Meeting Agenda : Planning Commission Minutes – 6/24/21 DRAFT

Pittsford Planning Commission (PC) Public Hearing Minutes
June 24, 2021

Board Members Present: Mark Winslow (Chair), Kevin Blow (vice-Chair), Rick Conway, Mark Pape, Chuck Charbonneau, Derek Blow, Robb Spensley, Mike Norris. Board Member Absent: Tom Markowski

Others Present for Application 21-28: Jeff Biasuzzi (Zoning Administrator), Sarah Eugair (Owner-Applicant)

Others Present Via Zoom: no remote participants were identified

1. Call to Order – S. Eugair Site Plan Review (subdivision) Hearing -Application 21-28
This Public Hearing was called to order at 7:01 PM by Chairman Mark Winslow. It was electronically recorded by Zoom, and cassette tape.

The PC Members introduced themselves. Upon request, no Members identified having any Conflict of Interest or ex-parte communications on this application.

M. Winslow discussed the Hearing’s rules and procedure.

The only Interested Parties identified were Applicant Sahra Eugair and ZA Jeffrey Biasuzzi , who were sworn in.

The ZA presented the details of the subdivision, referring to Zoning Section 1103, regarding required access to a parcel that did not have conforming frontage on a Public Road. Application 21-28 requested a subdivision of 96+/- acres that did not have public road frontage. The proposed (privately maintained) access right of way to the 96 acres also served multiple parcels, requiring its minimum width to be 50 feet.

The Applicant was asked for any input, comments, etc. Mrs. Eugair stated that this subdivision was required as part of her estate planning, and that the land was to be passed on to her family members. She noted that the survey was a significant expense. The ZA commented that the Town did not require the survey; this was a requirement of 2020 VT legislation.

M. Winslow asked for any questions from PC Members. Hearing none, he asked for any questions from the Public. Hearing none, the Chair requested a Motion to close the Hearing to testimony. K. Blow Moved to close the Hearing, D. Blow seconded, all approved and the Motion passed.

M. Winslow asked for any PC member discussion. Hearing none, he asked for a decision from members. He added that the PC should instruct the ZA to prepare a draft of their Decision and forward to the members for their review revision, and acceptance. Vice-Chair K. Blow made a Motion to approve Application 21-28 as presented. M. Norris seconded, all approved, and the Motion passed.

The ZA is to email the draft Decision to all PC Members. Members are to send their comments directly to the Chairman (in accordance with Open Meeting rules, do not “copy all”). The Chair can then process the final version, sign on behalf of the PC, and deliver to the ZA so that the approved zoning permit may be issued.

M. Winslow asked for a Motion to adjourn the Hearing. R. Spensley so Moved, D. Blow seconded, all approved and the Hearing adjourned at 7:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by: Jeffrey Biasuzzi (interim Recorder) _______________________________