Town of Pittsford ATV Ordinance 2-15-2023

Town of Pittsford Speed Ordinance 2-15-2023

Transfer Station Ordinance 2-1-23

Animal Control Ordinance 12-2022

Coin Drop Policy 12-2022

Water System Ordinance 12-2022

Ordinance-Policy Regarding Street Naming and Street Numbering 7-1997

Ordinance for Regulation of Weights Heights and width 12-2022

Policy for Collection of Delinquent Taxes 10-2022

Swimming Pool Filling and Other Bulk Water Needs Policy 10-2022

Transfer Station Ordinance 1-1995

Water Ordinance 12-1995

Water Shut Off Policy for the Pittsford-Florence Water Department 9-2022

Water Rate Policy 9-2022

Enhanced Energy Plan Guidance Form 8-2020



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