Meeting Minutes : Select Board Minutes – 5/19/21

Members Present – Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Alicia Malay, David Mills, Thomas Hooker and W. Joseph Gagnon. Others Present: Jennifer Popp, Rep Charles “Butch” Shaw, Town Manager John Haverstock, Kelly Giard – Recording Secretary.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM Chair Alicia Malay.

J. Haverstock stated that there was a need to enter into Executive Session for Legal (fill request from resident), Personnel (Town Manager’s Office, Scrap Metal) and Contracts (Chittenden Policing). Motion by T. Hooker and seconded by T. Pelkey to enter into Executive Session for Personnel, Contracts and Legal. Motion passed 5 – 0.

J. Haverstock stated that there was no need to amend the agenda. Motion by D. Mills and seconded by T. Hooker to accept the agenda as presented. Motion passed 5 – 0.



The minutes of the May 5, 2021 regular meeting were signed, with no corrections.


The orders in the amount of $487,339.05 and Payroll in the amount of $12,564.82 were signed, with the following discussion:

D. Mills stated that the Town has made payment number three to the school district in the amount of $432,810.51.

Town Manager’s Report:

J. Haverstock reported the following:

  • Jennifer Popp has begun work as the Recreation Director. She will be working part-time until June 11 and full time effective June 14, 2021.
  • FEMA has approved the Town’s local Hazard Mitigation Plan.
  • The silt fencing has been removed on the Salt Shed project and final invoices will be received in the near future.
  • There was an ARPA webinar on May 18, 2021. Information was in the packets for review. The Town has until December 31, 2024 to commit the funding and until December 31, 2026 to spend it.
  • Seven contractors met at the Fire Hill Bridge site with the Town Manager and Highway Foreman on May 18 and bids are due on May 27 with the Select Board to review them on June 2.
  • The Highway Department has removed the Crown Point marker from Depot Hill Road and the Historical Society will advise where this should be reinstalled.
  • There will be a staff meeting on May 20 at 9:00 AM. Select Board members are invited to attend.
  • There will be a kick-off meeting of the Sidewalk Scoping Committee on May 25 at 1:00 PM. The meeting will be attended by representatives from VTrans, Rutland Regional Planning Commission, Chad Eugair, Chair Malay, Town Manager Haverstock and employees of the consultant, Dubois & King.
  • The Municipal Offices and related services will be closed on Monday, May 31 in observance of Memorial Day.

Chair Malay stated that she attended the National League of Cities webinar with regard to ARPA funding and that she believes that there will be a 50% receipt of funding now and the rest in the spring of 2022. J. Haverstock explained the allocation protocol and read the eligibility criteria. The VLCT webinar is available for review.


Select Board Comments:

Selectman Mills gave the following highlights from the recent Rutland Regional Planning Commission meeting:

  • VELCO will be conducting an upgrade at OMYA
  • The Transportation Initiative was discussed
  • There will be a Road Foreman’s Quarterly Newsletter
  • There is an electric bike “lending library” in Rutland.
  • The Ethan Allen Express resumes service on July 19, 2021.
  • The Bus is getting 2 new electric buses to add to their fleet
  • Westminster Cracker is hiring 20 additional employees and Carpenter & Costin is hiring 15 additional employees.
  • CEDRR has a revolving loan fund available to local businesses.
  • There are funds available for sewer projects that have not yet started.

Selectman Gagnon stated that he has been to the Depot Hill bridge and feels that it is much better following the recent work that was done at that site by the Highway crew.

Public Comment:

Rep. Shaw stated that there is a potential increase in State highway funding of $14,000,000 statewide. The bridge project at the intersection of Routes 3 & 7 is on track for fall bidding and work to begin next spring. We can expect to see a shim coat along Route 7 this year.


Update on Purchase of Land for Relocated Florence Fire Substation:

J. Haverstock reported that there was no update on the project other than the title work is done and the research is continuing.

Continued Discussion of Resident’s Request for Fill:

J. Haverstock stated that Oxbow Road resident Joe Massores was present at the May 5, 2021 meeting requesting clean fill on his property. VLCT was contacted and this discussion was deferred to Executive Session.


Discussion of Pittsford Day Plans:

J. Haverstock stated that the Pittsford Day Committee met on May 6 to begin planning of the event, which will be held on Saturday, September 4. The bands, tents, and some activities have been confirmed. The committee will meet again on July 8.

Introduction of New Recreation Director:

Recreation Jennifer Popp was present to meet the Select Board members. Ms. Popp stated that baseball has started and she is working on generating a weekly email to parents and coaches; she has interviewed a Camp Director; all of the life guard positions are filled; she is working on a book trail and is looking forward to updating the Select Board members periodically on the planned events.

Discussion of Scrap Metal Collection Proposal:

J. Haverstock stated that he has spoken with the Rutland County Solid Waste District and the current permit can be amended to include the collection of scrap metal at the Transfer Station, however, further discussion on this topic was deferred to Executive Session as a Personnel matter.

Consider Assessor’s Request to Extend Deadline for Lodging the Grand List:

J. Haverstock explained that there was an email in the packets from Town Assessor Lisa Wright requesting a 30-day extension to lodge the Grand List. Motion by T. Pelkey and seconded by T. Hooker to approve the request. Motion passed 5 – 0.

Review Covid-19 Safety Protocols and Consider Changes to Town Policies:

J. Haverstock stated that the CDC and Governor Scott have indicated that people that are fully vaccinated – and 2 weeks post-shot do not require the use of masking. The Select Board discussed this topic at length and the decision was made to table for 2 weeks to see if there are any further guidance made by Government officials.


T. Hooker made the motion and seconded by T. Pelkey to go into Executive Session for personnel, legal and contracts, where premature knowledge would be damaging to the Town and may be jeopardized by public disclosure.

In accordance with 1 VSA 312 (b), where premature general public knowledge would clearly place the Municipality or person involved at a substantial disadvantage, the Board unanimously agreed to enter into Executive Session for the purpose of Personnel, legal and contracts at 7:29 PM. Town Manager Haverstock was invited to remain for Executive Session.

The Select Board exited Executive Session at 7:53 PM, with no action taken.

The next regular meeting of the Select Board will be held on June 2, 2021.

Respectfully Submitted,


Kelly Giard

Recording Secretary


Alicia Malay, Chair


David Mills, Vice Chair


Thomas Hooker, Selectman


W. Joseph Gagnon, Selectman


Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Selectman