Meeting Minutes : Pittsford Planning Commission 7/28/22 – DRAFT

Pittsford Planning Commission Meeting
July 28, 2022


Board Members Present: Kevin Blow, Rick Conway, Derek Blow, Mike Norris

Others Present: Jeff Biasuzzi

1.  Call to order 

The meeting was called to order at 7:02PM by Kevin Blow – Vice-Chair. 

2. Approval of Meeting Agenda

A motion was made by Mike Norris and seconded by Derek Blow to approve the agenda. The motion passed unanimously.

3. Approval of Minutes   

. May 26, 2022– Planning Commission Meeting

A motion was made by Rick Conway and seconded by Mike Norris to approve the minutes of May 26, 2022. The motion passed unanimously. 

4. Public Comments

There was no discussion held. 

5.  Election of Chair and Vice-Chair

Kevin Blow noted there were not enough Commission members present to do a Chair and a Vice-Chair election. 

A motion was made by Rick Conway and seconded by Mike Norris to appoint Kevin Blow as the Chair of the Pittsford Planning Commission. The motion passed unanimously. 

A motion was made by Mike Norris and seconded by Rick Conway to postpone the appointment of a Vice-Chair until the next meeting. The motion passed unanimously. 

6. New Business 

Kevin Blow advised the VLCT had sent a “Save the Date” for a meeting on October 6th and 7th at the Killington Grand Hotel to discuss topics with colleagues and partners and hear from experts about items relative to municipalities. Jeff Biasuzzi stated VLCT will post an agenda prior to the meeting. If the Commission members wish to participate, the Town will cover the cost of the registration fee. Mr. Biasuzzi advised the members could register individually and provide the Zoning Administrator their information for reimbursement or the Zoning Administrator could register the members interested in attending as a group. 

Kevin Blow received information about a proposed solar project from DG Outback Acres Solar that was distributed to the Commission members. Jeff Biasuzzi noted he had been advised they had signed a lease a couple of years ago. Mike Norris stated lease option contracts can have a long life due to the length of time it takes for these types of projects. It was noted this is a 3.5 mega watt proposed project. 

Jeff Biasuzzi emailed the Commission members information he received from the State. They are looking to form a panel for the development of a master plan on forest policies. The object is to set policies for forest land for both private and public land throughout the State. Mr. Biasuzzi suggested it would be good for the Commission to review the information for discussion at a future meeting. Once there has been discussion, the Commission may want to forward this information to additional people in the Town. Mr. Biasuzzi also sent a membership roster to the Commission members for updating.

7. Old Business

Kevin Blow noted there has been no additional communication from the State representatives since the meeting that was held with them. Mike Norris stated the big questions were the changes to the current use qualifications and the impact on landowners regarding animal conservation and movement. Derek Blow stated there is a question of whether there will be any recourse for landowners once the law is in effect. Rick Conway stated there is also the questions of the impetus for this change and who was behind it. Mr. Conway will review the minutes of the meeting with the representatives for discussion at a subsequent meeting.

Rick Conway reported the State approved the historic marker but have indicated they are not going to order it due to the road project. Mr. Conway advised he is willing to give the State either a temporary or permanent easement anywhere on his property at the junction of Route 7 and Route 3 to install the marker as currently they would only be able to place the marker near Oxbow Road. Mr. Conway would like Donna Wilson present for this discussion and suggested adding it to the next meeting agenda. Mr. Conway noted that due to COVID, the Town is fortunate to have received the approval for this and he would not like to see it delayed. He stated Ms. Wilson did a very good job in obtaining the approval and noted that after discussion, Ms. Wilson could then contact the State regarding the placement of the marker. 

It was noted there has not been any new information received concerning the bridge. Rick Conway stated they have not made a decision and noted the Pittsford Planning Commission had asked the Regional Planning Commission’s TAC Committee to send a letter of support to the Pittsford Commission that had been approved during a prior meeting with the Tac Committee. Kevin Blow noted he had received an email from Mark Winslow regarding this subject and will forward this information to all Commission members.  

Jeff Biasuzzi reported tomorrow is the inaugural trip of Amtrak from New York City to Burlington. There are concerns that the trains are on steel welded tracks and are very quiet. Mike Norris noted he has read there have been concerns that people have been using the tracks for walking and may not be aware that the trains are traveling through. 

8. Next Meeting

August 25, 2022 @ 7:00PM – Planning Commission Meeting  

9. Adjournment

A motion was made by Derek Blow and seconded by Mike Norris to adjourn the meeting at 7:42PM. The motion passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,

Charlene Bryant
Recording Secretary

Approved by,

The Pittsford Planning Commission