New 2020 GREEN UP DAY date is MAY 30!!!

New 2020 GREEN UP DAY date is MAY 30!!!

To sign up in advance or pick a road to Green Up contact Pittsford Recreation Director, Randy Adams, .87.200.

FREE Green Up Day bags will be available at the Town Offices  Wednesday, May 27 to May 30 from Randy Adams, . Randy will be coordinating the volunteers and the roads to be covered. If you plan on helping, please contact Randy at 802-483-6500 ext. 17 or e-mail him we hope to see you out and about on May 30 helping to make Pittsford a cleaner town for all to enjoy.

Green Up Day No Date Pittsford Street Map May 2020

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for taking the time to give input around your part of Green Up Day. Deciding the fate of our 50th Anniversary Green Up Day was no easy task and you all proved that it takes more than a village – it takes a state, to come together to show how important community and clean environments are to all of us.


Majority consensus is that we should postpone Green Up Day from May 2 until May 30. 


Following safety guidelines set by our state and federal governments, we are hoping that by pushing Green Up Day out an additional 4 weeks, we will have more knowledge about Covid-19.

Currently with so many closings and the “stay at home” order, we would have extreme difficulty distributing all of the Green Up Day materials which were scheduled to begin the first week in April. Distribution of supplies will now happen the first week in May.


With this being our 50th Anniversary of Green Up we do have a special surprise for all towns. We are calling it a Birthday Box and it is Green Up Day’s gift to all towns for supporting and taking part in Green Up for the past 50 years. The contents include a Maple Tree sapling and granite plaque for all towns to plant in a community location of their choice, a free birthday cake coupon from Shaws, wild flower seeds for planting and beautification, as well as other goodies for your town to share. With community being such an important aspect of Green Up Day we are hoping that you can safely enjoy this celebratory gift on May 30. We sincerely thank you for 50 years of community work on Green Up Day!


As we move forward and given the precarious health situations in our world today:

We are prepared to ramp up our communications around coronavirus safety, wearing gloves, protection from ticks and sharp objects, and other things for the next eight weeks.

We will be getting information out to the VPA so that school personnel can communicate with students virtually about Green Up Day and their part in community service.

We will be launching an updated App for iPhones and Androids that will aid in building virtual teams, instant communication, and tracking routes/bags all over Vermont to help grow the student  and corporate group participation.

We will be updating our website and social channels often with developing information.

And, I am always here to answer any questions or concerns you would like to ask directly.


As we get closer to May 30, we will continuously keep you updated on plans moving forward safely and cautiously.

It is up to towns individually on how they proceed with any usual celebrations or gatherings as each town does different things.

Using Front Porch Forum and other local ways of communicating details will be very helpful there.


I will be sending that newsletter I have been promising with many more details for Green Up Day within the next couple days.


Lastly I will leave you with something to think about which may be scarier than Coronavirus.

What if we just let Green Up Day go and not do it.  We would have to look at roadsides covered in trash day after day, we would be discouraged and feel disconnected from what once was a caring community, and most of all there would be no sense of pride in where we live to pass on to our next generations.

Green Up Day is more than just a day. It is a sense of commitment to where we live and each other, it is about healthy surroundings, and it is about connecting our communities with a goal for common greatness. Let’s be safe, do whatever we can in a safe way, and live with a Green Up Day spirit year round.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or concerns and I can happily address or share them so we are all working safely together.


VERY IMPORTANT for every town to update:

How many bags would you like this year?

How many posters?


I am so appreciative for your time and help.


Be well and stay safe,


Kate Alberghini