Meeting Minutes : Select Board 10-19-22

Town of Pittsford SELECT BOARD – October 19, 2022 – APPROVED

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Alicia Malay, W. Joseph Gagnon, David Mills, and Thomas Hooker.  ABSENT:  Mark Winslow.  OTHERS PRESENT: Barb Willis, Tom Browe, Bev Browe, Ann Reed, Anne Pelkey, Steve Belcher, Lyle Jepson, Olivia Lyons, Judi Tompkins, Chad Eugair, Brenda Fox-Howard – Town Manager, Kelly Giard – Recording Secretary.

The Select Board was called to order at 6:30 PM by Chair Malay.

Ms. Fox-Howard stated that there is no need for Executive Session.

Ms. Fox-Howard stated that there is no need to amend the agenda.  Motion by D. Mills and seconded by T. Hooker to adopt the agenda as presented.  Motion passed 4 – 0.


The minutes of the October 5, 2022 regular meeting and the August 24, 2022 Executive Session were signed with no corrections.


The orders in the amount of $295,200.38 and payroll in the amount of $12,598.38 were signed with the following discussion:

J. Gagnon inquired the expense for calcium chloride flakes in the amount of $1,843.60. T. Hooker explained that this is applied to the dirt roads for dust control.



Ms. Fox-Howard reported on the following highlights:

  • Met with a representative of the Agency of Transportation regarding the Route 7 paving project and the unfinished work. A survey was received on the project and will be completed in the near future.
  • Ann Reed has been working on the Ordinance and Policies for review and updating.
  • Attended the Town Fair in Killington.
  • Met with Devon Neary regarding the sidewalk project and various other projects and future funding options.
  • There was a tractor trailer truck incident that had emergency services tied up in town for more than 8 hours. This trailer had multiple incidents in Pittsford, beginning at the train trestle overpass on West Creek Road enroute to OMYA.
  • Budget kick-off meetings have begun with department heads. The information will be compiled prior to presentation to the Select Board and will include the union requests.  There are also hopes of completing a 5-year plan for capital projects.  There will be a special meeting of the Select Board on October 26, 2022 at 4:00 PM for budget discussions.
  • The Municipal Office staff was plagued with illness in the past week with all but 2 employees being ill.
  • The sidewalk grant was not passed as it is outside the school plan with AOT. A TAP grant is being sought.  FEMA grants are being sought for the Fire Hill culvert project.



Selectman Mills stated that he was not able to attend the recent meeting of the Rutland Regional Planning Commission, however, Donna Wilson, alternate was able to attend and reported that the Plains Road solar project was approved with no major impacts.

Selectman Mills inquired why the Select Board members were not notified of the Fire Department Annual Awards Banquet.  Ms. Fox-Howard stated that she was not aware that she was to notify the board as Chief Hemple stated that it was by invitation only and apologized for the inadvertent miscommunication.

Chair Malay inquired the status of the heating system project at the Municipal Office.  Ms. Fox-Howard stated that there was no movement as no return calls have been received.  Ann Reed will reach out again to get this project moving.


Ann Reed stated that the Special Appropriations letter was in the packets for review and read the VLCT model document, which is the recommendation for adopting.  The Town Clerk stated that she was not aware of any written policy.  This topic was tabled to a future meeting to discuss the ballot inclusion or the possibility of the receiving organization making an annual presentation to the Town.


ARPA Priorities:

The Select Board will be compiling a list with all of the requests and prioritizing the requests.  Ms. Fox-Howard stated that all of the funding has been received.

Coin Drop Policy:

Ann Reed presented the Coin Drop Policy draft for review.  Chair Malay inquired if the end date should be October 1 instead of Columbus Day weekend.  D. Mills proposed a time frame of May 1 – October 15 with a maximum number of 5 per year.  The document was reviewed and changes were discussed.

The visual acknowledgment portion was removed; the Town to supply safety equipment was discussed and T. Hooker stated that State Highway has specific signs to use.  Liability was discussed and the Town does not supply the traffic vests.  The benefitting organization will need to coordinate the signs, etc. with the Fire Department; Pittsford does not have sole control of Route 7 as this is a state road.  J. Gagnon inquired if there is safety equipment available.  T. Hooker stated that the Fire Department assists with safety signs and lights.


Purchasing Policy:

Chair Malay inquired the formulas that are used in this document.  D. Mills stated that the Select Board should keep a “tight control” on the expenses.  D. Mills recommended the decrease from $5,000 to $2,500 for the Town Manager authorization.  J. Gagnon inquired if there were issues with limits now.  Ann Reed stated that if the purchase orders were instituted at the recommended limits there would be concerns.  T. Hooker stated that the Water and Sewer Departments would need purchase orders for nearly every purchase if there was a breakdown.  T. Hooker stated a concern to watch for “micromanaging”.  Motion by T. Hooker and seconded by J. Gagnon to accept the Purchasing Policy as is for now.  Motion passed 4 – 0.

Delinquent Tax Policy:

The Select Board reviewed the proposed Delinquent Tax Policy.  There were no changes.  Motion by T. Hooker and seconded by D. Mills to adopt the Delinquent Tax Policy as presented.  Motion passed 4 – 0.  Ann Reed will be sending this policy to the property owners that will be affected in this adoption.


Rutland Regional Chamber Visit to Speak:

Lyle Jepson and Olivia Lyons were present to discuss the Annual Report of the Regional Marketing Initiative.  The members received a packet that included the statistics and expenses for the past year.  Mr. Jepson reported that there were 30 families “drawn” to attend a weekend in Rutland County.  The results of this program, over the last 6 years, has brought 200 new people to 10 Rutland County towns in the last 6 years.

Mr. Jepson and Ms. Lyons exited at 7:14 PM.

Historical Society ARPA Discussion:

Anne Pelkey was present representing the Pittsford Historical Society.  The Historical Society would like to request funding for painting (estimate of $20,000 – repainted in 2012 for $7,750); emergency exit stair replacement (requesting $500); storage shed replacement (requesting $1,000) for a total ARPA request of $21,500.  Chair Malay stated that the Select Board would take this request into consideration and they are working on a bullet priority list for the expenditure of the funds.  J. Gagnon inquired if there is any money in the Historical Society budget for maintenance.  Mr. Browe, also representing the Historical Society, stated that there is funding, however, they were hit with some larger ticket items this year.

Library ARPA Discussion:

Judi Tompkins was present to represent the Maclure Library in their ARPA fund request.  Ms. Tompkins presented a handout to the members and explained that there is a need to repair the slate roof that has been leaking for the last 50 years.  The Vermont Roofers have recommended removing the slate to assess the damage, make any necessary repairs, install a water barrier, replace the slate, with a $50,000 beginning estimate.  Steve Bilcher, also representing the library, stated that the repairs that were recently done in the Reading Room have experienced damages from the water leaks.  There is a proposed window project, which 5 of 6 matching grants have been received.  The window project will replace the storm windows at the back of the building; the parking lot is needing resurfacing, removing a section of curb for ease of maneuverability and installing a hand rail; the hand rail on the entry point is in need of repair and a welder has been contacted and it is the hope that this can be repaired; the front door is in need of restoring.  The total request of ARPA funding is $100,000.  The Library would also like to increase their annual allocation by $20,000.  Some of the services that are offered at the library include a Community Center, which is available for meetings and programming; book lending; an OV bus stop for students to utilize services; disaster shelter space for area residents, e.g., Village Manor.  A new Children’s Services Librarian has been hired and will be offering after school programming.

Otter Creek Engineering Route 7 Segment 3 Estimate:

No one was in attendance to make this presentation.

Carpet Cleaning Request Close (2) Hours Early Friday 10/28:

Ms. Fox-Howard has received a bid for the carpet cleaning at the Municipal Offices, which is included in the packets for review.  The quote was for $585 for the entire building, including the offices as the staff will be moving things for the cleaning.  By consensus, the Select Board agreed to close the offices at 1:00 PM on October 28 and will advertise the closing.

Arm Mower Sale:

Chad Eugair was present to discuss an offer for the mower and tractor, which has been viewed by the contractor for the Town of Leicester, who offered $8,000.  There has also been another contact sent for information.  D. Mills inquired which tractor was being discussed.  C. Eugair stated that this was the 1994 Ford 6640.  D. Mills inquired if there had been any research on the value of the equipment.  C. Eugair stated that there has been research, however, this is a 4-wheel drive unit and there are only 2-wheel drive unit values found.  J. Gagnon recommended to advertise the unit with a right to refuse any and all bids received.

New Phone System Packet:

Ann Reed has been researching the replacement of the phone system due to the condition of the system.  Through this investigation, it has been learned that different buildings have different phone systems.  The Municipal Office building is considered an emergency building, therefore needs to have TV, phone, and internet available.  Comcast is currently in service at the Municipal Office.  Comcast is offering a Business Voice Edge package which includes leasing the phone system, guarantee service, and remote forwarding to cell phones without disclosing the cell phone number.  D. Mills inquired the current costs.  Ms. Reed explained that the current cost is $224.70 per month with the upgrade being $417.65 per month with leases and updated service.  D. Mills inquired how long the contract is for, which Ms. Reed stated was either 1 or 3 years.  Motion by D. Mills and seconded by T. Hooker to lock the contract in for 3 years.  Motion passed 4 – 0.


The Select Board adjourned at 8:06 PM.


The next Select Board meeting will be held on November 2, 2022, with a Special Budget Select Board meeting on October 26, 2022.

Respectfully Submitted,



Kelly Giard

Recording Secretary




Alicia Malay, Chair



David Mills, Vice Chair



Thomas Hooker, Selectman



  1. Joseph Gagnon, Selectman



Mark Winslow, Selectman