Pittsford has a Planning Commission consisting of seven volunteer members. The current membership consists of Chair Mark Winslow, Vice Chair Kevin Blow, David Soulia, Robert Charbonneau, Rick Conway, Derek Blow, Tom Markowski, and (alternate) Mark Pape. They work to generate a Town Plan for the Town, which must be renewed at five-year intervals. This commission also updates the town’s zoning regulations. The Planning Commission usually meets the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm and the public is welcome.

Click here for a pdf of the Pittsford Town Plan


The Rutland Region Planning Commission’s (RRPC) website can be reached through this link: https://www.rutlandrpc.org

The RRPC’s Regional Plan may be accessed through this link: https://www.rutlandrpc.org/our-vision

The RRPC’s Energy Plan may be accessed through this link: https://www.rutlandrpc.org/pages/energy/16/



Planning Commission Vacancy–Alternate

The Pittsford Planning Commission currently has a full complement of seven (7) members. However, the Town will consider any applications from persons willing to serve as an Alternate. Given that there is occasional turnover on the Commission, service for a time as an Alternate member of the Planning Commission is an ideal way for people to learn about the Commission and its important work and to be ready to be appointed to full membership in the event of a vacancy. Both members and alternates are eligible to receive a modest semi-annual stipend.

If you have any interest and/or background in planning or real estate or simply want to offer your time and effort to the important task of planning for the Town’s future, please contact Town Manager John Haverstock at 483.6500 x20 or at .