Meeting Minutes : Water and Sewer Commission Minutes 8/16/2022- APPROVED

Town of Pittsford WATER AND SEWER COMMISSION – August 16, 2022

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Clarence Greeno, Baird Morgan, Helen McKinlay, Thomas Hooker and Ernie Clerihew.    OTHERS PRESENT:  Sabrina Poro, Brenda Fox-Howard – Town Manager, Kelly Giard – Recording Secretary.

The Water & Sewer Commission was called to order at 6:30 PM by Chairman Greeno.

B. Fox-Howard stated that there was a need for Executive Session to discuss abatement requests.

B. Fox-Howard stated that there was no need to amend the agenda.

Motion by T. Hooker and seconded by H. McKinlay to adopt the agenda as presented.  Motion passed (5 – 0).


The minutes of the June 21, 2022 meeting were signed with no corrections.


B, Fox-Howard reported on the following:

  • The GIS contract has been reviewed.
  • Quotes are being sought for the chemical building project.
  • There was discussion of the signing of warrants. McKinlay signs the warrants and forwards to Ms. Fox-Howard and they are recorded with the appropriate Land Records.
  • The water reports from Shawn Hendee to the State have needed Town Manager’s signature in the past. There was discussion that Shawn is duly qualified to sign off.  The Commission agrees.  There is a release that needs to be filed with the State of Vermont and made available to the Water & Sewer Commission upon approval from the state.


Sabrina Poro was present to discuss the water bill that was received for property at 3274 Route 7.  Chairman Greeno stated that the information received from Shawn Hendee indicated that there were no freezing concerns.  This leak was discovered in March.  E. Clerihew inquired the frequency that Ms. Poro is at the property.  Ms. Poro stated that she is at the property about every week and this particular time, when she opened the door, she stated that it sounded like a shower and she noted the leak by the meter/near the furnace.  Ms. Poro was advised that she would receive a resolution in the very near future.

Ms. Poro exited at 6:43 PM.

The Water & Sewer Commission entered into Executive Session at 6:43 PM to discuss an abatement matter.  The Water & Sewer Commission exited Executive Session at 6:50 PM with the following action.  Motion by H. McKinlay and seconded by B. Morgan to revert the Poro bill for the property located at 3274 Route 7 to the average billing and to waive the penalty/interest charges.  Motion passed (5 – 0).


Citizen Water Billing Reduction Request:

A request was received from David Hudson for interest and penalties on a late water bill payment.  H. McKinlay stated that the payments were due on August 4, 2022 and late notices were sent on August 5, 2022 to residents who were not paid by the due date.  Mr. Hudson’s payment was received on August 15, 2022 at 12:05 PM.  Following discussion, a motion was made by H. McKinlay and seconded by T. Hooker to deny the request for abatement of the interest and penalties.  Motion passed (5 – 0).

A request was received from Brian Kamuda/Kamuda’s Country Market for interest and penalties totaling $270.84.  Mr. Kamuda stated in his correspondence that this was an oversight on his part.  The payment was received from Kamuda’s Country Market on August 8, 2022 and was due on August 4, 2022.  Motion by T. Hooker and seconded by E. Clerihew to deny the abatement request.  Motion passed (5 – 0).

Monthly Operations Report & Statistics:

The monthly operations report and statistical information was included in the packets for review.

Water Ordinance Review and Approve from 2011 & Water Rate Policy Review and Approve from 2015:

These are ordinances from the past that have not been adopted by previous Commissions.  Ms. Fox-Howard will forward these to the members for review and discussion at a future meeting.


None presented at this time.


GIS Contract:

The GIS Contract was signed by the Water & Sewer Commission.

Culvert Installation:

The culvert replacement at the Wastewater Treatment Facility has been completed.

New Raw Material Chemical Building Plans:

Chair Greeno inquired if the proposed chemical building would be a pole barn construction.  Ms. Fox-Howard stated that there would be walls with a ventilation system and concrete floors.  There will be more discussion on this topic at a future meeting.

The next meeting of the Water & Sewer Commission will be held on September 20, 2022.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:22 PM.


Respectfully Submitted



Kelly Giard

Recording Secretary


Clarence Greeno, Chairman



Ernie Clerihew, Commissioner



Baird Morgan, Commissioner



Helen McKinlay, Commissioner



Thomas Hooker, Commissioner