Cadwell Trail

Approximate Length: 2.4 miles (1.5 mi west, 0.9 mi east)

Parking/Trailhead: One trailhead (east/west) is at a farm road approximately 0.6 miles south on Elm Street from the intersection with US Route 7. The other access is about 1 mile from US Route 7 south on Elm Street at the Cooley Covered Bridge. Walkers can shorten their journey by selecting the East or West loop and returning to their car by walking along Elm Street.

Difficulty: Walking is easy with two short uphill climbs.

Description: The trail courses through fields and meadows, meandering along Otter Creek, Furnace Brook, and a lagoon. Beaver, otters, turtles, fish, ducks, birds, and wildflowers abound in the varied habitats along this trail. Also, it is possible to link with the Meadow Loop by following the connecting trail and bridge indicated by the sign at the intersection with the East Loop of the Cadwell Trail.


Meadow Loop

Approximate Length: 1.0 miles

Parking/Trailhead: The trailhead is located on the south side of Arch Street near the Fire Station.

Difficulty: Walking is easy with one moderately uphill section.

Description: This trail cuts through open fields and woodlands along Sugar Hollow Brook. A portion follows Furnace Brook to its confluence with Sugar Hollow Brook. The trail offers spectacular near and distant views. a link to the Cadwell Trail is possible by a bridge over Sugar Hollow Brook and a short moderately steep connecting trail.