Pittsford is home to four of Vermont’s famous covered bridges.


Nicholas Powers, 1849

Town Lattice, 60′, spanning Furnace Brook, on Elm Street.

Powers was Vermont’s most famous bridge builder. His bridge at Blenheim, NY is the longest single span in the world.

Depot Hill

Town Lattice, spanning Otter Creek, on Depot Hill Road.


Abraham Owen & Nicholas Powers, 1841

Town Lattice, 114′, spanning Otter Creek, Old Pittsford-Proctor Road (Gorham Bridge Road).


Asa Nourse, 1843

Town Lattice, 139′, spanning Otter Creek on Florence Road, west of Route 7. The 1927 Flood left the structure a mile downstream. It was restored to its proper location during the winter of 1927-28.

A State Historic Site.