was shot down.


Lillian Ferrara, representing The Pittsford Day Committee

•The PDC plans Pittsford Day at the Rec.

•Would characterize Pittsford as the “forgotten town”.

•Wanted to find a way to use the money raised by the PDC to help the Town.  Tried to put banners on the telephone poles in the Village.  CVPS gave permission but the AOT won’t allow it b/c of a billboard law.  She went to the Sec. of State’s office who told her it wouldn’t be a problem but the AOT stands by their stance that it isn’t allowed.  Her next idea is to put lights on bridges.

•Feels the Lothrop School is one of the features that makes Pittsford a great place to live.

•Would like to see a pool at the Rec Area.

•Feels our website should be improved and include more information about the Town and things like Pittsford Day.


Our next meeting will be held October 12th at 7 p.m. and D. Nickless will invite the Police and Fire Department and Village Manor. There will also be a meeting on Thursday, October 26th, at 7 p.m.


With no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted:



Aria Brissette


                                                                        Planning Commission Members:




Don Nickless, Chairman




Al Vitagliano, Vice Chairman




Kathryn Brown




Sarah Eugair




Thor Konwin



Aric Farrar


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