Meeting Minutes : Board of Abatement Minutes – 4/21/21

Board of Abatement

Wednesday, April 21, 2020

6:00 p.m. – Zoom Meeting


Board of Abatement members present: Jill Blanchard, Matt Candon, Patty Carter, Ernie Clerihew, Bill Drummond, Tom Hooker, Alicia Malay, Helen McKinlay, David Mills, Brian Nolan, Hank Pelkey, Terry Poor, Butch Shaw, Liz Willis, Lisa Wright

The meeting was opened at 6:03 p.m. by Butch Shaw.

The Board saw no need to amend the agenda for Executive Session. A motion was made by Matt Candon, seconded by Bill Drummond. The motion passes unanimously.

The Board of Abatement has received a request to abate a business equipment tax bill with interest and penalty for Qudient, Inc. from Lisa Wright, Town Assessor. A motion to amend the agenda to add this abatement request was made by Hank Pelkey, with a second from Dave Mills. The motion passes unanimously.

The Board of Abatement was asked to review a request from a resident received by John Haverstock, Town Manager. A motion was made by Dave Mills to review and discuss the request, with a second made by Hank Pelkey.


Scott & Pam Brileya request for Abatement

An abatement request from Scott & Pam Brileya, located at 167 Oakridge Drive, Rutland, VT due to a house fire on February 11, 2021 was discussed. The house was a total loss and Butch Shaw confirmed this to be accurate as he was at the fire scene at the time of the fire call. The assessment of the house is $346,900.00. The abatement is based on the house assessment times the residential tax rate of $2.0679. This rate is then divided by 365 days and then multiplied by 139 days to equal $2,731.84. There is no abatement of the land assessed at $122,700.00. A motion by Terry Poor to abate the Brileya taxes in the amount of $2,731.84. The motion was seconded by Hank Pelkey. The motion passes unanimously.


Quadient Inc. request to Abate

Quadient Inc. no longer has business equipment in Pittsford. Lisa Wright, Town Assessor explained this parcel has name changes and did not realize they no longer had any assets in Pittsford. The time has passed to process this account as an Errors and Omissions to the Select Board. The current assessment was $3.400.00. The current amount due at this time is $24.29. The break out of these charges are: Principal $21.63, Interest $1.05 and Penalty $1.71. A motion was made by Bill Drummond with a second from Dave Mills to abate the charges in the amount of $24.29. The motion passed unanimously.


Review for possible second abatement action

A request to review a previous abatement for further action was discussed. Butch Shaw made a motion for further information and details. A second to the motion was made by Hank Pelkey. This matter has been tabled by the Board of Abatement at this time.


The Board of Abatement adjourned at 6:25 p.m.

Sincerely submitted,

Charles “Butch” Shaw, Board of Abatement, Chairman

Helen McKinlay, Pittsford Town Clerk & Treasurer