Meeting Minutes : Planning Commission Hearing: Eugair Sub-Division Minutes – 2/25/21 – Draft


Pittsford Planning Commission Hearing

Eugair Sub-Division

March 25, 2021


Board Members Present: Mark Winslow, Rick Conway, Kevin Blow, Chuck Charbonneau

Board Members Via Zoom: Derek Blow, Tom Markowski, Robb Spensely

Others Present: Jeff Biasuzzi, Danielle Trombley, Mark Trombley, Sarah Eugair, Gregory Hiltz


1. Call to order

The hearing was called to order at 7:00PM by Mark Winslow – Chair.


2. Eugair Sub-Division Hearing

Mark Winslow advised this was a subdivision hearing for Section 21-04 in regard to parcel 1860 on Fire Hill Road. Mr. Winslow opened the hearing and introduced the Commission members and Zoning Administrator. Mr. Winslow reminded all present that this hearing will be done in an orderly manner and reviewed the rules. Mr. Winslow requested a disclosure of any conflicts with regard to having an interest in the application personally or financially or having a relationship with the family. Mr. Winslow requested all interested parties who would be participating in the hearing to provide their name and phone number. Interested parties were Danielle Trombley – 802-345-3619, Mark Trombley 802-353-6142, Sarah Eugair – landowner – 802-345-1304, and Gregory Hiltz – abutting landowner – 802-483-2350. Mr. Winslow swore in all interested parties as previously noted. Mr. Winslow accepted written and verbal comments from the Zoning Administrator. Jeff Biasuzzi reported he had no written comments and his understanding is the property subdivision will be for personal use and the right of way is 25 feet per the survey. The question is whether they want an official road access permit and if a structure is going to be built, it would be a good idea. This is a vacant piece of land that is being parceled and does not have access on public road, but the Zoning Administrator does not have authority to approve this application. Mr. Biasuzzi stated per Section 1117 no plat of a subdivision will be improved unless each lot conforms to the ordinance. This subdivision would be 2.87 acres and the shape of the lot conforms to the zoning ordinance under Article 4. Sarah Eugair stated the reason for this request is that her late husband wanted to give land to his children. Mark Trombley stated there is no intention of building a home at this point. Mr. Trombley clarified that on the GPS photo, the pink line was not actually the right of way. Rick Conway stated this is a representation on the photo done by the Zoning Administrator but on the left side of the document is the accurate right of way. Mr. Biasuzzi stated the Planning Commission needs to rely on the legal survey that is in the application. Mr. Conway noted the right of way needs to be 25 feet and for any other use, it has to be 50 feet. Greg Hiltz, an abutting neighbor, requested a review of the survey marks on the property to assure that they are on their property. Mr. Hiltz was not aware that the property was being transferred to one of John’s daughters and noted he was glad the property was staying within the family. Mr. Hiltz stated he thought it was odd that someone would buy a price of isolated property and he had concern that someone may plan a future multi-home development, but those questions were now answered. Mr. Hiltz stated knowing all the facts, he knows much better about his new neighbors. Sarah Eugair advised that Bob Tinker did the survey and the markers are in place. Once there is the permit, a forester will do a new mylar. Mr. Hiltz asked if the markers are visible. Mr. Trombley stated that there are blazes made and there is one pin that is in the middle of the brook that can be located and is visible.

There were no additional comments from the Planning Commission.

A motion was made by Kevin Blow and seconded by Chuck Charbonneau to accept the application as presented. The motion passed unanimously.

Jeff Biasuzzi advised that a written decision will need to be done. The Planning Commission has requested the Zoning Administrator prepare the decision and send to the Commission for their review.

A motion was made by Rick Conway and seconded by Kevin Blow to close the hearing at 7:27PM. The motion passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,

Charlene Bryant
Recording Secretary


Approved by,


The Pittsford Planning Commission