Meeting Minutes : Special Meeting Minutes 10-26-22

Town of Pittsford SELECT BOARD – October 26, 2022 – APPROVED


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Alicia Malay, W. Joseph Gagnon, David Mills, Mark Winslow, and Thomas Hooker.  OTHERS PRESENT:  Jenn Popp, Ann Reed, Lisa Wright, Tyler Allen, Helen McKinlay, Shawn Hendee, Chad Eugair, Police Chief Warfle, Lt. Pratico, Brenda Fox-Howard – Town Manager, Kelly Giard – Recording Secretary.

The Select Board was called to order at 4:07 PM by Chair Malay.


Jenn Popp was present to present the first budget for the Recreation Department.  Ms. Popp stated that most of the items were the same as the past year.  Below are the items that changed for this proposal:

  • Increase in labor due to bringing the Lifeguard pay in line with other area municipalities. The increase total is $11,500 and an hourly rate increase from $13 to $15 per hour.
  • Increase in the Supervisor pay due to the instruction of swimming lessons. The proposed increase is from $17-$20 an hour.  The expected increase is $25,500.
  • Requiring the supervisor and 1 lifeguard to attend WSI trainings, costing around $800 each.
  • Day Camp labor for 4 counselors with a pay increase from $13 to $15 due to the fact that the counselors are responsible for children. The rate of pay for the camp director remains at $20 due to the change in responsibilities.
  • Increase in supplies by $1,300 for the recreation area due to inflation.
  • Increase in supplies by $1,000 for day camp due to increasing the attendance by 10 campers last year.
  • Increasing spring programming by $3,000 to $7,800 to purchase aluminum benches at $550 each.
  • League umpire increase from $2,000 to $3,000 due to increase in league fees.
  • Youth league increase from $3,000 to $4,000 due to needing uniforms and equipment.
  • Increasing the disc golf budget by $500 to pay for the mowing of the course.
  • Increase ball field maintenance from $1,000 to $2,000 due to the increase in paint and hoping to paint the fields for soccer next year in order to host games.
  • Increasing labor to the Highway Department from $700 to $2,000 to trim trees along the brook; adding a walking bridge that was donated by Mike and Jay Blanchard.
  • Building and Grounds Maintenance to $3,000 for existing structure maintenance. Fox-Howard inquired if this was for labor.  Ms. Popp explained that this was for basically anything, including replacing the fans, new lock box for the electrical service, restaining the pavilion.

Recreation 5 year Plan:

  • Updating a welcome center kiosk and adding another kiosk, which will have the potential to add sponsorships at $100 for the first year and $50 for the following year.
  • Dredging the pond
  • Repairing the driving bridge to the upper field
  • Maintenance on the pavilion
  • Adding an enclosed structure to include a kitchen and bathrooms. The anticipation is to rent this facility to help with funding


  1. Gagnon inquired the total budget variance, which Ms. Reed stated was 17.45% increase.


M. Winslow inquired why only a 1% increase in prices and fees. Ms. Popp stated that the camp fee may increase, which M. Winslow asked for a participation projection. Chair Malay inquired the status of a scholarship.  Ms. Popp stated that there had been a $6,000 scholarship for this year, however, it is unknown how long this will be active.


M. Hooker inquired where there could be reductions in the budget. Ms. Popp stated that she is working at the Day Camps, which saves on counselor costs. T. Hooker inquired if there was an alternative to the purchase of the benches.  Ms. Popp will report back.  T. Hooker inquired the increase of 61% in the spring programming.  Ms. Popp stated that it was in the bench purchase.


M. Winslow inquired the increase in the labor. Ms. Popp stated that the supervisor works approximately 40 hours a week and the other employees hours are varied. Ms. Popp stated that there have been employees lost to other area locations due to the hourly payment.


Chair Malay inquired if there could be an increase in sports fees.  Ms. Popp stated that this will be reviewed and returned to the Select Board.  Chair Malay also inquired the possibility of increasing the fees.  Ms. Popp stated that there has also been an increase in the uses.



Lisa Wright was present for the Listers’/Assessor budget.  The items that were discussed:

  • Increase in labor for Karen. Karen has been beneficial in keeping the property transfers up to date and getting the clerical done, also checking information for completeness.
  • Computer budget is currently under budget. The VISION VtPie grand list conversion was a no cost conversion.  There was a $7,200 cost for the tax map based on past invoices.  The cloud contract is anticipated to be $2,500 per year.  There is a hope to get estimates to house a server locally.  The reappraisal funds will be used to start the GIS project and adjust down as necessary.  There will also need to be an adjustment for the other departments that use this information.  Zoning has found the overlay to be helpful.
  • There is no secretarial position budgeted after July 1, 2023, however, there is a proposed salary increase for Lisa and Karen.
  • Personal Property reappraisal funds were used for the initial project. There will be updates coming in this fiscal year.


M. Winslow inquired the amount from the re-evaluation. Ms. Wright stated that she sent an email with this information and will resend.


Ms. Wright exited at 4:48 PM.



Helen McKinlay was present to discuss the Town Clerk & Treasurer budget.  The highlights include:

  • Select Board member expense increase to $1,500 (33.33% increase)
  • Insurance Rates increased
  • Elections will be lower due to only 1 election in the coming year.
  • Economic Development – no increase
  • Medical Insurance increased 3.7%
  • Salaries for the Town Clerk/Town Treasurer increase based on VLCT averages. There has been no increase in wages for 3 years and there has been more working at home and on weekends and holidays.
  • Increase in supplies due to general inflation
  • Increase in computer expenses by 17.65%
  • Town Report printing increased by 25%. The current quote is $3,600 with no multi year contract lock in
  • The external auditors budget remaining at $34,000.
  • Legal budget increasing by 80% due to the new tax collection policy
  • Board of Civil Authority wages budget lowered by 33% due to only 1 election in the coming year.
  • Physical Plant/Equipment heating fuel increase by $3,500 (highest increase in the budget)
  • Labor/Equipment from the Highway Department lower.


Town Clerk/Town Treasurer 5 year Plan:

  • ARPA funding added 20 year (total 40 year) search COTTs System ($45,572)
  • Upper vault storage shelving – originally in 2019 budget ($11,285 not used)
  • Land Record restoration project ($91,000) 3 – 5 year land record with state archives
  • New printers needed for Ann, Liz, Helen and Pat
  • 3-6 computers need replacing annually
  • Front office copier contract expires
  • 2026 – next server upgrade.


Ms. McKinlay exited at 5:01 PM.



Chief Warfle and Lt. Pratico were present to discuss the Police Department budget for the upcoming year.  Below are the Police Department highlights:

  • Salaries are the lowest in the county. There has already been over 1000 calls answered in 2022.
  • The vehicle replacement is set at 2 – 3 years.
  • Medical & Dental Insurance is something that cannot be controlled.
  • There is an increase in the ammunition budget because all officers must qualify annually and there is a shortage of ammunition.
  • Employees are working over to complete issues/tasks. Chief Warfle stated that he averages 30 calls per week after his duty hours are complete.
  • The Police Department and Water & Sewer Department were the only departments that were required to work during the COVID 19 pandemic and he feels that the department staff should be rewarded with increases in wages. Chief Warfle has done comparisons with other local departments and it was concluded that the other officers are compensated based on seniority and rank.  Ann Reed has compiled a spreadsheet with the officer pay information.
  • Chief Warfle believes that it would be more economical for the Police Department to stop paying the Front Office staff for clerical duties and to have a separate employee in the Police Department.
  • The revenue is increased 16% based on the 2020 actuals and this could be higher due to the ordinances that were recently passed and the tickets in court. Chief Warfle stated that the VSP portion of the income is lower due to VSP not responding to calls as much in Pittsford.  Pratico stated that the phones are coming back to the town police voicemail.


Chief Warfle and Lt. Pratico exited at 5:15 PM.



Shawn Hendee was present to discuss the Sewer Department budget.  Below are the highlights:

  • Ann Reed based the income on the June 30, 2022 actuals and added a 2% increase and lowered the penalties and interest due to the availability of programs that are available to assist residents with their utility bills.
  • There are no future hook-up allocations anticipated.
  • The transfer of labor between departments remains the same
  • The labor increase will either be 3% or 8 ½%, depending on the Union discussions.
  • Hendee explained that he has added Chad and Peter training funding for the weekend coverage as these 2 are covered under his license on weekends and once training is completed, they will operate independently.
  • There is no control over the medical, dental and life insurances
  • The mileage will be down once the vehicle comes to the Department from the Highway Department.
  • Supplies has increased due to inflation and the infrastructure is getting older. The facility that was built in 2002 is breaking and needing repair.
  • The facility improvements that are being considered is the Chemical Building to keep the chemicals in their own structure. The steel doors were replaced over the last year.
  • The tool inventory is being updated as necessary. The Water & Sewer Departments share tools.
  • The Uniform expense line is going down.
  • The use of the Highway labor & equipment remains the same.
  • The biggest item is the sludge removal, which is holding steady at $20,000 – $30,000 due to system upgrades. Rutland fees are based on volume to process.  A-1 Sewer & Drain is remaining the hauling contractor.  Winslow inquired if there were other forms of processing.  Mr. Hendee explained that there was formerly a bagging system that was decommissioned and the addition of polymers could have an adverse reaction.
  • The transfers for fuel, maintenance and repairs remains the same
  • The utilities are increased due to fuel costs rising. The heat is run lower in the afternoons due to staffing preferences.


  • Ann Reed calculated the revenue base by using the July 1, 2022 billing and adding 2%. The penalties and interest were lowered due to the availability of programs to assist residents with their utility bills.
  • The revenue for the pool filling was a ball park figure.
  • The formula for the labor was the same as for the sewer with half being absorbed by the Water Department and the remaining absorbed by the Sewer Department.
  • The health, life and dental insurances are not within control, however, there was a family status change which increased the amount.
  • The mileage will be lower with the truck coming from the Highway Department.
  • A decent stock of supplies is kept on hand due to repair emergency and availability of parts.
  • Dues and subscriptions is down.
  • The postage has gone up by the USPS.
  • Phone usage has increased due to having the iPad online for the GIS tracking.
  • The printer will need replacing, however, the printer from Ann Reed’s office will go to the Water Department once hers is replaced
  • Training hours for the license retention is based on member rates.
  • There is no amount listed for the property tax in Chittenden as this is not determined at this point,
  • The engineering for the state redirection on Route 7 for the section from Plains Road to Pinewoods Road, which is the next segment to be redone.

Mr. Hendee and Mr. Allen exited at 5:52 PM.


Chad Eugair was present to discuss the Transfer Station budget. Below are the highlights:

  • There are no concerns
  • The Town Clerk/Treasurer inquired changing the dates on the permits to either July or January and not November annually, as well as either raising the permit or the bag fee.
  • Used oil removal is costly and being done by Safety Kleen for approximately $500 for 524 gallons last year. Eugair will contact Browns Salvage Yard regarding this and propose options.


Chad Eugair was present to discuss the Highway Department budget.  Below are the highlights:

  • Hooker inquired what comprised the Winter Stipend. Ann Reed explained that this was for the on-call stipend, as per the Union contract.
  • Mills inquired if it may be possible to skip a year with the line striping. Mr. Eugair started that there is a possibility, or also a possibility of doing half this year and half the next year, however, the more that is done, the lower the price.
  • Winslow inquired what services are contracted. Mr. Eugair explained that this is mainly tree work.
  • There was discussion of possibly adding a year round part time employee to perform mowing services in the summer and assist with snow removal in the winter.
  • The paving for the next budget year would include Orchard Hill Road, Field Avenue, Randall Park and the last mile on Whipple Hollow Road, which is estimated at $244,375. There was also discussion of chip sealing on Depot Hill Road, West Creek Road from the underpass to the Bovey Farm.
  • The next vehicle to be replaced is the 2011 tandem truck, which is beginning to show its age.
  • Mills stated that the sand budget was lower. Mr. Eugair stated that there is no erosion with the construction of the new storage unit.

Mr. Eugair exited at 6:38 PM.


Ms. Fox-Howard was present to discuss the Town Manager budget.  The highlights are below:

  • The insurance did not include Ann Reed, therefore an increase due to an increase in participation.
  • Increase in salary for the Assistant to the Town Manager to bring her salary in line with her education and workload.
  • A training budget for the Town Manager to attend various educational seminars.

The Select Board adjourned at 6:44 PM.


Respectfully Submitted



Kelly Giard

Recording Secretary



Alicia Malay, Chair



David Mills, Vice Chair



Thomas Hooker, Selectman



  1. Joseph Gagnon, Selectman



Mark Winslow, Selectman