Meeting Minutes : Recreation Committee Minutes – 10/12/21


Minutes of Tuesday, October 12, 2021

@ 6:00 pm @ Rec Area


  • Meeting was called to order by Rob Ketcham at 6:07pm. Members of the Recreation Committee who were present included Rob Ketcham, Kathy Shortsleeves, Monica Keith, Kelly Connaughton, and Hilary Mullin. Members of the community who were present included Randy Adams.
  • Recreation Committee members Jill Blanchard and Robin Leight were not present.
  • Kelly made the motion to adopt the “Agenda” as is.
  • Kathy seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.



Rob made the motion to accept the minutes “as is.” Hilary seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.



Jen informed the committee that she and Joe met with Howard Stickney to discuss dredging the pond. He suggested to have it treated with an herbicide rather than dredging it since we are not looking for depth. Rob suggested she have someone from Fish and Wildlife look at it. Monica asked about having someone who is licensed in herbicides and Kelly and Hilary suggested Paul Lathrop or Sam Davine. The Disc Golf Tournament had most participants yet, raising $710 after all the pay-outs. Jen is going to be looking into

holding a larger Tournament next year, along with the annual one. Rob suggested asking Dicks to sponsor tournament. Soccer is over for the U6 & 8 groups and U10 & 12 will finish up soon. Craft Fair had about 20 vendors out of 22 show up. Rob pointed out that the parking was bad- all of the vendors parked in the front spaces. Kathy suggested parking up top and having something else during it next year since the Chili Cook-Off will be during the Disc Golf Tournament. Picnic tables are ordered. Rob wants to confirm where water line is before putting in the swing set.




Passports were sent home with kids at Lothrop and Jen put them out at local businesses.

Movie Night

The first Halloween Movie Night showing, Hocus Pocus will be on Saturday, Oct. 16th. Hilary explained that she needed to get approval from the licensing company of the movie and she talked them down from $700 to $350 for the cost. They also had to make it a free event because the company was going to take half of the ticket sales. She said they’ll be accepting donations, Avery counted out candy corn and put in a jar for people to guess, they’ll have spirit wear available and concessions. Hilary also said that they got a few businesses to sponsor the event and others who made donations of goods. Jen asked for the list so that she can add it to the community email. Jen is going to put sign at the end of Rec Road and Kathy suggested to get the battery lights at Wal Mart.

Kiosks for Book Trail

Jen drew up blueprints to build kiosks for the Book Trail pages. Rob said that he is going to build one to see how it comes out.

Photo Contest

Jen said that photos are trickling in and asked what we wanted to do for prizes? Kelly suggested to ask local businesses for gift cards or stuff for gift baskets.


Jen drew up plans for the sign and entrance into the Rec, including new spot for kiosk and shared with committee. Everyone agreed that it would be nice, along with the name for the new sign; “Sponsor A Ball.” Monica suggested having the balls be vinyl so they can be changed out and liked the curve on the top of the sign as apposed to the straight top. Kelly suggested different tiers for the cost donations with a minimum donation. Everyone agreed that the balls should be scattered rather than in lines.

Live Auction with the Stark Bros.

Jen talked with Mike Stark about doing an auction in the spring for a fundraiser. He said that they would donate their time but would like a swim pass. It was suggested to get a storage container for the auction to put the stuff in as it came. Jen will talk with Masseronis.


With no further business to discuss, Kelly made the motion to adjourn the meeting.

Monica seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 7:04pm.


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Jennifer Popp, Recording Secretary Rob Ketcham, Chair