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Planning Commission Members present: Al Vitagliano, Kathy Brown, Don Nickless, Sally Eugair, Thor Konwin, Aric Farrar.


Others present: Aria Brissette, Alan Hitchcock, Jim Purdy, Bill and Julie Fiske, Todd Widli.


D. Nickless opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.


Site Plan Review Ė James and Katherine Temple, RE: permit application # 06-42 requesting a 2-lot subdivision at 599 Stevens Rd.

The Templeís site plan review application requested they be permitted to divide their +/- 17.8 acre parcel into (2) lots.  Parcel A, +/- 2 acres is to be retained with the pre-existing (3) bedroom, single family residence on-site.  Parcel B, +/- 15.8 acres is to be conveyed and will be the site of a proposed new (3) bedroom, single family residence.  Both lots will be serviced by individual, on-site waste disposal systems and water supply. Jim Purdy, VT licensed designer, was present as the representative for the Temples.


The Temple parcel is located in a rural zone where the minimum lot size is 1-acre.  The subdivision application as presented meets all zoning regulations. 


Todd Widli of 511 Stevens Rd, an abutter to the Temple parcel, voiced some of his concerns.  Mr. Widli has water rights to a spring on the Temple property.  He is concerned that the water line he has may go under the proposed driveway, which has not been specked out yet.   It is unclear where exactly Mr. Widliís existing water line is located.  Mr. Widli also brought up the fact that the Templeís existing house at 599 Stevens Rd is a 2-unit, which doesnít correspond to the site plan review and zoning permit applications, which indicate the house is a single family (3) bedroom home. Jim Purdy said the Templeís have signed documents with the state that claim the house is a (3) bedroom single family residence, so the replacement system he designed for the existing home and proposed +/- 2-acre parcel was designed for a (3) bedroom home. Aria Brissette will have to check with the listers to see if the recent appraisal supports the 3-bedroom claim.


Bill and Julie Fiske were curious where the proposed house was going to be located. After checking the plans handed into the Planning Commission they decided they were not happy about the placement of the house, which is to be located in the back corner of the property. They voiced their concerns about the wetlands on the property and the appearance of telephone poles that may service the new home.  Jim Purdy explained that the house is proposed for the back corner of the property because it is the best location for it due to the fact that much of the property closer to Stevens Rd has poor soils or is wet. For the septic systems, they need a 50-foot isolation zone from wetlands of the state.  The septic system design meets the requirement and the state has issued their permit.


Aria Brissette explained that the concerns about the placement of the house and any utilities werenít really relevant to the proposal at hand, which was whether or not to allow the property to

be subdivided.  Their concerns were related more to the construction of the house, which would require its own permit in the future.  They would know when an application was filed to permit house construction because there would be a poster posted on the property, and they could come to the office and look at the proposal and make comments then.


Later during executive session the Planning Commission unanimously approved the site plan review application with the condition that the information on the application stating the house is a single family (3) bedroom home is accurate and that the Listers card verifies this.


Town Plan:

The PC discussed a comment that was made at a previous meeting about Pittsford being a bedroom community and that it always will be.


Is it a pipe dream to think we can attract services like a pharmacy, Doctors office, hardware store, etc.?  Maybe we should look at what reality is and open the door for opportunity but donít aggressively pursue it.  Some doctors or dentists should be invited to a future meeting to see what their opinions are about what the town could do to possibly attract others or make things easier for them.


D. Nickless addressed another comment made at the previous meeting that ďif we donít grow our taxes will go upĒ.  This is not true.  There are many studies that have been done that say just the opposite.


The work plan for the Town Plan was discussed.  First the public discussion phase needs to be finished and then the information gathered at these discussions needs to be reviewed.


D. Nickless asked how people felt the previous meeting went. Comments were that it would have gone better if we had questions to give them ahead of time.


The PC is going to start meeting every couple of weeks.  Their next task after reviewing comments will be to collect and analyze data.


Who should we ask for next time? Pittsford Day Committee, Recreation Committee, Historical Society, Pittsford Food Shelf.


D. Nickless will set up a Town tour for the PC members.


Other Business:

Allen Hitchcock, who was present at the meeting, explained that the Select Board has been appointed as the Water Board in the interim, until a new Board can be put together. He spoke about the sewage treatment plant a bit.  Our capacity is 85,000 gpd but runs up to 250,000 gpd at times due to stormwater infiltration.  The fundamental problem is that itís an old system and although main parts have been upgraded, the connections to houses havenít and could be a source of stormwater infiltration.


The next meeting date is Tuesday, September 19th, at 7 p.m.


With no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted:



Aria Brissette


                                                                        Planning Commission Members:




Don Nickless, Chairman




Al Vitagliano, Vice Chairman




Kathryn Brown




Sarah Eugair




Thor Konwin



Aric Farrar



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