Meeting Minutes : Water & Sewer Minutes – 4/21/20

Members Present – Clarence Greeno, Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Baird Morgan, Helen McKinlay, and Ernie Clerihew. Others present: John Kiernan, John Haverstock – Town Manager and Kelly Giard – Recording Secretary.

This meeting was held via teleconference

Town Manager Haverstock called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.

Adoption of Agenda:

J. Haverstock stated that there was no need for Executive Session.

J. Haverstock reported that there was no need to amend the agenda. Motion by T. Pelkey and seconded by H. McKinlay to adopt the agenda as presented. Motion passed 5 – 0.


The minutes of the March 17, 2020 meeting were discussed with no changes. The Water & Sewer Commissioners agreed unanimously to have Chairman Greeno sign the minutes on behalf of the Commission.

Town Manager’s Report:

J. Haverstock stated the following:

  • There was a water leak last fall on Orchard Hill and a resident is looking for cleanup landscaping to be completed. The Highway Department and the Water & Sewer Department staff will be addressing this concern.
  • The Town has traditionally not used much water chlorination. However, the State is currently recommending a minimal amount. The water system is in compliance with this request. E. Clerihew inquired the possibility of using UV instead of the chlorination. J. Haverstock will check into this possibility.
  • A 1 Sewer & Drain was recently contracted to clear a clog on the Plains Road sewer line. This clog was caused by gloves and wipes being flushed. Residents are reminded that these products cause issues. A reminder has been posted on the website and will be included in the upcoming Newsletter.

Public Comment:

None presented at this time.


Update on Route 7, Segment 1 “De-Conflicting” Work:

J. Haverstock reported that when the water line project was upgraded to increase pressure to the south end of Town, about 10 years ago, the State reviewed the plans and indicated that the infrastructure was out of the line of the Segment 1 upgrade. The State now says it is a conflict with their project. Otter Creek Engineering has been working on the project to “deconflict” the area. The State is requiring that the Town have an observing engineer on site during de-confliction work. Additional information will be coming from Otter Creek Engineering with costs associated with the project.


Update on Depot Hill Road Sewer Project Status:

J. Haverstock read an email from John Kiernan regarding the Depot Hill Road Sewer Project. Mr. Kiernan stated that the bidding process will proceed when the Stay Home Stay Safe orders are lifted as many of the construction companies have laid off their employees. The funding requirements list will be coming in the near future. C. Greeno inquired about funding availability. J. Haverstock stated that he discussed that with Mr. Kiernan, who is hopeful that there may be some Covid-19 stimulus funding available.


Update on Status of Route 7, Segment 2 Engineering Design Work:

J. Haverstock stated that Craig Jewett sent an email, which was read. There will be a public FONSI hearing scheduled to be held following the lifting of pandemic restrictions.

Review and Approval/Execution of Loan Documents Associated with Route 7, Segment 2 Engineering Design Work:

J. Haverstock stated that the loan documents, in the amount of approximately $132,000 for the Segment 2 utility relocation and replacement design work are ready to be signed. Motion by C. Greeno and seconded by H. McKinlay to approve the loan and to execute the paperwork. The Commission appointed Chairman Greeno, Vice Chairman Pelkey and Commissioner McKinlay to sign the paperwork. J. Haverstock will advise the Select Board of this information. Motion passed 5 – 0.

COVID 19 Response:

J. Haverstock read an email from Shawn Hendee with regard to the COVID 19 protocols. Currently, Bruce Babcock is using his sick time prior to retirement due health concerns; the employees are not sharing the same vehicles; and are not working in close proximity.

The Water & Sewer Commission adjourned at 6:57 PM.

The next regular meeting of the Water and Sewer Commission will be held on May 19, 2020.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kelly Giard

Recording Secretary


Clarence Greeno, Chairman


Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Vice Chairman


Helen McKinlay


Ernie Clerihew


Baird Morgan