Meeting Agenda : Zoning Board of Adjustment Agenda 1-23-23


Pittsford   Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA)

Public Hearing   MONDAY   January 23, 2023

Pittsford Municipal Town Offices, 426 Plains Rd.  Conference Room



Call the Public Meeting to order.

Approve or Amend the Public Meeting’s Agenda

Introduction & Presentation of Meeting Procedure

Open the Public Hearing for Application 23-01 from the Pittsford Village Farm located at 42 Elm St., (Parcel #0435) for amendments to its current Conditional Use Permit (#20-03) to allow for expanded outdoor event facilities, a greater number of events annually, and protocol changes.


Swear in any Interested Parties, review written testimony, receive oral testimony.


Close or continue this Public Hearing.   Enter Deliberative Session; as required.


Exit Deliberative Session and issue instructions to the Zoning Administrator.


Discuss other business:

  • Discuss any miscellaneous business.
  • Discuss any ZBA Concerns.


Set a date for future Meetings, as applications require.