The Town’s Water Superintendent is Bruce Babcock, who, like his predecessors before him, has given decades of round-the-clock service to the Town and its residents. Bruce works to maintain the Town’s excellent water sources and assure their safety and consistent availability. Shawn Hendee is the Assistant Water Superintendent.  Bruce and Shawn also pitch in, as needed, to help the Highway Crew with winter maintenance of roads and sidewalks.

The Town’s chief Wastewater Operator is Shawn Hendee.  Together with Tyler Allen and part-time assistant Bob Berardo, he sees to the treatment of Pittsford’s sewerage and the discharge of effluent in compliance with federal and State health and safety standards. Click here to read a detailed summary of the workings of Pittsford’s wastewater treatment processes.

Shawn / Tyler / Bob can be reached at 483-6297.

Bruce / Shawn / Tyler can be reached at 483-6778.

The department’s email address is or

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Water Rate Policy

Sewer Rate Policy

Town of Pittsford Sewer Ordinance (effective 08-19-14)

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2018 CCR Report Pittsford Florence Water

2017 CCR Report Pittsford Florence Water

2016 CCR report Pittsford Florence Water

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